GSMArena presents a new breed of 360-degree spins

05 Mar, 2008
We bet many of you have spotted our latest exclusive feature that we announced not long ago. It's about the bunch of handsets that you see spinning around...

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  • SSS

Thnx alot GsmArena..its much better than before..but if possible in future,i think it would be nice if we could virtually play with the phones like a simulator..for example like the one on­ex_p.htm

  • Paf

Much Better. The magnetic rotate was very annoying. In my opinion only need to be able to view the top and bottom of the handset.

  • nokiadict

Thanks Gsmarena, this upgrade of the spinning is really good. you get to see the handset much better. Keep up the good work.

  • Danman

Awesome. Even better than the last 1! Hey, maybe you should put a 'durability' section in your reviews. U know w/ slide phones and all being such a pain....