Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra will get three major Android OS updates

05 August 2020
That's up from two in theory, so it's good news for longevity.

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  • 22 Dec 2020

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    • mxx
    • 17 Dec 2020

    why s9 plus not get android 11?
    the a51 gets android 13 with only 180,000 on antutu while the s9 plus gets 330,000 with a flagship sd845

    never buying samsung again 😡😡😡😡😡

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      • Anonymous
      • u7V
      • 15 Aug 2020

      Naaahhh, that enough. Right

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        • Customization sucks
        • 6vS
        • 09 Aug 2020

        Anonymous, 07 Aug 2020Who cares about customisation? How many people customise th... moreThats honestly so true, I use Android and my wallpaper is just black, I turned off the app drawer so that all the apps appear on the homescreen, and I have never used any widget in my life.

          iOS Succckkks, 08 Aug 2020Maybe you don't have a life, that is why you are so up... moreSaying you buy premium and then buying an android is the biggest contradiction,but I’m sure the plastic Note20 is right up your alley.

            Anonymous, 07 Aug 2020Who cares about customisation? How many people customise th... moreMaybe you don't have a life, that is why you are so upset over other people loving the customization capabilities on their Android which your iPhone clearly lacks.
            Clearly you are a case of sour grapes.

            Even 100$ devices are able to do customizations better than iOS. Let that fact sink in!
            That's the sign of a subpar operating system.
            Only premium quality for me. IOS never again!

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              • mxU
              • 07 Aug 2020

              iOS Succckkks, 07 Aug 2020IOS simply lacks what it takes to implement deep level cust... moreWho cares about customisation? How many people customise their androids?
              U customise something that's not good enough out of the box.
              People who have a life don't need to customise a phone. Nobody cares about your launcher.

              Name 3 things u customise on your phone

                iOS Succckkks, 07 Aug 20201) batteries on Android detoriate naturally with time. The... more1. Samsung was caught in the same “scandal“ LOOL so you let point is invalid:
                2. Samsung also paying fines, go figure. :)
                3. Most iPhones are at least on iOS 9 so most are still well supported, Apple still releases security updates to iPhones going as far back as iPhone 4S which got iOS 9.3.6 Security update along with iPads of that generation, not a single android manufacturer can match that.
                4. Apple still make over 66% of profits in Mobile, the only laughing stock is Samsung who we’re caught copying and continue to try to copy. :)

                Profit is king and there is only one cleaning up in that aspect. Samsung lost huge amount of market share this year to Apple and Huawei.

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                  • Bogdan
                  • p6g
                  • 07 Aug 2020

                  iOS Succckkks, 07 Aug 20201) batteries on Android detoriate naturally with time. The... moreThey have a cave troll.

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                    • ZSTMM
                    • s2D
                    • 07 Aug 2020

                    Still have my Note 8 and just ordered 20 Ultra. As of 3 months ago the battery started loosing power fairly quickly. Otherwise it served me very well.

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                      • 6wN
                      • 07 Aug 2020

                      Anonymous, 07 Aug 2020Meanwhile iOS existed before Android and early androids had... moreEvery company copies many things from other companies. It isn't important who made it earlier but it is more important who made it better.

                        RejZoR, 06 Aug 20201) You make it sound like battery doesn't deteriorate ... more1) batteries on Android detoriate naturally with time.
                        There isn't a deliberate effort to slow them down with newer updates like the scandal Apple was caught in.
                        Most people switch phones since something new is available in 2 years with improved and upgraded features both hardware and software wise. IPhone provides nothing new in 2 years, not even design changes. You are stuck with old boring look (hardware/software).
                        Only a buffoon would keep phone for 5 years in the current evolving smartphone ecosystem.

                        2) The OS is deliberately made to slow down despite hardware capabilities through updates. They are paying fines for this. Go figure.

                        3) Keep your fake news to yourself. Most apps from 2020 support as low as Android 5(Lollipop). Only a few apps like transcript app from Google require Android 9.
                        Iphone doesn't even have that.

                        4) New features on iOS are the laughing stock in the smartphone world.
                        They can't even do what Android 2.3 did out of the box.

                          AnonD-476622, 06 Aug 2020Come on, i have a Samsung Galaxy S3 running Android 6, and ... moreIOS simply lacks what it takes to implement deep level customizations.
                          The restricted closed source nature of the OS is the biggest Culprit.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • XRg
                            • 07 Aug 2020

                            MrDong, 06 Aug 2020Yeah me too. And many people thought the only Android is... moreEveryone knows what phone you use... exactly a 50$ smartphone.
                            Your lies about owning different devices have been exposed.
                            No wonder you have been banned and had to change usernames several times.

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                              • mxU
                              • 07 Aug 2020

                              Anonymous, 06 Aug 2020Don't bother bro. Apple has never innovated. They are ... moreMeanwhile iOS existed before Android and early androids had a physical keyboard lol
                              If you'd even owned both an iPhone and an Android. You'd be amazed how much most companies copy apple. Camera UI, fonts, Settings layout, menu icons, the notch, the speaker grills lol, hundreds of icons (especially if u use a chinese brand... oneplus and huawei are shameless when it comes to this).
                              Like it or not Apple brought some interesting things on this scene. 64bit CPUs, telephoto cameras that are used to do bokeh, premium materials, optical fingerprint scanner, FaceID that actually works in pitch black, pressure sensitive screens (force touch), proper vibration, Siri was out before assistant, the list goes on.

                              Learn to give credit where credit's due. I like my S8 i think it was very futuristic when it came out. But you have to give it to apple. People see a tablet and they call it an ipad. The apple watch wins hands down in sales and is being copied (Oppo?), there are people using airpods everywhere and all companies are trying to copy the design (Except Samsung and Google).

                              Apple does, Androids try to copy and beat apple with numbers. Apple adds 2 cameras? We'll add 3. Apple has a notch, we'll put a smaller notch, etc. It's the same thing with megapixels. The pixel and the iphone 11 pro are still kings even thou midrangers have 108MP cameras. The nord has 4 cameras and an iphone se beats it with 1.

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                                • Waxpatch
                                • ILy
                                • 06 Aug 2020

                                3 OS updates is adequate. Beyond that, it's a waste of resources. Even iPhone users replace their phones after 2½ years on average.
                                Samsung doing a good job with security updates. Within 1st week of every month.

                                  SizN80, 06 Aug 2020You need to understand the android fanboys have to fight to... moreI mean,I still got Android 7 and it still works fine(on Android,security updates are more important,cause here we can get custom launchers,icons,widgets,etc,so security is more important here,new features are not really mandatory)

                                    Bogdan, 06 Aug 2020That is good news. Hopefully they will implement the update... moreExynos 1000 mate,wait for it

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                                      • jmI
                                      • 06 Aug 2020

                                      They've done that before just never promised it. They are just playing with words to make it sound fancier.... lovely

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                                        • a02
                                        • 06 Aug 2020

                                        Balint, 06 Aug 2020Lol.... none of my samsung mobiles lasted more than 1.5 yea... moreThats on you. My Galaxy S8 plus has lasted me more than 2.5 years