Sony Xperia 5 II appears in a leaked promo video

05 September 2020
A short video that walks you through all of the Sony Xperia 5 II key features.

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  • Vic

It's almost impossible to purchase Sony smartphone on many markets. They should have partnered with big resellers or at least offer online purchase in the countries where they stopped smartphone sales.

  • pan

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2020Sony Xperia has hardly any availability worldwide or in the... moreright... even gray market in the philippines can no longer get xperia after pandemic... though, importing through online shopping platforms is qui e easy... but not for those who wants warranty...
im getting a uk variant from hk this month (xperia 1 ii)

  • Bud

[deleted post]It's only display-reflection when you hold it.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Sony Xperia has hardly any availability worldwide or in the best markets out there.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]I'm using an Xperia 1 II right now and I love it. It's my second consecutive Sony. 🤔

This will put sony back on the map, i think ill hold off on rog phone 3 and just wait for this. This is even better than xperia 1 II. My last expectation is i hope sony will put ufs 3.1 in this phone.

Tann Hauser, 06 Sep 2020You be claiming to own an Xperia, but dont even know it has... moreI had Xperia 5 for the last 5 month. Thanks God I've managed to get rid of it and come back to Pixel 4 XL. Trust me, I had a lot of different flagship camera-phone before I can claim that Xperia 5 camera system has serious issues: horrible focus system, pathetic selfie camera, quite bad performance in low light (impossibility to have any usable photos at night without tripod), bad quality wide angle camera, damn slow camera app itself compared to any Pixel etc. Bear in mind that Xperia 5 was not a mid range phone at all. So I'm sorry but I simply don't believe that Xperia 1 II is much better. Cheers!

ssassa, 06 Sep 202021:9. NO, NO and NO.then, stay in 2018... because we're up for 2021

  • Anonymous

Luigge, 06 Sep 2020Front facing speakers? Facing to the FRONT?!?! for real? Li... moreTrue.

My tablet has speakers beside charging port.
It is awful experience to use without earphones/headphones.
I need to put my hand there to redirect sound to me.

Front facing speakers? Facing to the FRONT?!?! for real? Like, I never asked anything ;-; screw the other features, sing me in, shut up and take my money.

Those who never used something like moto g2, Lenovo k4note/x3lite /x3 ZTE axon7/lite... Will never understand how good and pleasing, being able to hear to what you are listening for..

  • Bud

Fearghast, 06 Sep 2020Do not worry ... well it depends on your country - there mi... moreSadly, I don't see any price drops any time soon. Prices of 1 Ii and 10 Ii are quite stable everywhere. I hope for some good offers for christmas-time. Especially for 5 II.

  • Bud

Nice to have the headphone-input at the right place. Never understood that it's usually at the bottom, because the plug is always in the way when you sit or rest somewhere and use the phone while listening contents with plugged earphones. Great piece of tech overall. I think it will be mine. People should not praise this device too much (including me). If Sony reads the comments, they will price it twice as high.

PotatoHead, 06 Sep 2020Will this also be horribly prices though?Do not worry ... well it depends on your country - there might be a good preorder bonus like WH-1000XM4 to mend the wound in your wallet or just simply wait a bit, Sony phones drop in price fairly quickly as they do not usualy sell all that well.

Will this also be horribly prices though?

  • Anonymous

ssassa, 06 Sep 202021:9. NO, NO and NO.20:9 = no no no
19,5:9 = no no no
19:9 = no no no
18,5:9 = no no no
18:9 = no no no

At least they can use excuse 21:9 is one of the industry standards.
The rest is not ....

  • ssassa

21:9. NO, NO and NO.

  • Anonymous

VectorR, 06 Sep 2020Cars don't have EYES, my friend :). Cheers!No , they do not.
That is why camera recognizes patters and focus in a determinated part of the object.
Same way sport cameras take shots of car races.

This is the phone I was expecting for, unfortunately I'll have to import it, but it will be worth it.

Haha so many hipsters, made me feel I was watching an Apple advertising.

[deleted post]says an anonymous account holder... what an irony.