GSMArena presents a new breed of 360-degree spins

05 Mar, 2008
We bet many of you have spotted our latest exclusive feature that we announced not long ago. It's about the bunch of handsets that you see spinning around...

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  • Cymbal

Hey great work guys! Really appreciate all you do to keep us informed.

  • AQ

amazing. really nice. good job ;)

  • rigelstuff

A zoom function (with corresponding drag function) would be nice.

  • hisapadha

Just 1 word

  • hello world

Nice improvement!
Also it would be great to remove, or at least shrink that plastic latch/ holder on the lower back side.

  • earthangel

WOW! this is great. A sign of a market leader is the constant innovation of products and services. gsmarena is definetly a market leader. Keep up the great work.

  • stu

Now you just need to get rid of the rating system you use. Use 1 like they do on cnet where each person has a rating with there comment as I find some phones get a higher rating than they deserve and others don't get the rating it deserves. And work more on the spec because I've noticed on some phones that you get the specs really wrong like you did on the hiptop slide. You got them really wrong on that phone.

  • Anonymous

great job gsmarena!

  • jozef bergomi

wow gsmarena team ,you rock....
the best 360 that available on the internet.

  • Anonymous

In all honsesty I prefer the old method... I liked the easy mehtod of simply moving the mouse to get it rotating, now theres the extra dragging required, sure its enhanced somewhat, but maybe you could have a right click that toggles between the old and new method so that no-one loses out??

  • Sad

In case of sliders, clamshells etc. there should be two 360-deg spins. One, where the device is opened and one for closed.

  • Lalaland

Yay! This is why I love GSM Arena... Keep up the excellent work!!!

  • Me!

Agree with Ceco.. double click rotating speed should be slow down to atleast half of the current. Rest is perfect! Gud work.

  • Anonymous

looks good, only thing else that would be cool is a showing of phones power up cycle

  • ceco

i totally agree with the pre-previous guy who shares my idea for the virtual walk through. however the newer version of your flash animations is just great :) keep growin` ;)

  • TrueDis

The "double-click to spin" is a little fast. Perhaps run that at half the current speed.

  • Anonymous

nice man, the quality really is a step up and thanks to the bigger size the 360 spins can now be actually used as before they were cool but no really that helpful, nice job guys keep it up

  • MUO

Now it is too good
but if that can be made, give the user more option like open or close the sliding and/or non-bar models
and keep going GSMARENA

  • Anonymous

good improvement but, this is better­wty

  • gsmarena 4 life.....

gsmarena deserves my congratulations....... well done!!