LG posts its report on turbulent Q2: Phone business keeps sliding

30 July 2020
The company blames COVID-19 despite being on the downturn for the 11th consecutive quarter.

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  • 30 Jul 2020

Jasper5774, 30 Jul 2020How about setting up manufacturing unit in india and making... moreYeah.
If LG release Velvet with SD720G/Dimensity 800 & slightly smaller display & place it around 20K-25K then it would be a hit.

LG can tak advantage of PLI scheme to make in india.
There is anti-China sentiment going on in india.
Indians are looking for Non-Chiness alternatives.Now Samsung,AsusNokia,Apple are the only recognised brands of Non chinese origin.

    Hello LG. When is Android 10 arriving for my G8X please?

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      • 30 Jul 2020

      lg v60 is a good product but the marketing team seems to have 0 effort on promoting it. The velvet is just another overpriced product that will be hugely affected by oneplus nord.

        "However, this marks LG mobile division's 11th consecutive quarter of YoY decline."
        OnePlus and other of your chinese "gods" would have gone under at the 2nd quarter

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          • 30 Jul 2020


            How about setting up manufacturing unit in india and making phones for Indian market at much lower cost.
            I am sure indian people and government both will be interested.
            Something tells me china issue will go for very long and before ambani takes over everything Koreans should also try to get some part of the pie.

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              • 30 Jul 2020

              Phones are too ugly.
              They all look like $90 chinese.