LG's rollable smartphone to arrive early next year with a BOE screen

02 July 2020
It's definitely interesting that the company isn't going to use displays made in-house.

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  • Anonymous

Shui8, 03 Jul 2020Wait what? A screen supplier company using other branded... moreIt continues to be lost on some of you that the display and semiconductor subsidiaries of these conglomerates (ex. LG, Samsung) are as separate from their mobile devices divisions as their major appliance subsidiaries are. An LG Mobile device using an LG Semi display is not automatic; a Samsung Mobile device using a Samsung Semi display and SOC is not automatic.

As long as its screen will be durable like fold is completely useless to be honest.

ME , 04 Jul 2020Do not see a point in such a phone and sure not for that pr... morethat's what they said about phablets!

this is good news and bad news

good news is if this tech does work well, it will be a game changer. we can start seeing an increase of digital e-paper newspapers devices with a natural flippable feel, same for books where we can write with a stylus and flip pages around naturally, etc.

bad news is its gonna be manufactured by a chinese company, which means the tech is gonna be duplicated within a season and spread across other junkware chinese phones.

samsung realised china was not great news for them and exited most of their operations from there. wonder when lg will realise they are handing over all the tech to the chinese for free duplication, which is one of the reasons lg has financial issues - they spend too much in r&d and basically give it away to copycat companies, thereby not getting back a return on their investment (in which case it turns into an expense).

  • Mastah

ME , 04 Jul 2020Do not see a point in such a phone and sure not for that pr... moreYes, and put that tablet in your pocket... It's also nice to know, that your entire life is spinning around money and everything must be cost effective. No joy, no ergonomy, just money. Great life strategy dude!

YUKI93, 04 Jul 2020Galaxy Fold is cheaper than ever my bottom! Here in Malaysi... moreThe upcoming galaxy fold is cheaper than the previous one and gives tons of goodies and other improvements not found on the first one.

  • ME

Do not see a point in such a phone and sure not for that price..
If you need a bigger screen just buy a tablet and save money.

iOS Sucks, 03 Jul 2020Galaxy Fold is cheaper than ever. Besides big changes comi... moreGalaxy Fold is cheaper than ever my bottom! Here in Malaysia, the price didn't drop AT ALL!

  • PoorMan

LG Superfan, 03 Jul 2020Why would yoy want to forgo touch on extended panel? I just imagined that it would be more convenient for one handed use. And it would reduce complexity of the folding screen which could be point of failure, along with a wider choice of materials instead of touch sensitive glass. Just a thought, LG engineers would/should know better.

  • Jojo

lacp, 03 Jul 2020I don't believe in that lie. A LG smartphone with a BO... moreLG is a separate company than LG Electronics. They are both owned by a parent company, but LG buys from whatever company they want that gives them the best price. The good news is since these are BOE panels they will show up everywhere, unless LG is paying for timed exclusive to use them.

  • Jojo

Rollable and slide out screens are the only good form factor for expandable screens. Folding will never be good. Can never get the to fold perfectly flat, So will always be fat like a wallet. Always have a crease at the fold. And the pixels will eventually burn out at the fold.
Good on LG for skipping foldables and going right to rollable and slide out.

  • Anonymous

db102000, 03 Jul 2020Maybe because LG Display will use all its output to serve A... moreUnfortunately LG OLED didn’t passed Apple screen quality test and iPhone still using Samsung super Amoled.

  • Anonymous

LG aleays rushing with high specs and inovations but rubbish implementation an software. Sorry they lost me years ago.

I don't believe in that lie. A LG smartphone with a BOE display, even developing displays of their own and manufacturing them? Is a pure lie, April fools in July. In LG they don't need these things, they have their own products, they don't need chinese technologies in this department when they have their own technology of displays, they want is the chinese go take a walk. Remember South Korea of today are the Japan of 20 years ago.

  • WIPP99

if this is to be true....i like the style. a true double and full screen tablet without the separation between them. viewing experience will be flawless. great innovation. wrapping back around to become a single screen device again is wonderful. hope it is as i believe to be. i would trade in my lg g8 for this instead of the lg v50 which was a disappointment due to the split-up of dual screens. a fail promise.

  • Anonymous

Another useless phone from LG.

  • Anonymous

Going to be another showboat at launch, sunken ship a month later.

It says a lot that LG isn't using their own branded screens on the phones...that way they can shove any screen cracks, folding issues, poor display, whatever blame onto BOE.

1st generation devices (which might include 1st, 2nd, 3rd+ device of a line, until a generational process improvement is made) are more than likely to be prototype devices that the public gets to "test" out after paying a hefty sticker price. This will be no different.

Give us good phone ,great specs,amoled lcd,classic design!

YUKI93, 03 Jul 2020I can understand that. Even both Samsung Galaxy Fold and Hu... moreGalaxy Fold is cheaper than ever.
Besides big changes coming with the Fold 2.
Also pricing for these foldables is going down.

By the year 2025, normal smartphones and foldables will have maximum 200$ difference for identical specs.

Shanti Dope, 03 Jul 2020Perhaps the choice of BOE panel is to save some cost to mak... moreI can understand that. Even both Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate Xs cost a fortune to buy, let alone to manufacture.