Weekly poll: how often do you change phones?

05 July 2020
Makers get credit for supporting their phones for more than two years, but do you actually use them that long?

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  • Anonymous

I buy a phone that stands out from the others with it's high offer of useful hardware features and how friendly it is to the aftermarket software community (custom roms). From what i'm seeing over the past few years there were only 2 good phones for a user like me - the poco f1 and the zenfone 6.

Probably i will change it every year but smartphone manufacturers really don't care about the users so with really no invention i personaly can't make a upgrade that soon its not worthy!
Besides they make you switch when you get a downgrade off your performance and they call it software updates.
No need to make a future change in less your phone its not working properly or it's to slow for your needs.

  • Anonymous

When there’s a phone that fits my usage or when phone slows down which is 4+ years. iPhones age really well

Normal changing should be every 3-4 years. How many times u guys switch your laptops? Probably every 5-6 years, and laptop cost same like phone.

  • 3m

But also 3.5mm jacks missing, ugly holes or notches in screens that in 1-2 years will probably be the thing of the past, screens curved outwords for no real purpose, lack of high quality phones below 6 inches. No all has gone into good direction.

My J7 Star has been running for 2.5 years and I'm upgrading to a Pixel 3a XL from Google for my daily driver. Why? It has a cleaner version of Android built in the phone, improved cameras (My J7 Star can't handle zoomed images well) and more storage. My J7 Star has been showing its age in terms of performance from this year and I'm sure that this phone won't receive updates past Android 10, much less Android 9 Pie.

  • MrPong

2 years seem fair, unless there is a discount/deal, then 1 year.

I usually upgrade my main phone about every two years. I always have a side phone that I play with and change every couple of months. Phones are becoming boring now. There is only Android and iOS now. The phones these days are so powerful that it doesn't matter what new phone you get it's going to work well enough.

I usually prefer pure Android phones. Updates are available for few years which keeps device working good.

Previously I preferred blackberry devices, but since their exit from original BBOS and switching to Android, I have moved to pure Android phones.
But I may switch over to iOS by next year.

Once every 4 years. Right now I'm on SD845 and it's fast enough for me. I'll keep my phone as long as I can get replacement batteries for it.

5yrs or more 😁

I change phone when there's a new innovating point which really interests me so basically 3 to 4 years

my current phone is exactly 3 years old, hoping to get another year from it.