Sony PlayStation 5 to start at $399, arriving November 12

16 September 2020
Available in two versions, standard and digital edition.

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  • 17 Sep 2020

Anders, 17 Sep 2020So what advantages does this have over a PS4 Pro?Except for the lack of library equal to years worth on the ps4 and possible launch bugs/defects/flaws...


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    • 17 Sep 2020

    barom, 17 Sep 2020Series S: if you're broke but really want to play next... moreYou're gonna notice the graphical difference more than the SSD speed difference. Check out NVMe speed comparisons if you don't believe me. NVMes are already barely any faster than regular SSDs. And microsoft's one is already very fast. So the HIGHEST difference that you'll see would be 1-2 seconds in load times. While 20% improvement in graphics will get you from 100fps to 120. Now that's a noticeable jump

      Anders, 17 Sep 2020So it's more of an upgrade on the PS4/Pro? Rather than... moreNo, all these changes make it most definitely a generational leap, especially the SSD. This is a bigger change than going from a SD865 to a SD875 for example.

      Ratchet and Clank is the best example of this, that game wouldn't be possible at all on current generation hardware. The SSD allows developers to stream assets directly from the SSD instead of using the RAM.
      That's a massive change opening up a whole new way of creating and designing games.

        Firewarrior96, 17 Sep 2020Sony didn't said that , It said that all Ps4 games are... moreActually, they said 99% of the thousands of PS4 games they tested will run without any problems, this leaves 1% that they can't guarantee to run without problems.

          Barricade, 17 Sep 2020It does have full BC with PS4 titles, but they are testing ... moreSony didn't said that , It said that all Ps4 games are working , they only do testing to check for the added performance that is all . since PS4 /PS5 architecture is the same.

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            • 17 Sep 2020

            Series S: if you're broke but really want to play next gen games

            PS5 Digital: Best value and arguebly better lineup

            Series X / PS5: if you want the best of the best. Series X has 20% faster gpu and PS5 has 100% faster SSD. In real world you probably won't notice a difference. Pick based on games.

              Anders, 17 Sep 2020Thanks. It was a genuine question. They didn't mention... moreNo worries. Anyway someone already awnsered your question. I haven't really followed the rumors either, but my guess is it has much more powerful hardware.
              All I care about consoles is that an xbox 360 can play gta5. Don't really need more than that

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                • 17 Sep 2020

                I’m surprised Sony is able to sell ps5 de for 399$. That’s a very aggressive price and should sell like hot cakes while the 499$ normal version seems overpriced compared to the 499$ more powerful Xbox series x.

                  i wonder will they will be able to jailbreak ps5 too lol

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                    • 17 Sep 2020

                    Me, who just bought a gaming PC 2 months ago with 500EUR, and subscribed to the Game Pass for PC (5EUR/month), laughing at this "Who is better PS or Xbox?" thing.

                    Yeah, yeah, so there are exclusives on both sides. Still, the best days of my life as a gamer were on my PC's (starting from 1999).
                    I also owned a PS3 (first ever console), PSP, Xbox 360, Wii Mini, 3DS, PSVita, Switch, PS4, Switch Lite.
                    The best games I played and enjoyed in my life were games found, in the majority of times, on all platforms.

                      Barricade, 17 Sep 2020New CPU architecture, better CPU, GPU, more and faster RAM,... moreSo it's more of an upgrade on the PS4/Pro? Rather than like a revolutionary new console/concept?

                      That's fine. Just wondered what the deal was. No specs were mentioned in the article

                        Andreidinutu, 17 Sep 2020Do a good reply and stop being rude Reply only if you wann... moreThanks. It was a genuine question. They didn't mention the specs in the article and I haven't really been following the rumours much

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                          • 17 Sep 2020

                          Anonymous, 16 Sep 2020PS5 will sell more than 90 million. Both Xbox will not ev... moreWill not happen. Price hike of $100 for what improvements?

                            uk7866, 17 Sep 2020Lol wutDo a good reply and stop being rude
                            Reply only if you wanna help him or wanna prove him wrong. No other way

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                              • 17 Sep 2020

                              the tech nerd, 17 Sep 2020yeah but won't having a cheaper version result in much... moreJudging by pre order stock here in the US, theres are a lot more Disc version PS5 available then only digital. Almost 4 to 1. So I’m not worried about much less disc copies.

                                T M, 17 Sep 2020I pre ordered one. And yes, its worth it. It'll pay fo... moreyeah but won't having a cheaper version result in much less disks this time(since more people will buy the disc-less version hence less demand of disks and less disks overall sent to vendors but i could be wrong)

                                  $499 or $399. Those prices are impressive, you can't deny it

                                    Viv, 17 Sep 2020I can never understand why people are fans of companies whi... moreYes I don't get it. Both console manufacturers are great. The only thing that matters is your budget. And rn microsoft seems to be better for the budget. Then the ps5 might or might not be better for when you have all the money in the world

                                      Wohoo 400 dollars take that microsoft
                                      Well glad both of them offer great deals. Think I'd go for ps5 since it's made by the japs

                                        T M, 17 Sep 2020I pre ordered one. And yes, its worth it. It'll pay fo... moreExactly. The best thing with BD games is the resale value, you can buy 2nd hand games for cheaper price or you can just sell your games and gain portion of your money back to buy newer games, also they serve as shelf collection. Ofc digital stuff is easier since you can get the games in day1 without queueing in the store but both PS5 version have their own pros & cons.
                                        I personally will be getting the BD version.