Nvidia looking to buy Arm, in 'advanced talks'

01 August 2020
Bloomberg reports that a deal could be made in the coming weeks, market analysts project a price of $55 billion.

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  • 04 Aug 2020

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2020By "european computer scientists and engineers" y... moreMIPS brought the first true 64 bit architecture in 1991.(ARM4 came in 1994)
AMD brought 64 bit to consumer systems in 2003(A RMv6 came in 2003)
Intel and AMD made 64 bit mainstream in desktops by 2008 (ARMv7)
ARMv8 came in 2011
Apple implemented this in 2013 as the first mainstream consumer system

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    • 04 Aug 2020

    TS0, 02 Aug 2020most of the business(all of it) in future is going to be ab... more< Elon Musk Me is still profitable business. And you are not Bruce Wayne

    What a curious message, at least I have a name here that's a real word :)

    If Bruce Wayne really did exist (and believe me years ago I had a guy dressed as the joker keep stopping me in the street asking me if I've seen the bat man, blind fellow) he would understand explicitly everything I said, and explicitly understand you are politely not a person to listen too....

    Frankly, Nvidia may do well technically, but business wise, shareholders would be relieved with a complete buyout at a handsome price.

    While your technical comments are good, and appreciated, this is Nvidia, the company who snatched defeat from the jaws of victory from the world's best Android box. Who refuses to take the strategic steps of victory, instead wandering aimlessly around. What could pose boy go wrong with what you are saying, which may even be the truth. But, or s fill you in on a little detail.

    I've dealt with ARM in the past, and were not impressed. Since then they have done a little of what I was saying to them, on.yje bottom end chips. But ARM has spent a lot of time setting up bird level bus standards and such forwards, which anybody can use. The ARM chipset is an ancient architecture, and the RiscV a more recent carefully crafted ISA from many past lessons by experts, and is more efficient. So, ARM has launched another fresh instruction set, likely to answer this challenge, with very low end chips using it and able to run proper operating systems, which I was talking to them about. But, it's new, RISC V is new and if they upset the apple cart in the US with ARM a US company, both ARM and NVIDIA could be broke. The Chinese would role their own or use RiscV, many non US ASCI design cells can be quickly moved to RiscV, and each company recompile all their software for the new processor, to be made in upcoming Chinese chip fabs the Chinese will be aiming to setup with home grown technology. The Chinese can sell all the things you say, a lot of stuff happens there in that area, to Russia, all their partners, embargo all Chinese technology from being used in the US, block best technology from the US, demand everybody else follow suite like the US dues now, and the world would be left with a choice of testing with the 2 billion partners, half of which are going upward, or an ailing 500 million US going downwards. Relegating the US from a ball headed eagle bravely riding a wolf, to a dog, and China up to wolf. As; say, what could happen.

    You think more like Musk, than Bruce Wayne.

    The White Night..

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      • 03 Aug 2020

      Anonymous, 03 Aug 2020Hope you are aware that most, if not all of the work that g... moreBy "european computer scientists and engineers" you meant the engineers who work in Austin (Texas) ? The ARMv8 architecture, the first ARM architecture to include a 64-bit instruction set was mostly developed by the Austin team same for Cortex A7x designs, while the UK based team is responsible for Cortex A5x designs.

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        • 03 Aug 2020

        hoodafukisalice, 02 Aug 2020Hope this happens and the US keeps ARM technology from reac... moreHope you are aware that most, if not all of the work that goes into ARM instruction set and processor designs are carried out by European computer scientists and engineers.

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          • 02 Aug 2020

          hoodafukisalice, 02 Aug 2020Hope this happens and the US keeps ARM technology from reac... moreYou are aware I trust, that ARM was, until four years ago, a British company?

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            • 02 Aug 2020

            Trollhammeren, 02 Aug 2020This would be a real bad thing if it happened ... Hope this happens and the US keeps ARM technology from reaching "European trash"!

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              • 02 Aug 2020

              Wrong. This will give the US gov a squeeze on who can use the ARM design. Aside from causing even more concentration in socalled Silicon Valley in the US at expense of the rest of the planet.

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                • 02 Aug 2020

                Adam abouhalima , 01 Aug 2020If someone can clarify this to me I will be happyMany companies use ARM to make processors. ARM licenses technologies to help these companies. These companies are totally reliant on ARM. It basically means that all your phone's with Qualcomm mediatek Apple exynos etc chips will now have to deal with Nvidia. All these mobile chips and the future Mac chips are based on something called ARM. If Nvidia buys ARM, then all these companies will have to go to Nvidia to get their technologies. Currently ARM is open to all and any company can make their own processors. Nvidia isn't known for playing fair. It might get well be that Nvidia stops licensing ARM technologies to these companies causing chaos in the processor industry. This is the fear that is being expressed.
                It also is that for very long time all computers and tech used intel. Processors made by intel got more expensive since it's competitor AMD was dead for a long time. It had a stranglehold on the market and could charge anything if wanted. Companies like ARM became popular in mobile phones and are threatening intel in the desktop and laptop space. If Nvidia buys ARM, it could very well Ma'am that Nvidia starts to charge exorbitant amounts of money 💰 and lead to mobile phones

                  This would be a real bad thing if it happened ...

