Samsung Galaxy S20 Lite appears on Geekbench with Snapdragon 865

13 July 2020
This could mean that the phone is coming earlier than October.

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  • Udi123

i wonder when samsung will come up with a compact phone for the a series... please bring a 5.8 inches phone and lightweight

  • cherry

SteveFOX, 13 Jul 2020Very interesting. Guessing Samsung will price this competit... moreI bought S20 Snapdragon (USA import) 300 Euros cheaper than OnePlus 8 Pro. OnePlus can pack and go away from Europe with their huge prices.

  • S20 lite fan

Sd865 but 6GB ram!!! Even S10 lite was 8GB. I do not think samsung will install sd865 for S20 lite. I am looking forward to see S20 lite. It might be my next phone, if it is has sd865, 8GB ram and 5000mah battery.

  • Anonymous

ThePong, 14 Jul 2020It's because Samsung has been notorious for putting a ... moreNobody cares about bloatware.
Bloatware can be easily removed or disabled.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-893029, 14 Jul 2020So for the second year running, the 'Lite' varian... moreThey are ditching it.

TheLastOracle, 13 Jul 2020Samsung can cut costs with a lower quality screen (smaller ... moreLike the S10 series, the S10e have already cutted specs that you mention, while maintaning the most important goodies from their big brothers, at an small body, and most important, at lower release price. A S21e can change the game on the next year...

  • AnonD-893029

So for the second year running, the 'Lite' variant will actually have a better chipset than the main members of the 'S' series, at least here in the UK.

Samsung can't ditch that awful 'Mongoose' custom core programme quick enough, and go right back to the drawing board with Exynos.

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2020we need a more compact S20"e" I agree.

  • blimey

Panda eyes, 13 Jul 2020Apparently they renamed it the fan edition instead of lite,... moreI guess they are targeting the OnePlus sort of crowd, which will associate more with this cooler name.

  • BeeAnt

And here I just bought an S10 Lite darn it

it's good news for region where the exynos version of s20 being sold.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2020I hope under 6.0 screen No. Buy the A41 which is 6.1 inches nobody wants a small flagship

  • Anonymous

Why wouldn't they use Dimensity 1000 instead to make it cheaper

  • sd

well goodluck to older devices,downgrade and multiple bugs,battery drain,heating,slowed performance and headache is waving.what the hell samsung is doing to its older devices.

  • ThePong

Jaeger, 13 Jul 2020Thy are more in line with SD855 or 855 Plus. But it's ... moreIt's because Samsung has been notorious for putting a lot of bloatware. Still, it's pretty respectable and way better than any Exynos Samsung. I wish Samsung specifies which glass type they are using for the phone this time.

  • Anonymous

I hope it will have Android 11 pre-installed.

blimey, 13 Jul 2020Is this the same as what other tech sites are calling S20 F... moreApparently they renamed it the fan edition instead of lite, lite sounds better tbh. I imagine the lite model will lack glass back, high refresh rate and slightly weaker battery and camera?, but will be allot cheaper. Look forward to the note 20 lite to!!

Ashish Sunkari, 13 Jul 2020I don't think it will have SD 865 because the scores a... moreThy are more in line with SD855 or 855 Plus. But it's still in development, if true, so, the scores are understandably lower than expected.

  • Anonymous

TheLastOracle, 13 Jul 2020Samsung can cut costs with a lower quality screen (smaller ... moreor maybe just reduce all their price? going above 1000 usd is absurd

  • Anonymous

P-CHM, 13 Jul 2020Even with the Snapdragon, the S20 series is plagued with is... moreI have the S10 Lite for like two months and it still suffers the green tint bug. This however isn't unique to the S-line since the A71 and other brands with Samsung panels have the same issue.