Production of Snapdragon 875 has started on TSMC's 5nm node

22 June 2020
The chip is expected to be officially announced around the end of this year, the first phones with it will come early next year.

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George, 22 Jun 20205nm is here.I am curious what will happen in the recent yea... morePicometers perhaps.

  • AnonD-754814

raaj, 22 Jun 2020on paper it looks good, in reality there is no big differen... moreI've never heard of 13nm SoC fabrication. Which manufacturer did it ?

  • AnonD-754814

P-CHM, 22 Jun 2020Good news: the Samsung press release about this partnership... moreThat's old thing. There's no clarification on whether Samsung alone will be the owner of the new GPU.
Clearly AMD don't have the ability to do it alone. So, about the final product.

1. Will AMD have any control over the new GPU ?
2. Will AMD be able to use or License the out-coming GPU design to others?
3. Will AMD be able to use the GPU to make their own house designed ARM based SoC
for smartphone/tablet market ?
3. Last and final. Will the GPU even be named on AMD or it will be named on something
that Samsung chooses(like what Apple did with Imagination Tech) ?

  • AnonD-754814

LilPhone, 23 Jun 2020This, Apple A14 and Kirin 1020 seems exciting enough. We'll... moreKirin 980 was the throttle king.
Same with the Kirin 990.
You gotta stop picking on Samsung.
Samsung did mess up with Exynos 990 but somehow huawei managed to messed up with their Kirin 990 5G even more.

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Love the Community, 23 Jun 2020I don't care about efficiency if Android's processors alway... moreI think Apple SoC is more efficient too.
Besides Qualcomm CPU is faster this year. It's the GPU where Apple is ahead and probably they're going to be more better in couple of years.

Anonymous, 24 Jun 2020IPhone looses in all app opening tests expect for certain a... moreLol you are funny

  • Ibi8v

I'd take 16nm big core powerful die over tiny midget power efficient POS 7nm.

  • Anonymous

I was saving money for Snapdragon 865 but after seeing it not being a huge improvement from 855 I decided to save some more and wait for 875 and it's 5nm node and x1 cortex because it looks like a very good improvement. Can't wait to see the first tests in games and emulators next year!

  • LOL

7nm to 5nm is a huge improvement. Can't wait to see the Snapdragon 875 in next year's Android phones.

For a sneak preview, this year's iPhone 12 will have the 5nm A14 chip, also manufactured by TSMC. Expect tremendous improvements in battery life and performance compared to the 7nm A13 chip used in the iPhone 11.

By the way, both TSMC and Samsung have refused to make Kirin chips for Huawei phones. Huawei might seek help from Mediatek, but Mediatek might not agree for fear of getting sanctioned by the USA. Long story short, Huawei phones are doomed, will probably be as relevant as Blackberry in 2020.

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DLLM, 23 Jun 2020honestly, aside for bragging rights between fandroids vs is... moreIPhone looses in all app opening tests expect for certain apps like Instagram or pubg which aren't optimized well for Android.
All other apps open faster on Android.

  • MasEnha

The price will be truely not for me. I'm waiting for MTK to break the pricing rule (again).

Love the Community, 22 Jun 2020No real competitor? What about Apple's GPU? How about makin... moreI bet you wouldn't say that on sd845 days , to rephrase my words Apple only begins to follow adreno suite starting from sd855 ... and that is the time when QCM start slowing down GPU upgrade.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jun 2020Actually the gpu got a pretty nice bump in the s855. Even... moreOne, it's clear they're leaving alot of performance and efficiency on the table when one looks at the Axy gpus.
Two, gpus actually get pretty big microarchitectural changes on a semi-regular basis ON THE DESKTOP.
Three, mobile still has some tricks it can crib from the desktop gpus (likely will need licensing).
Four, since we now know that Apple is using something pretty derivative of img, and that company is looking to be acquired, qcom could make things easy on themselves by grabbing their ip.

Love the Community, 23 Jun 2020I don't care about efficiency if Android's processors alway... morehonestly, aside for bragging rights between fandroids vs isheeps, there is no real difference in actual usage for android flagships vs iphones despite iphones having higher benchmark scores. In real world, iphones might be able to open apps and converting photos/videos faster, but androids with their massive amount of rams are able to keep more apps open in the background for multitasking as shown in youtubers' speed tests.

  • Love the Community

Viper, 23 Jun 2020I think new exynos will never go with 2X1 cause it will not... moreI don't care about efficiency if Android's processors always lose against Apple. All I ever want is a processor that can finally beat Apple's processors in both Single and Multi Core scores.

  • Vik

This 4+4 or 2+6 or 1+3+4 core setup is clearly just to fool the masses and is only effective in benchmarks.
Qualcomm/arm need some competition.

I agree 775G processor should be pretty beefy... Infact might be more impressive than the formidable 855+

This is good news. I'm more interested in the Snapdragon 775(G), though. I wonder what the fabrication process for that one will be, among other things.

Also, it's great that the 875 will have the modem built-in.

So, what do you guys think? What score will the 875 get in AnTuTu 8? Around 850-900k seems probable, in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

Fulljack, 23 Jun 2020doubtful that this will have integrated modem. mmWave modem... moreand more profit too if they sell it separately

  • Kristic

YUKI93, 22 Jun 2020So does this means that there won't be Snapdragon 865+?Previous rumors were 865+ won't be coming due to covid delayed manufacturing, but current report suggests TSMC has already started 865+ production and should be available sometime in August.