Weekly poll: does 100W+ charging matter?

19 July 2020
At what point does this race stop making sense?

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Until there is a completely new smartphone battery technology that can amass all those super high charging rates without degrading the battery in long term use, i.e five years time, I definitely wouldn't consider super fast wired charging. High charging rate makes sense for laptops or tablets because of their large battery capacity, but not on smartphones.

The short answer is it doesn't matter. Why don't this companies spend more R&D on battery tech ( lasting longer with lesser mAh) than on this so called "super fast charging" that will only degrade the battery faster

Meh. Still waiting for 1000w wireless charging.


Remember the faster you charge the faster your battery dies.

Also, voltage matters. The higher the voltage the higher the damage to your battery.

In short, it's a great ruse for the idiots who want to kill their battery as fast as possible and buy a new phone.

  • Dometalican

Considering QuickCharge 4 compliance lands on the 21W ballpark, that with a 5,000+mAH battery is good enough for me.

THAT SAID, when VOOC charge, Huawei's super charge, and Xiaomi's faster charging started, I liked the idea of charging 2 batteries at 20W each to achieve faster charging in a safer method. These 65-100W charging numbers are ridiculous in a bad way. QuickCharge 4 at 40W is honestly peak.

Any of you that says: "it's the future". No, the actual future is a different material for the battery that's longer-lasting like graphite; not hyper fast charging that degrades in a year...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Jul 2020Qi charging .... Worse for battery than wired. Higher... moreI don't really get why it's called "wirelles charger" since it is still connected to a wire.

As I've heard a lot of times the battery loss is really small. Still i just can't see a real reason to upgrade from 40W charger to 100+ unless the durability/heat are mostly the same.

Oh boy 40W wireless charging would be the best

  • Anonymous

abigfanoftechs, 19 Jul 2020Bingo! We found someone keeping their phone longer than 6-... moreI bought mine in 2016.
Battery loss so far was about 250-300 mAh.

  • Akshay

I have realme x2 pro and i used to be in favour of a bigger battery in stead of a fast charge. But this phone has changed my opinion and i believe that charger should be as fast as possible with a above avg battery life now a days 4000mah is more than average and gets me a full day backup.
Realmex2 pro charges really quick the other day i tried to test my phone 0 100 charging time and it was 99% charged in 27 minutes and fully charged in 31 minutes ,phone was switched off. Really amazing .

Anonymous, 19 Jul 2020No. Better having more than 90% of the total battery after... moreBingo!
We found someone keeping their phone longer than 6-8 months.

Pretty soon Jeans with pockets that protect against smartphone explosion will be a thing.

  • Anonymous

If the battery lasts for the entire day of use, charging it over night with a slower technology is perfectly fine in my eyes, especially if I as the consumer can save some money by choosing the slower charging variant.

Mihnea M, 19 Jul 2020I personally don't care. All I care is to have a big b... moreHello fellow romanian. Yep, at least you don't lie and admit that you do the overnighter. Nothing wrong with it, especially conparing it with 20+ watts

  • Anonymous

Yes it is one of thé most important thing in a smartphones

  • Jay kundu

I think Companies gives us 2 types of charging
super fast charging 5min 50 and 10 min 100 percentage
Other is night charger slow charge for hole night like full charge in 10houzrs.

  • Satya

One more option:

I do not want to carry a bomb on my pocket all the time.

  • Anonymous

Mihnea M, 19 Jul 2020I personally don't care. All I care is to have a big b... moreWich is not good for the battery health
So better have fast charging because overcharhing the phone is worse than a fast charging with heat below 40 degree

  • Anonymous

Personally I think 100W+ is just too much, especially on tropical country like mine. 1 hour charge time like one of those 30W charger feels perfect for me.

I have 5000 mah phone with 10W charger and I'm telling you how sad it feels to wait for 3-4 hours to fully charge my phone. Quick charge is absolutely important for my next phone.

i think battery will fast break if very fast charging...

  • Anonymous

Realistically, how often will you be needing a quick top-up whilst being near a wall socket, what is the scenario that will create this?

A healthy 15w charging for a small 3000amh


45w charging for a large 5000mah, charging times are both gonna be easily good enough for 90% of all consumers..

(Apple I am looking at you however when considering you still ship 5w chargers..