LG posts its report on turbulent Q2: Phone business keeps sliding

30 July 2020
The company blames COVID-19 despite being on the downturn for the 11th consecutive quarter.

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Sharique , 01 Aug 2020Its available on flipkart at 40000Not available in blue colour. Grey is horrendous for a flagship. I mentioned in the post before the quoted post.
BTW in 40k its on Amazon. Flipkart is charging 60k. The colour is the bigger problem though.

If you can find in blue colour, please let me know... Thanks.

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    • 01 Aug 2020

    Samath N8 808 owner, 01 Aug 2020If any LG representative is watching this post, please get ... moreIts available on flipkart at 40000

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      • KwantowyYebaka
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      • 01 Aug 2020

      Samath N8 808 owner, 01 Aug 2020Only LG is to blame... They create awesome phones, but don&... moreSame with V50 zero availability even as I would like to import.

        T M, 31 Jul 2020Actually Nokia did deserve it, they thought iOS and Andriod... moreYou don't understand one thing: Nokia was a risk to world data domination plan of the Amercians.

        Why did a Amercian director come to Nokia, explain this to me please?
        Why did he end all projects of Nokia, including promising MeeGo?
        Why did any Nokia Symbian phone manage to sell 10-20 million phones easily without adverts, explain?
        Why does no one sell Nokia 808 Pureview in second hand market even today? Why do they keep them?
        Why can't you have a private Android even if you keep mobile data and wifi off?
        Why can't you have a no data only calling plan by telecom operators today?

        You think everyone needs a self aware, amercian-spying-agent computer in a phone?

        You people think Nokia died due to obsolescence, while not understanding that a Nokia did everything well. Including multimedia and battery life. And privacy.
        We, the actual Symbian users deserve to say more on this topic, alright?

        Snowden was actually a fool, he should've understood the world is filled with innocents who don't understand privacy.

          If any LG representative is watching this post, please get in touch with me.

          I'm located in India, I want to purchase V40 Thinq which was launched in 2019. Ready to pay your price mentioned on your website.

            Only LG is to blame... They create awesome phones, but don't market them well.

            I've been trying to get hold of a V40 ThinQ... I tried their city stores, other stores, online sites, even their helpline using email, telephone.
            Guess what? Even about 2 weeks after, I'm yet to receive a reply from them.

            Their website confirms its still is on sale barely 1 year after its Indian launch, but I can't get it in Blue colour. Grey looks rubbish in my opinion.

            A customer so desperate to get it, can't get a LG Phone, then who on Earth can?? Tell me?

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              • 01 Aug 2020

              Rambo99, 31 Jul 2020What do they expect? Their entry level phones are dumb look... morei agree, thy do not have princing sense

                What do they expect? Their entry level phones are dumb looking phablets with terrible ancient chipsets, the high end ones are ridiculously expensive and receive the same amount of updates as their cheapest offerings (0 to 1). Of course their phone business is sliding.

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                  • BLiB
                  • n70
                  • 31 Jul 2020

                  James, 30 Jul 2020It's because your after-sale support sucks. That'... moreyeah this exactly, their lack of software support is what killed the brand. LG's mobile division will still fail even if covid didn't happen.
                  It's such a shame, because I used to like their hardware in the past but they need to stop treating their phones like unwanted stepchildren.

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                    • 31 Jul 2020

                    What they haw velvet 600 euro and slow cpu phones. Where 200-400 phone.

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                      • 31 Jul 2020

                      paco2x, 31 Jul 2020Probably LG mobile division and HTC won't survive beyo... moreDon't think so

                      HTC messud up hard, but LG is more like Sony on that regard they make fine phone in the high end market but most people don't care and get a Samsung, iPhone, Xiaomi or some other chinese brand.

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                        • Pawan Waghalkar
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                        • 31 Jul 2020

                        It was expected. The way LG deserted it's customers who placed their money and trust on the Nexus devices and were utterly disappointed due to the bootloop issue. LG did not even bother to take corrective action and build trust by repairing the affected devices free of cost. Instead, LG decided to take advantage of this situation by charging exorbitant money to the customers for repairing the faulty motherboard. At the time when there was an army of cheap but capable chinese phones ready to invade the market, I think it was one of the biggest mistake LG committed.

                          Probably LG mobile division and HTC won't survive beyond 2021.

                            Lg needs:

                            1.Stop marketing its dual screen solution, because it will not work.

                            2. Use better cameras and use 5x telephoto camera at least.

                            3. Hide the ugly notch, it is only accepted from apple( I don't know why).

                            4.use higher refresh rate screens.

                            5. Bring back the IR blaster.

                            6. Bring back the G series, and bury down Velvet.

                            7. Shut up the mouths of the stupid fan boys who support the wrong choices of the big companies.

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                              • 31 Jul 2020

                              Some of the problems I think for LG is

                              1. They always try something so unique, while I applaud their courage, doesn't stick with every users.
                              2. The things that did stick with fans are gone (V20 secondary display, Quad DAC on the new Velvet, the modularity of the G5)
                              3. They think they are at the same level between Samsung and Apple, but in reality, they can barely compete with many Chinese brands that offers great specs for the price.
                              4. There are still hardcore tech fans that swore off LG phones during their bootloops, while Samsung and the Note 7 didn't affect the Note series negatively as they tried their best to deal with the situation.
                              5. Their designs both UI and hardware are starting to be a bit less uninspiring.

                              Just my 2 cents.

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                                • 31 Jul 2020

                                apprise, 30 Jul 2020Aww it's a shame seeing companies like LG and HTC just... moreAgreed. I don't understand how Samsung can deliver updates to like 50 models, and LG/HTC can't take care of 1 single flagship at a time.

                                That being said, the V60 is the best phone I have ever owned, updates be damned!

                                  Jeremy, 31 Jul 2020Me?Me also?

                                    They got to lower their pride (price). Their phones are always pricey in introduction but then gets a big discount after 6 months onwards. They need to sell their phones at lower prices, similar to Xiaomi or other Chinese brands.

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                                      • 31 Jul 2020

                                      Joe, 30 Jul 2020Their dual screen phones are so much better than the compet... moreMe?

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                                        • 31 Jul 2020

                                        apprise, 31 Jul 2020What have they deserved though ? Do Nokia deserve the lands... moreActually Nokia did deserve it, they thought iOS and Andriod we a joke and doubled down on Symbian. Few years later and it was too late for them, fatal decision. Same with LG and HTC, they keep releasing expensive phones with awful software support and no game changing features to stand out from the competition and yet expect their sales to go up repeating the same failed formula year after year after year.

                                        And, no, Im not Indian, I don't know how you came to that stupid conclusion.