T-Mobile's LG Velvet is powered by the brand new MediaTek Dimensity 1000C chipset

03 September 2020
The SoC got official today, and it's unclear why T-Mobile chose to forego the Snapdragon 765G.

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Okay, this is a real surprise. Maybe T-Mobile think that the Dimensity chipset has a better performance-by-cost than the Snapdragon chipset in other Velvet.

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Anonymous, 03 Sep 2020Time will tell us... I bet on 25%...here's why : - C... moreThe benchmarks for dimensity 1000c is not yet out, but i doubt its THAT faster than the 765G. 25% faster sounds too high. I think its definitely faster than 765g, but a 10% improvement over 765G sounds more plausible.

Qualcomm has a virtual monopoly for the flagship and higher mid range to a certain extent, presumably they are lntel, charging high prices taking advantage of the monopoly, LG feels that the qualcomm snapdragon 765 and replaced it with cheaper and more powerful system on a chip Dimensity 1000 which is flagship performance at mid ranger price, win win for everyone, but i wonder if aptx hd will be omitted as that qualcomm technology, maybe only ldac and bluetooth 5.0 instead

CliftonKMorris, 04 Sep 2020I remember when MediaTek infringed on Qualcomm R&D. ... moreIndian courts are hardly known for rule of law...then again telecommunication patenting system is a mess to begin with. Most companies have sued each other for some patent infringment of some kind.

I remember when MediaTek infringed on Qualcomm R&D.

Basically, MediaTek pursuaded the supreme courts across India to allow MediaTek, a chip conglomerate with billions in sales, to allow the company to infringe on Qualcomm patents, and the courts ruled it was no longer mandatory to pay Qualcomm's licensing fees. Instead, the phone manufacturer would be tasked to determine which Qualcomm patents it plans to use, and pay licensing fees for what it believes it will use.

I didn't like how the supreme court in India bent and twisted patent law to allow pirate chips to be flooded into the market. With the ability to lobby courts in India, it's definitely best to stay away from anything MediaTek. They don't value other company's R&D.

But considering T-Mobile is mostly focused on marketing to the segment of "cheap customers" who "break their phones every 3 months", it doesn't surprise me at all that the phone is exclusive to them.

Why did they go with this chip? Clearly price.

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Anonymous, 03 Sep 2020Cool until I saw the price. Needless to say it’s overpriced asf Verizon has the red model. But because of their m/m waves it's 7oo.oo, nah too much?

This is what they should have originally launched with given the price being equal to the V60.
Anyways Dimensity 1000 is light years ahead of Snapdragon 765g.
Don't be fooled by benchmark scores.

Real world performance for Dimensity 800 is as fast as Snapdragon 865 unless you are doing above 60fps gaming in gfx heavy titles.
So one can guess how Dimensity 1000 will perform.

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2020Time will tell us... I bet on 25%...here's why : - C... moreI don't pay attention to memory bandwidth as it just makes no discernible difference in real-life usage. Dual channel has been adequate since its inception. An interesting note nonetheless. As for the performance benchmarks, that's about as I expected.

AV1 hardware decoding is an underrated highlight which shows Mediatek has an early lead against everyone. However, I wouldn't bet on it too much. ARM can software decode 1080p AV1 pretty well and content is still scarce. The real advantage would be AV1 hardware encoding.

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DrakeX, 03 Sep 2020It's actually not far off. This is 1000C we're ta... moreTime will tell us...
I bet on 25%...here's why :
- Cortex A77 on D1000C are better than Cortex A76 on Snapdragon 765G (Qualcomm can call that Kryo, it's Cortex A76...their last real custom core was on Snapdragon 820!)...ok, clockspeed is lower, but it's 6 instructions per cycle vs 4
- You've got 4 big cores on D1000C when 765G has only 2.
- memory seems to be the same than all the D1000 familly...4x16bits 1866mhz, when it's 2x16bits 2133mhz on Snapdragon 765G (and the same on Dimensity 720, 800U, 800, 820...and G90T)...so memory bandwidth is 75% better. But it's true it's not very important as memory bandwidth is not the bottleneck with these GPU.
- G57mc5 is already used on Dimensity 820...GPU scores are far higher than Adreno 820...you can see scores on benchmarks (for exemple 3D subscore on Antutu is around 123.000 on Dimensity 820 with G57mc5...it's "only" around 93.000 on Snapdragon 765G...with G57mc3 Dimensity 800U reachs 90.000).

But all these isn't very important...
What is important is AV1 support...

Hope LG will make a good job with the 5 cores image processing unit

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Anonymous, 03 Sep 2020Unfortunately we can't real life use every phone, that... moreYes you can. That's why reviewer in youtube has their contents isn't it?

Nick.B, 03 Sep 2020that's good! 765g is the new mid ranger from snapdrago... more765G has been around since the Redmi K30 5G which was 9 months ago. There's already an updated version, 768G but only Redmi has implemented it. A new 7 series chipset is in the works and it should be a lot better. Anyways, this chipset isn't impressive compared to the competition and the other 7 series chipsets like 730 and 720G but it's very serviceable.

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2020In my opinion, 25% higherIt's actually not far off. This is 1000C we're talking about. Single core performance is similar but a slight edge in multi core performance, similar to Kirin 820. As for GPU, it is better than Adreno 620 but not too much. It does share similar features of its flagship chipset but so does the Snapdragon 765G. It should be more efficient too. D1000L would've made it slightly better.

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Qualcomm is going to have Trump ban MediaTek in no time. Cannot have 5G competition here in the US

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Anonymous, 03 Sep 2020dont trust benchmark for performance comparison.. wait for ... moreUnfortunately we can't real life use every phone, that's why benchmarks are kind of important to judge where the phone sits. :)

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2020In my opinion, 25% higherthat would be awesome

DrakeX, 03 Sep 2020It's on par with Snapdragon 765G.that's good! 765g is the new mid ranger from snapdragon I think

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DrakeX, 03 Sep 2020It's on par with Snapdragon 765G.In my opinion, 25% higher

GreekEnthusiast, 03 Sep 2020T-Mobile's site says that the device is powered by the... moreBut I can see the Dimensity 1000C on MediaTek's website

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Cool until I saw the price. Needless to say it’s overpriced asf