Nvidia acquires Arm in $40 billion deal

14 September 2020
Arm will retain its neutral and open licensing model with its array of established partners.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2020Intel CPU and Nvidia GPU for PC. Snapdragon chipset for sma... moreAlways amd and always amd radeon , and always exynos. They much better.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2020Good Thing: Things will continue to usual for next 10 ye... moreDelusion. Conflating old with new. It's not that difficult. The Chinese could do it over month, and announce future products.

  • Anonymous

Intel CPU and Nvidia GPU for PC. Snapdragon chipset for smartphones. Always choose these for durability.

  • got

Regulators have something to say in the end , for customers probably not a good idea

  • Anonymous

And then make the latest tech from ARM "Nvidia chips exclusive" for a large period of time so they can sell them first at the highest price.

And why not, also increase license prices so Nvidia products looks less expensive against competitors as all them will raise their prices due to that. With the majority of customers shifting to buy lower and less powerful products at the same price in the future.

RISC-V alternatives should come as fast as possible from now for the good of customers and their interest.

  • Anonymous

I hope this will not affect Linux future :(

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2020You guys drunk ?I corrected myself. And yeah usually 🤣

  • Anonymous

Andreidinutu, 14 Sep 2020They will go for mediatek for sureYou guys drunk ?

  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 14 Sep 2020Glad you mentioned Linux - my experience running Linux OS u... moreBut their Windows drivers are trash. Never buy AMD graphics cards agian.

I feel with the already good arm nvidia will make it betters, especially in gpus i assume

  • Byhh

Hopefully Tegra makes a comeback and smashes Qualcomm. Qualcomm right now is Intel before AMD came back

  • toastyman

"AI software can perceive its environment, infer the best plan, and act intelligently"

We're doomed...

Bend over boys , tough times are coming :D

M3S4, 14 Sep 2020It is not even about AMD. Every chipset with Arm architectu... moreTrue

  • M3S4

Andreidinutu, 14 Sep 2020Nvidia is gonna keep it's neutrality. Also amd still m... moreIt is not even about AMD. Every chipset with Arm architecture should pay Arm for use their architecture or even modified that. Literally almost every mobile device use that.

  • M3S4

Welcome monopoly. Arm IP will get pricier sooner. Just wait for next generation arm.

The quoted announcement was certainly buzzword-compliant ...

I think we need another SoC manufacturer for Smartphones. I really hope that Nvidia produce an SoC especially for super powerful gaming smartphones... I would like 480FPS games on my smartphone at least. I mean. We are almost half way there. As I have a smartphone game that can run at 200FPS... I really hope gaming smartphones get even more nitro pumped into them.

seo, 14 Sep 2020Now Arm is in US company. What will the future be for huwee? Doesn't really make any difference. No companies with American tech can supply them anyway. They need the ban to be lifted or for suppliers to get permission to sell to them (like Microsoft did) or they won't be able to continue producing smart phones and other smart devices

DroidBoye, 14 Sep 2020This is only a good thing as long the Nvidia follows "... moreGlad you mentioned Linux - my experience running Linux OS using Nvidia card is not exactly that great. That is why I switched to AMD Radeon cards, it's miles cheaper than the equivalent Nvidia card and it's open source-friendly.