Apple countersues Epic Games, demanding damages for breaching its contract

09 September 2020
The legal battle between major game developer and Apple continues.

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RejZoR, 09 Sep 2020What monopoly? People keep saying this yet iOS has like 1/4... moreApple Store gets like 80% of all the profit from app revenues in a world rest is from Google Play store. They literally owning App market money wise

Can't believe such s garbage game like Fortnight can cause two companies fight like a schoolgirls. Epic making so much money from this basic game, just showing what kind of society level it is at the moment :)

  • Tess

.alpha, 09 Sep 2020Just let user have a choice. If user want to pay through th... moreThat's one of the points that Epic is trying to make.

Adul Al Salami Kebab, 09 Sep 2020A game console is not a smartphone or computer, its not mea... moreAnd one more thing, if you don't like to buy from their store, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo can use physical disc to play the game. That's the same as side load the app. Surprised!!!

People can buy BD Disc everywhere: Best Buy, Walmart, Game Stop, Amazon...

You don't like Steam, you can buy directly from the developers. Or buy physical disc as well. Another surprised!!!

On iOS, do you have any other options than buying app from App Store? No, absolutely not! And that monopoly.

  • .alpha

Just let user have a choice. If user want to pay through the game then Apple don't get a cut. If user pay through Apple Pay then Apple gets a cut. Simple. Offer multiple payment options

zhentai, 09 Sep 2020Another logic error here is iOS is made by Apple, which mea... moreThat's also right

Lakki, 09 Sep 2020More than half the people didnt understand the greed of App... moreWhat Epic did was using their own payment system so they can bypass Apple's payment system thus not paying apple for every purchase made through their payment system.

Of course Apple bans them. I'd do the same if I were Apple.

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2020Well that is the problem isn't it? They are not allowi... moreEpic shouldn't use their payment system unless they are using their own site to distribute their game but since they are using Apple's they should just accept the 30% cut cause it's fair that you are using someone else's store to sell your product

  • zhentai

Andreidinutu, 09 Sep 2020And also, no one will want to see this truth. I don't ... moreAnother logic error here is iOS is made by Apple, which means they have every rights to do so. They just don't understand it. Opening for thrid party software will no longer let us have a clean environment in iOS where this is why people is still buying apple. I don't get why EPIC wanna break this rule.

  • dudu

Yeap, go get that sweet Epic money.

Adul Al Salami Kebab, 09 Sep 2020None of that change that they have a illegal monopoly on iO... moreWhat "illegal" monopoly on iOS ? That's like bitching why BMW installs only Pioneer sound system in their cars and no others and has total monopoly over it. That's the level of bullshittery here. Or to extend it further, why Hyundai only installs THEIR OWN sound systems in Hyundai cars. Lets sue them and demand they also install B&W or Pioneer coz some users want that. Coz muh illegal monopoly. In their own damn cars. Don't like it? Buy a frigging VW or Ford. Just like you can buy 300 million different devices that aren't Apple and don't have their App Store and then you're free to sideload entire internet if you want. This argument with monopoly is so bizarre and retarded it's beyond me. Not to mention Apple didn't artificially create this "monopoly" by forcing companies to use iOS and spread influence that way. You know, like Microsoft has actually done with Windows. It naturally evolved into what iOS and App Store is now. And now Apple is suppose to be punished for being successful. Well, lets just demand from Nintendo that they allow to install other things on their own devices like Switch, coz they hold a total monopoly somehow on their own devices... It's their damn own devices and they can enforce whatever stupid rules they want. Sorry, but I just don't get this weird logic here, demanding stuff literally not just on their backyard, but inside their own house...

  • Anonymous

apple with the uno reverse card

  • Anonymous

RejZoR, 09 Sep 2020No, people want City Administration to demand from Burger K... moreAnd actually data to back that up ? I never play fornite but the website direct me to side load the app and the process is easy . I am sure a lot of people downloading it .

  • Anonymous

Trollhammeren, 09 Sep 2020Samsung is and always was a lumbering beast with bloated ph... moreHowever there isn't any clean iOS rom out there for you to flash

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Mythi, 09 Sep 2020Why doesn't Epic sue Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo? Don... moreA game console is not a smartphone or computer, its not meant to do everything... Its meant to be a locked eco system. If you do not like 1 of em go buy the other, now you may say "that should apply for iPhone vs Androids yes?" Not quite Google follow same policy as Apple so in game developers point of view its no choice at all here, worse yet Android can side-load apps from other sources yet the iPhone cannot. Think how bad it would be is Microsoft use this ruling to block third party download options for the Windows PC? Everyone would have to use the shitty MS Store...

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

RejZoR, 09 Sep 2020No, people want City Administration to demand from Burger K... moreNone of that change that they have a illegal monopoly on iOS, if they win this Microsoft could start to do the same! That means no more Steam,, Origin or GOG it will all be blocked by Microsoft. Unless you are a iOS user and have no work computer running Windows you may never notice it but 75% of the worlds computer users will notice this! >:c

RejZoR, 09 Sep 2020No, people want City Administration to demand from Burger K... moreWhen you buy an iDevice, you don’t buy it. You just lease it for lifetime. Exercising full control on that voids warranties. Side loading is a total no no. There are third party stores but they charge you yearly for side loading apps from them.
If someone has paid for something it should be their will to manage that device.
I am an apple user since 2017 so I know very well what I am saying. Typing this on an iPhone.

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2020Samsung will always win. Its number one phone manufacturer.... moreSamsung is and always was a lumbering beast with bloated phones and a weird way of trying to tackle basic issues ...

Why doesn't Epic sue Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo? Don't these companies take cuts from purchases? Why is Microsoft being hypocritical and joining forces with Epic on this?

Man Epic thinks Unreal Engine is a bargaining tool.

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2020If you city administration only approved burger king to hos... moreNo, people want City Administration to demand from Burger King to allow lemonade stands inside their restaurants. And allow them to be there without any rent or any sales cut for doing business there. People may hate on Apple, but that's just total nonsense. No one asked developers to come to iOS's App Store. They came, made a buck and got greedy. It's always the biggest, richest corporations that are the loudest. Always. If you don't want to be on App Store, then go to GooglePlay. Which, would you look at that, also has the same 30% cut for as long as you're on THEIR app store. Pretending they give users an option by allowing 3rd party app stores is total BS coz they well know apart from few geeks, NO ONE bothers with them. On Android, Epic can sideload the damn Fortnite and you can be assured basically no one does that. And Epic could even offer Epic Games Store for Android and you can be assured basically no one would use it. Because it's not an integral part of OS and only biggest geeks and biggest Fortnite fanboys would bother going that route. It's just a fact. And that's where Apple is different. It's their devices, their OS, their App Store and they want it in a specific way and I can't blame them. Just like Burger King does their entire business THEIR way inside their own restaurants and has no say how McDonals runs their business, the same way Apple should be allowed to do the same. Google doesn't have that luxury as they sell Android to 3rd parties and if they demanded shit from them, that would be a concern and a problem and establishing of monopoly. But if they demand things to be their way on Pixel phones, I'd give them the exact same freedom or shall I say limitations as I give to Apple. Pixel phones are Google's own phones, running their own OS and their own app store. No one should be allowed to dictate them how things work on THEIR own phones. That's the difference. It's not suddenly a monopoly just because they run their stuff on their own devices.