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                    • 02 Aug 2020

                    Wayne, 02 Aug 2020Lol! It's not even April 1st! What about there own... moremost of the business(all of it) in future is going to be about autonomous shared mobility and inference learned mixed reality interface so yes if NVIDIA or whoever is buying ARM is going to print money, unless its Elon Musk Me is still profitable business. And you are not Bruce Wayne

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                      • 02 Aug 2020

                      VanillaOS, 01 Aug 2020Well, just like the article states Nvidia is an ARM client.... moreyeah samsung new amd gpu
                      business wont go well

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                        • 02 Aug 2020

                        Lol! It's not even April 1st!

                        What about there own custom instruction set processor they translate ARM instructions too? What about their move into RISCV instruction set processor use. What is behind this?

                        I know we are seeing the use of ARM as a desktop PC processor finally coming after 33 years (Power PC processor hickup long being over). Intel did do them over with the x86 bus license which stopped their PC processor related chipset etc development years ago. But NVIDIA can't even up date their own android devices to their more advanced processors for years and they have virtually stopped doing ARM for phones.

                        Is the US behind getting NVIDIA to buy ARM in order to make ARM US technology, and control a strategic ban on using it in whatever foreign markets they want? This is really going backfire on the US, every manufacturer in such a market, would try to convert over to an ARM alternative as quick as possible. RiscV could be greatly accelerated.

                        Or Is NVIDIA going buy ARM then the Chinese buy NVIDIA and move it to China? RiscV and AMD could both make a killing.

                        We'll see!


                          litterally big news as who owns arm potentially will be a company to own industry. As x86 will be replaced by ARM in near future as main PC architecture, this is a huge news.

                            ARM in itself is already a monopoly. There's no equal rival in its segment yet. Changing to new owner does not mean, improvement for ARM, it just means control transfers to another owner. Nvidia won't make ARM better, competition does and there is none.

                            I would say that ARM could make Nvidia better but Nvidia is proprietary. Even Linux opensource developement despises Nvidia's tactics so this acquisition would be very hard to justify.

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                              • 02 Aug 2020


                              imagine what are the benefits of having those unified techs in one roof and speaking in one language ... monopoly to unify all engineering aspects ... cyberdyne system skynet legion, omni consumer products, buy n large, galaxy one, or any name that may come

                              advertise as ... for better consumer support, better security ... minority report, prevention before hapoening

                              the truth ... one world government controlling all things remotely that can be happen only and if only mankind speak in one language

                              can you all see ?
                              - notch display
                              - non user removable battery, we think that we shut down the system, with the battery still attach, they can steal data without user kniwing, much cheaper than sending human agents to the public, let everybody spend their money to buy techs that the govt will freely hack
                              - only 2 operating system, both under 1 roof, unix based
                              - multiple cameras for taking pictures beautifully and fast, do we really need to make count every pimple in our friend and family face and making records ... or the cameras are needed with non user removable battery
                              - no 3.5 mm audio, just use bluetooth, so ... any agents can hack the transmisdion to eavesdrop what we are listening ... or ... with the non user removable batteries ... the agents can activate the mic remotely and eavesdrop the surrounding audio through both bluetoith and wifi and mobile network ... without user knowing
                              - multi core processor ... to transmit background processes secretly

                              many thanks to hollywood, many many many thanks thanks thanks

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                                • 02 Aug 2020

                                ARM is a chip designer founded in Cambridge, UK, in 1990, & AFAIK It's HQ still remains based there today (where IMO it should stay).

                                In September 2016 it was acquired by Japanese telecoms giant Softbank (a sad day & IMO a big mistake for the UK, it's tech sector & ARM's independence).

                                As Rory Cellan-Jones, BBC technology correspondent said at the time;
                                "It's hard to exaggerate just how important ARM is to the UK tech sector - and the shock many are feeling this morning at the news that it is about to lose its independence.

                                Its brilliance was to realise that if chips were about to come with everything, you didn't have to make them: designing them was the key.

                                Five years ago, Cambridge was home to at least three world-beating UK-owned technology firms: ARM, Autonomy and Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR).

                                Then Autonomy was swallowed up by HP in an ill-fated deal; last year the chipmaker Qualcomm bought CSR; and now ARM - the biggest and best - is about to have a Japanese owner.

                                In Softbank, ARM may well have found a good parent.

                                The Japanese firm bought France's Aldebaran robotics business and has gone on to give it a global profile.

                                But there will still be sadness in Cambridge, and beyond, that Britain's best hope of building a global technology giant now appears to have gone.".

                                Here's a bit of back story to help explain about ARM, from 18 July 2016:
                                What is ARM and why is it worth £24bn?:

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                                  • 02 Aug 2020

                                  MagicMonkeyBoy, 01 Aug 2020Lenovo Legion takes the crown... Followed by Asus RoG Phone... moreYour nonsense comments should stop you hypocrite 🤡

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                                    • 01 Aug 2020

                                    cyber, 01 Aug 2020huawei will take a hit for sureThere is a thing called ARM China and it's is own thing with patent sharing aggrements.

                                    Surely if this sales goes then ARM China will become it's be its thing.

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                                      • 01 Aug 2020

                                      VanillaOS, 01 Aug 2020Well, just like the article states Nvidia is an ARM client.... moreThank you so much

                                        Anonymous, 01 Aug 2020Can anyone explain this article, is this a good thing and g... moreWell, just like the article states Nvidia is an ARM client. The real problem is Nvidia's competitors and future competitors are also ARM clients. If Nvidia buys ARM, they can theoretically sabotage their competition, and to be honest I wouldn't blame regulators as Nvidia has a long history of bullying their competition just ask AMD.