Weekly poll: does 100W+ charging matter?

19 July 2020
At what point does this race stop making sense?

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JDK, 19 Jul 2020graphene batteries are coming soon, don't worry.Lastly I hear they only could make one the size of debit card

  • Dre4

Only if the battery is less than 3000mah
The fact is that on average use, our smartphones get us through the day and we just plug it overnight. Even a 5 watt charger would make sure of a fully charged phone by morning. ( most modern smartphones, 3000+man )

  • Anonymous

JustADude, 19 Jul 2020will it explode? Size and capacity is still about 4000-500... moreIt will not explode.
But your 5.000mAh phone shall have no more than 3800 - 4000 mAh after 12 months.

will it explode?
Size and capacity is still about 4000-5000 mAh.
Still using Li-ion. But charging speed is increased dramatically.
There must be any compensation and consequences

  • Anonymous

The percentage of people voting for 'I don't consider charging speeds' (12.x%) is similar to Apple's smartphone market share globally ;)

jakov1, 19 Jul 2020Using "overnight charging" and "concern for ... moreBoth of them have their pros and cons. Stop talking like fast charging is a saint while overnight charging is like a devil. I have been charging overnight for more than 15 years and guess what, I haven't seen any degradation other than the one that happens when you hold a phone for 5 years, which btw wasn't bad at all. From my nokia e61 to the s3 to the a40, none of them suffered noticeable battery degradation. Maybe it's the same thing with fast chargers, but at least my overnight charging doesn't make a ticking bomb out of my phone, or whatever you want to call a phone that reaches 40+ degrees and isn't a black shark (phone that I also own just for pubg, where it reaches 42 degrees at max, also charging it with my 15watt from my a40, not the 27watt from itself, since it heats up) or a 2013 samsung that is requested to play pubg. Overnight charging with 15 watts is definetley safer

  • Anonymous

Not even the fact these phones do not have the charging advertised but half of that.
So, be sure it will not be 120W, but probably 3 or 4 batteries inside with 30 or 40W.

In this case 40 + 40 + 40 is not 120.

It'll be great in couple of years when super high tech chargers will be accompanied by super high tech batteries..currently,battery tech is decades old.
On the other hand OEM's want to remove chargers from the retail box,so their plan is to sell those high tech chargers separately...at the cost of a solid budget phone?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Jul 2020I don't really get why it's called "wirelles... moreTo fool costumers.

If it at least had a internal 20.000mAh so you can take every year without having to worry about outlets like powerbanks.
But no ...

Andreidinutu, 19 Jul 202018 watts minimum?!? Why do you need that? Samsung offers 15... moreUsing "overnight charging" and "concern for battery degradation" is like ordering a diet coke at McDonalds.

Overnight charging is the worst, you're essentialy leaving the battery at 100.00% for a third of it's lifetime, a quarter at best. Lithium batteries don't like voltage too high or too low so 0-100% charges are one easy way to bring the capacity down prematurely.

I'd rather have a 100W charger that would enable me to add 40% in a matter of minutes and keep the phone at optimal voltage all the time (40-80%) than an 18W one that has me stuck at the charging port for 2 hours min and forces me to charge at 100% if I'm going out.

  • Does not matter

YUKI93, 19 Jul 2020Until there is a completely new smartphone battery technolo... moreYes. That’s why majority votes for “ Yes, but only if it's standards-compliant”

  • Anonymous

EskeRahn, 19 Jul 2020Oh I do use a simple charger in daily usage. And at the rar... moreWhotf will be so stupid to charge their phone overnight where all the charging will be finished in like 15 minutes, even before an average person falls asleep

Indrockz, 19 Jul 2020Who cares ? Use a less wattage charger from other smartphon... moreOh I do use a simple charger in daily usage. And at the rare occasion I need fast charge, I do use fast charging

Fast charging is like junk food. Very convenient and OK for occasional usage. But daily usage has severe impacts on life span!

For some the convenience is more important than hte life span, for others not.
The problem is when people aren't aware. e.g. it would be utterly stupid to use a fast charger over night while you sleep. And many do not know that, but just use the fast charger they get with the device - and that shortens the lifespan,

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Jul 2020Nah. Never use fast charge in my note 10+ If it's no... morewhat do you mean if it's not apple?

  • ArenaMaster

They should make a standard at least 15/18 watts fast charging power brick for every smartphone for both entry level and mid-range and above 30 watts for flagship.

atichko, 19 Jul 2020Speed charging isn't good for a battery. It has been n... morek

The Voice of Reason, 19 Jul 2020Remember the faster you charge the faster your battery dies... morek

Speed charging isn't good for a battery. It has been nefast for the longevity of it. Topping of at 10 or 15 W is enough and doesn't heat up your battery. Ok, it takes a while but it seems that nowadays people don't know the meaning of patience anymore. It can't be fast enough it seems.

YUKI93, 19 Jul 2020Until there is a completely new smartphone battery technolo... moregraphene batteries are coming soon, don't worry.

  • Anonymous

Nah. Never use fast charge in my note 10+
If it's not apple, regular charging in modern phone should be fast enough.