Qualcomm announces Quick Charge 5: 100W+ speed lets you fill a battery to 50% in 5 minutes

27 July 2020
A full charge will take only 15 minutes. The new standard runs 10°C cooler than QC4 while delivering 4 times the power to the battery.

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  • saurabh

from where i can buy this charger

  • Anonymous

its even be on sale i still didnt see any Qc4 devices Nor chargers

Quicker than I can drink a hot coffee.

one day those wires are all gonna melt.

Shyam, 29 Jul 2020More & more technology will destroy the world & Al... morehow dare you! they won't be able to spread more hate, fake news and propaganda on FB & twit then.

Shanti Dope, 28 Jul 2020If the system is inefficient, then definitely it would heat... morethe risk of an accident is the same whether you go slow or fast in the highway. the other person can still hit you.

  • M3S4

Blackkk Mamba , 27 Jul 2020You have any Proof that these phones are dying faster with ... morePopular adaptation doesn't mean fast charging has no effect in battery degradation. You confuse about battery cycle use and capacity degradation with the velocity and acceleration of charging. Unfortunately, but there's no such lab test widely public access scientifically show the correlation charging speed vs capacity.

  • M3S4

Blackkk Mamba , 27 Jul 2020You think vooc charging never had any regulations? You th... morePeople don't care and don't feel about battery degradation but you can't deny the fact that fast charging degrade battery faster. It is just physics. We know no breakthrough in battery technology, we stuck with lithium polymer or lithium ion. Fast charging technology is just a management technology.

Wohohoooo this is getting pretty interesting for sure.

Shanti Dope, 29 Jul 2020It's not enough for you because manufacturers told you... moreI am diagnosing you with functional fixedness

Your going on about lithium ion this lithium ion that

And it just shows your really not even trying

There are multiple factors to consider the lithium ion is only ONE

You don't consider how many battery cells are used

You didn't consider the technology in the charge itself

You don't consider graphite sheeting

Look at the whole picture and ALL the pieces of the puzzle

Water is a poor conductor of electricity by ITSELF and I'm sure you wouldn't try putting a live electrical cable while sitting in a puddle... But guess what OTHER elements within water will make it very conductive.....

As for your wine state that proves again you don't care about context you can't say wine is bad for your health

Bad under what level of consumption.. under what circumstances even water can be bad for your health

IpsDisplay, 28 Jul 2020No it is not enough said You have a new technology.. so ... moreIt's not enough for you because manufacturers told you to believe it isn't. But if you really want to ruin your phone's battery badly, then I'm not stopping you. Still, the standard fast charging technologies are about the best balance of speed and longevity of battery lifespan, and I will only cease to accept higher wattages if the batteries get improved to be able to handle higher wattages. Current Lithium batteries are still INCAPABLE of handling such wattages without taking any toll on their health. Unless you show me any evidende that Lithium batteries could now handle extremely high temperatures and wattage inputs, then those super fast chargers are all stupid ideas.

Again, I want to see any validity about your claim that Lithium batteries have improved to handle those high wattages of power input. That's the reason why Samsung is investing for graphene batteries already, since they can no longer see Lithium batteries improving any further to its current technological state.

That's also why I highlighted them as "Super Fast Charging" and not just "Fast Charging." You should really know the difference between the two. And yes, we did cheer for them in the past, and still up until now, mainly because it is the best charging solution to smartphone batteries today for the longest battery lifespan. Your Super Fast Chargers only went further without taking into consideration the bad effects of such power input to Lithium batteries, and they simply don't care because they want their customers to replace their batteries every year, which would give them more profit. You know that a company really cares about the quality of the phone more than their extra profit if they really intended to take care of the battery health of the phone.

No I don't want a wine. It's not good for health; I'd rather drink a fruit juice to boost my immune system for combating this virus.

  • Shyam

More & more technology will destroy the world
& Also make everyone lazy....what if the charge
Is replinished 5 minutes late

Shanti Dope, 28 Jul 2020Still the gained amount of heat is considerably higher than... moreNo it is not enough said

You have a new technology.. so you allow it to mature and become the new traditional technology

The slow charging you mentioned was fast charging by standards of the past and ironically you are cheering for it now

Just get a glass of wine sit back and relax everything will be ok

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2020you're a redmi user? :) For now, that is. Wish to switch to a different brand as soon as I get enough income to buy a new one, but so far mine's still going surprisingly strong.

stobs, 28 Jul 2020it gets hot normally anyway. we need liquid nitrogen cooling.If the system is inefficient, then definitely it would heat up, but that's no longer the case with modern day smartphones, and a minor bump in temperature isn't anything to worry about. What's just bad is a considerable increase from merely just charging the phone and not using it at all, especially with super fast chargers, as their temperature when charging only is essentially similar to as if the phone was being used normally. We are preventing degradation here, and lessening the heat is our primary goal here, so super fast chargers definitely are no-go.

In an analogy, I'd rather follow the highway's speed limit of 100kph and get to my destination safely instead of breaking the limit and going beyond but with the high risk of accident.

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2020You are wrong. My battery heats up during charging and it&#... moreThen the problem could be underlying within the battery or the SoC or the charger itself, because such wattage should not generate as much heat. Unless of course you're talking about a super minimal temperature increase, which in that case it's all normal for charging.

IpsDisplay, 28 Jul 2020Smh There are video demonstrations with heat imaging of ... moreStill the gained amount of heat is considerably higher than standard charging speeds do. Also consider the fact that people tend to use their phones while charging, as nobody is willing to take a 30-minute break from using their phones to let them charge completely, and doing so adds extra heat to the phone, so the temperature rises to higher levels.

Using just normal charging speed is still the best bet for the longest battery lifespan. That's enough said.

  • Anonymous

Shanti Dope, 28 Jul 2020Sorry about that, it just got through my nerve how a simple... moreyou're a redmi user? :)

  • Anonymous

xcv, 28 Jul 2020Actually, Qualcomm never had even 40% of the SoC smartphone... moreMost devastating to Qualcomm's SoCs for 2020, MediaTek Dimensity SoCs are winning the hearts and minds of phone-makers, and are starting to win the hearts and minds of phone buyers in the 2nd half of 2020. In the lower-mid-ranger to mid-ranger segments where most phones are sold, the new Dimensity SoCs are out-performing, out-pricing and out-marketing Qualcomm's new offers by a margin.

The only segment Qualcomm is still competitive is the flagship SoCs. But even in this segment, Qualcomm is still struggling to integrate its 5G modem. If the recent rumors from some engineer insiders are true, the yield of SD875 with 5G modem is still unacceptably low, similar to the situation when Qualcomm tried to integrate x51 modem into SD865 in 2019 and failed. It is not certain that SD875 (with an integrated 5G modem) will be ready for 2021. A two piece solution (SD875 + separate 5G modem) is there as an alternative.

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2020That's Coz it is using outdated charging technology wi... moreyeah its so cold that when i pour water on a chinese phone, it freezes.


some new fad to keep saying those phones are cooler. they get insanely hot when just talking, forget charging.