Samsung unveils new 108MP sensor, new 48MP sensor for periscopes and ultrawide cams

15 September 2020
There's also a 64MP sensor for main cameras as well as a 32MP sensor for selfies. All four feature 0.7 µm pixels.

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notafanboy, 15 Sep 2020Spoiler alert: these will only be used in the "Ultra&q... moreThe time of this launch points at them being for the midrange A series and third parties. They wouldn't announce S21 cameras in September.

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    • 15 Sep 2020

    I like the third sensor but the first two, while thin, won't produce the best pictures with that pixel size unless software does a good job cleaning it up.

    Either way, those are definitely targeting the next Xiaomi or Galaxy S21 phones for next year.

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      • 15 Sep 2020

      chris1998, 15 Sep 2020Sony's camera department is probably laughing at this ... moreSony has about 52% of all sensors sold in 2019 (mobile, cameras, cars, security, medical etc). Samsung has 17%.

      Isocell will never be on pair with exmor.

        Spoiler alert: these will only be used in the "Ultra" models. The vanilla variants will get crappy old 12 mp sensors, and fake zoom just like the previous non-Ultra phones. This is sad!

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          • 15 Sep 2020

          A 48mp ultra wide is all great but why Samsung why don't you use auto focus on ultra wide angle cameras?? Others do it

            Sony's camera department is probably laughing at this . Heck I'd probably even say Zeiss aswell