Huawei P20 is receiving Android 10 and EMUI 10 in Canada

27 June 2020
A Fido user reports getting the major update.

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  • U

I have still got my p20 on EMUI 8. I have not yet upgraded due to fear of performance drops. Should I update?

  • Anonymous

Kiddo, 29 Jun 2020Huawei P20 on Rogers just got itWhere did you find it

  • Sad

Huawei p20 lite users have been waiting for emui 10...... Huawei plz listen to us.....

  • Dewie

Well in excess of a month later and this update still isn't rolled out fully in Canada. Getting tired of waiting...

  • immabee

Just updated in S.A.
Just don't like the huge notification panel.
Gaddam, Huawei!

  • Oldwolf43

I received the Android 10 update on my p20 pro, and since then, it's been a nightmare. Full of bug, it constantly freezes, and touch rush

  • Alex

Just arrived on my p20 in Serbia.

  • Kiddo

Huawei P20 on Rogers just got it

  • Andrei80

My daughter's "new" second hand P20 got it about 10 days ago, maybe more. As soon as I've finished setting it up for her, after buying it, in fact. My P20pro got it a few days earlyer. Country is Romania.

  • Salman

I'm Huawei P20 😥 Won’t I get Android 10 update??

  • Buvanesh

Then y not honor play 🤦‍♂️

  • N

And the p20 lite everyone keeps going on and on about the p20 like the lite never existed but we have p10 getting

  • Das

I did not get my updates yet Canada

I will never buy huawei because nova 3i did not receive Android 10

  • Hich2z

Daddy d, 28 Jun 2020Mine is same problemMy phone too
Still on while my friend update to 10

  • Patoski

I already got the update on my hauwei p20 pro... 2weeks ago here in Nigeria...
Almost 5gb of data...

Got the update in New Zealand last week

  • Joe

Got the update about 2 weeks ago. Almost everything's still okay, except for the connection to my smartwatch. Keeps dropping randomly. Happens the most when I browse Facebook, any websit3, or watch videos.

  • Sha

Nath , 28 Jun 2020We still waiting in South Africa Huawei keep telling it's rollout already u will get soon I think this soon gonna come in 2021.

  • Khan

Honor play emui 10 update