Asus might be working on four budget smartphones

29 August 2020
The company seems to be returning to the budget segment once again.

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  • Alzil

With dimensity maybe maxpro m3 will be released?

  • Tuske

Anonymous, 30 Aug 2020I hope they launch a no nonsense phone with rectangular scr... moreTotally agree

  • asus lover

Asus zenfone max pro m1 succes in market world.

  • Asusfanmade

please make with punch hole display, side mount fingerprint or in display if amoled screen, and zenui near stocks vanilla android. thanks

  • wuiwui


  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

well if they sell why not?

  • Anonymous

Please don't make boring cheap phones....

  • Ed

5.8" to 6.0" oled screen, 12mp wide, 12mp ultrawide, no more than 130g and less than 7.3mm thick. Get rid of the front facing camera to give full screen. Why can't we have a few Android phones that are a little bit different from the ubiquitous identical looking 6.5" bricks?

  • Suvas

Is it comming under RS 10000 ?

  • nickname

Live L3, Max M3 Lite, Max M3, Max M3 Pro ??

  • Anonymous

Those who understand tech will appreciate M3pro more expensive compare new brand

  • Apostata

Time to Max M3 : M3 Lite , M3 oraz M3 Pro

Razorayan, 29 Aug 2020Is there is any chance of asus 6z restocking in india????No chance.

  • Anonymous

Aj, 30 Aug 2020No use missing the train. They are too slow with launching ... moreAmen to that. Asus focusing on the high end market was a mistake from the beginning.

  • Aj

No use missing the train. They are too slow with launching phones .

I need them to bring the Zenfone 7 to the U.S.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-804996, 30 Aug 2020Why stop at 3. Go the route of most vendors and just churn ... moreOh just shut up! They literally launched just 2 phones last year, and 2 till now this year. Zenfone 6/7 and rog 2/3.
They should make affordable and premium mid range devices too.

  • AnonD-804996

Why stop at 3. Go the route of most vendors and just churn out phones. Like 5 phones every week sounds like a nice number. Then you end up with hundreds of phone that fill every price bracket and have zero software support coz no one can be bothered to code anything for so many phones. Why companies do this... 5 phones a year should be enough to fill majority of price brackets and also something you can support long term. When have people get so stupid they can't commit themselves in paying less or paying more to get desired device outside of their set budget, or they really need to have a device priced down to 1€ to fit into their damn budget exactly otherwise they are just clueless deer in headlights? Jesus...

  • Anonymous

domraym, 29 Aug 2020Just in time to replace my max pro m1. The camera sucks and... moreMe own MPM1 too, but I am enabling Cam2API for GCam since Android 8. Waiting Android 10 is boringgggg

  • Anonymous

Yesssssssss altenative without AdsUI!