The Galaxy Note20 family to come with improved Exynos 990

29 July 2020
Improved thermals, performance and power efficiency.

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  • Anonymous

I'm just going to wait and see. There's always been rumours about samsung phones that turn out to be wrong. I still do believe though that samsung is going to try optimise the exynos 990 a bit better not only on the note 20 but also the s20

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2020So will they optimise the s20 exynos 990 as well?the new exynos 990 is also hardware revision aside from the software optimization. instead of giving it a new name, they opted to keep the same moniker but internally it is probably exynos 990 v2 or whatevs the code name for it is. So the S20 series with the exynos 990 probably won't get the same benefit.

  • N

Strange. Why still bother call it the same name when claimed to be the better version chip? Why note20 in south korea will get snap865+ If this chip is better or equal to snap865+?

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2020So will they optimise the s20 exynos 990 as well?Yeah, little gremlins in white lab coats will knock on your door and fix your existing phone...

  • Mir

So .. They admit that snapdragon is batter.

  • Matthew

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2020So will they optimise the s20 exynos 990 as well?I don't think so.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-754814, 30 Jul 2020Actually Exynos 8895 wasn't better. SD835 had overal... more8895 was overall better.

  • Bony

Why Not With A Snapdragon ??

  • M3S4

It's funny that most of negative comment here don't reflect on Samsung market share. Huawei and Samsung as top 2 market share leader don't even use Snapdragon for its main chipset.

  • AnonD-754814

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2020Exynos 8895 was better than SD835. it could do 4K60 which ... moreActually Exynos 8895 wasn't better.
SD835 had overall slightly better performance but Exynos had better efficiency.

  • AnonD-754814

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2020Samsung UI including android are heavy compare to iOS plus ... moreI think they're already putting vapor thermal chamber since couple of years now.

Note7 owner, 29 Jul 2020Samsung says this every year but in reality Exynos versions... more Agreed.

  • Sumsang

They say improve but use Snapdragon in their own country. So disappointed

  • Anonymous

Jaeger, 29 Jul 2020S1: didn't use SD chip. S2: didn't use SD chip. ... moreS1 and S2. Doesn't matter if they didn't use snapdragon. Snapdragon existed and the exynos was better.
S3. Did use snapdragon. And the exynos was better.
S4. Maaaaaybe snap was on par. Maybe.
S5. S801 and 805 were inferior to exynos 5422 except standby time i think. And gpu bursts. But cpu, audio, and sustained gpu better on Ex 5422.
S6 and s7 we know.
S8. Snap was overal better in gpu with some traded blows. Exynos was still overall better soc.

So yes from s1 to s8 the exynos was overall superior. Usually in in cpu, audio, and efficiency.
S1, s2, note 2, note 4, and s6 exynos even had better gpu.
During the s1 snapdragon devices actual had a slightly better cpu though i think.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2020801 was faster and hotter, yes. Way hot.No. 801 had better gpu bursts, but exy 5422 had better cpu and held up better gpu performance after the 801 throttled. And better audio on the 5422.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2020So will they optimise the s20 exynos 990 as well?They can optimize the scheduler and clock frequency of the s20s. Butnif there are any physical changes in this one then that can't be carried over.

  • sasnak

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2020So will they optimise the s20 exynos 990 as well?I'm pretty sure it's hardware improvements, not software. So I guess s20 is stuck with the bad one.

dude111, 29 Jul 2020lol What do "less frames than QHD" mean? Res... moreLess pixels to push means higher framerates. I think that's what he meant.

  • We dont trust Samy

You can trust people to make a video that compares the performance between a model with Exynos 990+ processor and a model with Qualcomm 865+ processor

  • Rabiya

I reall hope samsung will also do an update in s20 series as well...