OnePlus Nord will cost under $500, prototypes shown in new video

30 June 2020
The company released the first part of its short documentary series detailing the development of the upcoming model.

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  • Anonymous

What an achievement from One Plus!

Mi 10 lite cost 350 euro with sd765 and has been around for some time already.

  • Xahid

Might as well buy a 7T for 499$ and be done with it.

  • Anonymous

szk, 30 Jun 2020It's yours. All of it.You will always find that 1 person who wants...not the full pie but a dry crusty rim.

That poster is the crusty guy. Good for him.

Under 500$, that means 450$ or more, so they're making overpriced mid-rangers too, good luck with that.

"Sub $500 price tag"

$499? :P

Oh God. It's Evolving, Just Backwards

dbjungle, 30 Jun 2020Give me a dual hole punch pill over a popup or notch any da... moreIt's yours. All of it.

  • Anonymous

So much noise for something Nokia kinda already did with 8.3 5g

Give me a dual hole punch pill over a popup or notch any day. This phone is looking pretty good and I hope the phone doesn't turn out to be too big. I also noticed they're leap frogging Google's rumored July 13th date. XD

  • Anonymous

I love these pillshaped cutout. It's the future.

  • hasim

what happened with 350$ price????

  • Anonymous

So $499 for a ugly pill at front, iphone pseudo clone at the back, no jack and no expandable memory mid-ranger. XDDD No thanks.

Waiting for Zenfone 7 and Mi Note 11. No doubt.

  • Anonymous

It loook like a camera cutout from the iPhone 11