MediaTek unveils Helio G35 and G25 chipsets for gaming phones under $100

30 June 2020
With such a limited budget, these chipsets lack the raw power of the G70 and higher, but still hope to be reliable and efficient.

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  • Devil

MagicMonkeyBoy, 30 Jun 2020Wait a minute... Hold on a second... For less than 100usd..... moreIt not even handle 25 fps properly

  • Anonymous

Abhi misty, 07 Nov 2020Does MediaTek G35 support Asphalt 9 legendYes

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]why are you spamming the comments with 5 different names

Abhi misty, 07 Nov 2020Does MediaTek G35 support Asphalt 9 legendit certainly supports asphalt 9 but developers at gameloft have yet to add the helio g35 to the compatibility list, same thing happens to other phones that use newly released mediatek chipsets - for instance the note 8 pro, i bought mine about a week after its launch and asphalt 9 wasn't compatible on it but it is now.

  • Abhi misty

Does MediaTek G35 support Asphalt 9 legend

Anonymous, 30 Jun 2020Better find a good job and pay 500 dollars for a phone powe... moreI own an a40, a black shark 2, and a motorola one macro
I never thought about it but I have every chipset brand
And to me, the macro seems just as smooth as the bs2

  • ezeonsoft

in realme c11/c12 G35 is not much better than a25 according to infinix smart 4 plus cost 7499 vs 7999 with finger print

[deleted post]the realme C11 just launched with the mediatek helio G35 but there are many questions being raised about its price. Would you agree with the common sentiment floating around?

Mediatek Helio G25/G35 is just P22/P35 over again. Don't get me wrong, based on my experience with my Samsung Galaxy A10s that has the P22 chipset and 2GB of RAM with Android 10 OS, i have played Asphalt 9 with ease at default quality settings and Asphalt 8 run beautifully at medium settings. So maybe there's some gaming power but people might take it as a grain of salt. Other than that, seeing that it have people hating on these Mediatek chipsets especially being used in most budget devices, i don't know if changing the name a bit would persuade buyers. Well at least these chipsets would compete with Snapdragon 439 or 450 and maybe the Exynos 7884 on the budget segment.

Dont worry if Samsung LG or Sony will use this chipset i their pone they add 200 more to phone price just becazuse the company logo is too expensive to be made O:-)

Anonymous, 01 Jul 2020Thats true, add to that, that Redmi 9 (G80) is 129$ global,... moreSd 450 is worst soc from qualcomm ever created.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Jun 2020If this thing isn't able (and it won't be) to play Fortnite... moreThats true, add to that, that Redmi 9 (G80) is 129$ global, and with 1GB of RAM more..
Those G25/35, are just P22/35 and i paid for brand new (Motorola) phone with P22, 80$ 6 months ago..
Something like SD, even old 450 (Galaxy A11 use one), will be better, yes it was in Redmi phone from 3 years ago (Redmi 5), but still

Marketing goes sideways, gaming phones for under 100 dollars :D but in other hand to play shitty mobiles games should be enough oomph with any chipset anyway :)

  • Viper

MagicMonkeyBoy, 30 Jun 2020Wait a minute... Hold on a second... For less than 100usd..... moreYeas in that price range it is good.Like if we go with sd then their is only 400 series or older 600 series chips like 625 etc so in that price range it is good just gpu needs to be little bit better but although in that price range it is good enough

  • Viper

AhmedSLL, 30 Jun 2020Can someone explain to me how a cpu with only A53 cores is ... moreIts not good for gaming but in that price range we cannot expect more and using those chips in G-series so called gaming series is nothing rather than a marketing procedure but according to price range its good maybe they are better than sd400 series

  • AnonD-754814

A53 running at 2.3GHz is going to be more power hungry than any other high performance core in the market.

Nothing has changed except the name. Those are the same old P22 and P35.

These are certainly Helio G family adopted sons

That aside, realme C11 design looks cool with crazy battery life. Seems good phone for work-only related needs. $100 is very good price, tho of course additional $30-35 will have much much better option and better looking like redmi note 8

  • Anonymous

MagicMonkeyBoy, 30 Jun 2020Wait a minute... Hold on a second... For less than 100usd..... moreDepends what you play. Something like Asphalt 9 maybe gets 15-20 fps out of these chips. Even SD636 for Asphalt is total lag fest and maybe in the perfect spot in a game where is the lowest part of texture it can reach 25fps

> "Gaming phone"
> Under 100 bucks

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