OnePlus Nord will cost under $500, prototypes shown in new video

30 June 2020
The company released the first part of its short documentary series detailing the development of the upcoming model.

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  • Anonymous

Bodygard, 30 Jun 2020"OnePlus Nord will cost under $500" It better cost under... moreYep, even my OnePlus 6 (with the better 845 processor) only cost me 305€ with 2yrs of warranty...

  • M1999

Zero, 01 Jul 2020iPhone SE 2020 cost 449 dollars. Despite is 4G, it would be... moreOneplus has a way better battery and more camera's.

My friend has the SE and the battery is really bad. Barely one day with normal-heavy usage, and he has to rexharge often because the battery is dead before the end of the day

  • Anonymous

domraym, 30 Jun 2020Their promo video's dialogues, camera angles and sound qual... moreBe sure they did that. And also test asure that even in the old days it was also the same but priced wisely to gain market share.

JDK, 30 Jun 2020Yeah, hopes up it is around $300. Also I am still mad th... moreIf it were around $300 he would've said under $400, not $500. It's likely gonna be about $450 or even $499.99.

Anonymous, 30 Jun 2020You don't even know what the specs are. If you are looking ... moreI know it's gonna have a slow, garbage 765G, and that's all that matters. Unless OnePlus suddenly makes a move that goes completely against their pattern of action lately. Which isn't likely at all. Just wait. Wait until I'm proven right.

And what on Earth do you mean "look at the budget brands and stay away from quality phones"? A "budget" brand can release a phone that's better or worse than a "quality" brand for the same price. Same price, same budget, same specs, until profit margin and money wasted on advertising is considered. This thing is a cheap phone so it should be priced like one. 2014 OnePlus wouldn't have released this trash. They let the good phone advertise itself and barely had a profit margin at all. (Even if their plan was just to get popular so they could inevitably pull dirty tricks like this)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jul 2020They already did it with OnePlus 1 through 3 (I think?) and... moreThey can't even squeeze to the top 10, what you talking about?

8pro 12-256 is available in my country at $700 and 7t 8-128 at $470.

Why would anyone go for nord at $500 then?

Anonymous, 01 Jul 2020In Europe its 480, no idea where you live.In Romania the 64GB version is 550 euros. Maybe you live outside Europe and the 256GB version is almost 700 euros. Even if it would be 480 like you say, almost nobody is buying an ancient phone like SE.

  • Anonymous

Why would anyone buy this for $500 when you can get Poco F2 pro for now discounted $460 with no Fugly pillshape cam, Top Tiered Snapdraron 865, bigger screen and battery. OR if you want cheaper wait for Redmi 10x Pro with much faster Dimensity chipset and 3x OIS zoom as well!
Oneplus asking is just greedy now, $400 is the most anyone should pay for mid tier chipset!

  • Anonymous

Daniel, 01 Jul 2020In Europe SE 2020 is 700 euros so it's never going to ... moreIn Europe its 480, no idea where you live.

  • Daniel

Zero, 01 Jul 2020iPhone SE 2020 cost 449 dollars. Despite is 4G, it would be... moreIn Europe SE 2020 is 700 euros so it's never going to be a better offering. And even if it would have been, almost nobody buys a 4,7 inchi phone with super small and bad battery.

Well i expected more for less here.
Remember old times when one plus one first phone were released with specs beyound eblieve for a beyound believe price.
This is pure saddness.

  • Zero

Daniel, 01 Jul 2020You must be high or something, you smoked some bad s... Und... moreiPhone SE 2020 cost 449 dollars. Despite is 4G, it would be a better offering than the OPZ

  • Daniel

Anonymous, 01 Jul 2020too high price for midrange SD 765 only.. not worth itYou must be high or something, you smoked some bad s... Under 500$ is too high ? LoL, go and buy something else.

  • Sir Add

YUKI93, 01 Jul 2020Considering that the cheapest OnePlus 8 with 8GB RAM and 12... moreIn Android world, when we think in speed, the first company we used to remember was OnePlus. BBK shouldn't mix its brand names for what it's not proposed to.

As it would take atleast 2 years for 5G to be available in India, Wish they would have release the phone with 730 in India at more affordable price and reserve 765 for other 6G ready nation

  • Sparx

Was waiting for this. If however it has dual front cameras i will be getting something else.

  • Anonymous

So it's going to cost $499 for base model...

  • Love the Community

Looks like OnePlus has released the Premium Midrange killer against the likes of Samsung A71s, HTC U20, LG Velvet and Nokia 8.3 5G. I guess OnePlus wins, right?

  • Anonymous

mixedfish, 01 Jul 2020For a company that touts to be the flagship killer or doesn... moreThey already did it with OnePlus 1 through 3 (I think?) and now they're one of the big player in the market it's no longer the goal, profit is now the main goal.

For Xperia, I agree though. They just keep doing what they want, no matter how many people bash it. Sadly the price is too high in global market. Xperia only make sense in Japan because of their carrier bundling and the trade in that could lower their price.