GSMArena presents a new breed of 360-degree spins

05 Mar, 2008
We bet many of you have spotted our latest exclusive feature that we announced not long ago. It's about the bunch of handsets that you see spinning around...

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how did gsmarena make 360° view of pictures

  • AnonD-60259

this is really good...
it would have been more thrilling if u added the feature of 360 spin in the compare tool where we could spin both phones (which we are comparing) at the same time...
thank you

  • Cristi

For now it's a great tool and the improvements are well done.

But in the near future you should add as many options as possible - such as Zoom in/out, manual control (user open/close slide phones, memory stick areas, backpannels)

And as an ultimate feature would be the adding of the mobile interface - such as the most representative menus (opening the phone, the main view, the menu (a picture), a picture of the camera menu, the pictures viewer, organizer, a picture of the music player, etc -the most important features of that model) This can be easily be done using a few images and some flash controls - and it give the user a lot more information and a more realistic feel of the device.

  • tehreem

This is very good idea.One can have more closer look of a phone through it..Good work GSM arena

  • D

That 360 spin is nothing if you seen this website.­ericsson_w910i_black/index.html
Maybe GSMarena should learn from them how to do it better

  • thegame

Just an idea, maybe the scroll wheel on the mouse could have been used to manually rotate the phone back & forth. That or it could be used to zoom in & out.

Other than that, the updated 360 feature frickin rocks!!!

  • Elvis

I am using the gsmarena for 4 years. it was realy great and i could have find everything that i wanted from it. but now, its going to be the best.
Well done

  • Ameer Ali

Nice Feature. i liked it and i believe almost everyone here have liked it as well. However i would suggest to add another dimension to rotation, ie, top down as well which will enable users to actually feel entire phone.

  • Farhan

i like this site verymuch cary on

  • LoCo

Great Jobs for that and everything else. Great site, and very usefull tool for the cellphone sale!!! Don't stop!!

  • Kal


Good observation. Didn't come to my mind. GSMarea is using a live phone to make 360 and not a 3D model. As a graphics designer I know It will be too much to ask to take it out from each image.
Nice job anyways.Cheers!!

  • Anonymous

graet work guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

You mentioned that 'there is a gray box sticking out at the back of all the models' in the 360 view. I believe the reason for this is that it is the stand they use to take pictures of the phone while they turn it around etc, to make the 360 view. Just wanted to let you know.

P.S. GSMArena is the best!!! I have been coming to this site for many years to get the latest on mobile phones. I have recommended it to many people. Cheers you guys (and girls?) at GSMArena for a great site!

  • Anonymous

thanks GSMarena...

u r always on top :D

  • Kal

Great Job. No other site has it I believe.

Just a suggestion. there is a gray box sticking out at the back of all the models, which is not part of the phone. Not sure why its there for. It would be perfect if you correct that. Cheers!

  • Anonymous

Nice improvement!

  • N.M.H., you shouldn't have asked users to make their comments, becuase i either they say it or not, 'n' either they like it or not:

"You are the best, most informative, and most user-friendly cell phone website"



  • trafik

I work for a Major Mobile Phone retailer in Melbourne, Australia and this tool is invaluable. Keep up the great work guys, this is what puts you guy way ahead of any of the other Mobile Review Sites.

  • tauseef

excellent!good work

  • Pritesh

Seems useful improvement.

Additionally I feel you should provide fade-in text on left-right sides of spin-object, about spin-usability, when mouse pointer is placed on spin-object.