The Oppo Find X2 Pro is the most underrated flagship of the year

21 September 2020
It's an amazing phone that most people overlook.

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  • 08 Jan 2021

Comparison to oneplus 8 pro, no need to compare with the garbages of Samsung or Sony.
- Only 5% Smaller battery but 50% faster charging (30 min)
- No wireless charging
- 5X Periscope camera v/s 3x, better selfie camera, better color rendition on main and wide camera
- Normal glass vs high premium leather/ceramic material on the back
- Gloria glass 5 (1+8 pro) vs Gloria glass 6 on front for OPPO
- Color OS v/s OxygenOS, if not better almost the same both in update and user friendly (reference GSMarena)
- 128GB 8GB RAM vs 512GB 12GB RAM
- yes onepluse is cheaper! :)

I don't know about you, but I always wanna be better than the crowd even if it is by a hair margin. However, in this case it seems like it is better by a lot :))))

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    • Zaxk34
    • 4rH
    • 20 Oct 2020

    How is battery life?
    I would be travelling construction sites all day (like 8am-7pm)
    and need to browse stuffs on mobile data.
    I like its design, 5X zoom and 120Hz but worry about battery.
    Any opinion?

      Dennis.K, 26 Sep 2020Yeah 4999 AED that's almost $1,400Yes. Are you in UAE too? I was really eager to see the phone and i saw it in Sharaf DG and was really taken aback by the price.

        Anonymous, 21 Sep 2020You analyze photos on cellphone screen instead of professio... moresome test are paid however

        and no I am not analyzing on screen

        I did send all photos from that p40pro with bluetooth (that's how I kept them 100% originals) to my x2pro, then with usb both x2pro and p40pro (all same photos) to computer. THAN realised. I even did collage and posted in in bulgarian very small huawei webpage just to tell them they don't have the best camera

        p40pro is better in some scenarios than me, but in 10 scenarios in 7 of them I am better :) And only 3 he. That's a win win

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          • SydMobile
          • sxn
          • 28 Sep 2020

          If the companies stop providing 3.5mm Jack and follow Apple blindly, I am sure that not many people will be buying these phones as expected by these companies. See how bad is S20 sell when they removed 3.5mm Jack. I have hardly seen anyone using that. Same with other Models. But these companies are still blindly following Apple. What a shame.

            AresinUAE, 23 Sep 2020Yes, i agree the phone is great specs-wise. I was also eage... moreYeah 4999 AED that's almost $1,400

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              • i22
              • 24 Sep 2020

              Antinomy, 21 Sep 2020I bought this phone in august and it was amazing hardware b... moreOdd had one since July have access to cloud , theme, everything in Australia can understand how my European brethren would be disappointed I however have no such restrictions. Wonder why two such different experiences in Europe and Australia from Oppo?. Love this phone

                iOS Never Again, 23 Sep 2020Well most of the flagship phone are costing above 1000 Euro... moreYes, i agree the phone is great specs-wise. I was also eager to get it, but once i saw it in store and i saw the price my curiousity vanished. I agree samsung and Apple are just as expensive but in my opinion Oppo is just not in the same league just yet.

                With Samsung theres a lot of accessories and devices to compliment the experience. I can also resell the phone after a few months at a good price thats why i am also able to change phones every few months, good luck finding someone to buy a used Oppo phone.

                  AresinUAE, 23 Sep 2020No not every negative comment thinks that way. I have negat... moreWell most of the flagship phone are costing above 1000 Euros this year.
                  Find X2 pro isn't cutting any corners in any department.
                  I don't see these people complaining about similar high price of other phones from Brands like Samsung or Apple.

                  I myself wanted to buy this phone but unfortunately it wasn't available in my country, so had to settle for OP8 pro which was significantly cheaper in my country.
                  I wouldn't have minded paying that extra premium for this phone had it been launched in my country.

                    iOS Never Again, 21 Sep 2020Negative comments are from people who think That Chinese ... moreNo not every negative comment thinks that way. I have negative comment about this phone simply because its way too expensive.

                    And i have used Xiaomi and Huawei phones and watches, I think they are amazing. I have yet to try an Oppo phone- was about to buy the Reno 10x but when i finally decided they announced the Reno 2 (just a few months after the first batch of Renos).

                    I think the problem is there's just too much competition now and from that price range the X2 pro simple didnt stand a chance.

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                      • Y9k
                      • 23 Sep 2020

                      Oppo didn't release the international version of this phone and that was probably it the same phone as OnePlus 8 series which came international on launch day. I'm using the Oppo Find X2 Pro and it works nearly 100% after learning your usage in english. My only con I have is the lowlight photos. They look dull or not bright as compared to others, and when you put the night mode on it over sharpens the photos because there's still enough light for night mode use. The night mode is as well weak when it's dark, which is the proper time to use it since the main camera is not already doing well in lowlight. And the camera doesn't recognize black object in night photos when used without a night mode even if there's better lamp. It will only make a black object more black that you will not see other little things that mix up in the black. That's really frustrating for me.

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                        • ypcx
                        • HB4
                        • 22 Sep 2020

                        great phone, only just about a 1 year late.
                        doesn't warrant replacing my p30 pro.
                        looking forward to an oppo ultra though.

                          Anonymous, 22 Sep 2020where I'm from, not China by the way, Oppo has several... moreYour comparison between realme and oppo with samsung and LG is inaccurate. Why you can send realme device to oppo service center? Because Realme is the SUB-BRAND of Oppo, which noth of them (and Vivo as well) is the daughters of BBK Group. Samsung and LG on the other hand, they're completely different companies with no connection whatsoever (apart from they both came from south Korea).

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                            • Mark
                            • 7kj
                            • 22 Sep 2020

                            I change phone often have used every flag ship out there and this oppo find x2 is the my daily driver from the last three months.. It has a better screen, form factor and the charges 0-80 percent in approx 20 mins besides samsung only gives exynos in my country and the snap dragon 865 in the oppo is far more superior and gives a great battery.. The camera is on par with the note 20 ultra and S20 series Samsung phones and even better in some cases..and it feels better in hand than one plus 8 pro too if ur going for it might as well try the oppo x2 and it got os 11 within a few days of announce ment and I am loving the color os now its very close to stock and has the perfect customisation options of my taste and no bloat ware at all..

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                              • XmW
                              • 22 Sep 2020

                              Mike9625, 21 Sep 2020Good luck with finding a repair store or a case. Samsung is... morewhere I'm from, not China by the way, Oppo has several service centre and one is even a concierge type located in the city centre... so servicing is not an issue, and to make matters clear, my Oppo phones none have require any servicing from the two or three years they served me...
                              and to make things sweeter, i can also now send my Realme phones for service at any Oppo centre should any require... you can't send a Samsung device to an LG centre or vice versa right..? thank you, bye...

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                                • Bocah Tengil
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                                • 22 Sep 2020

                                too expensive for its brand. chinese brand

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                                  • tu6
                                  • 22 Sep 2020

                                  Yes.thats y I'm choice find x2pro

                                    Underrated for a very good reason; Over priced

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                                      • 22 Sep 2020

                                      AresinUAE, 21 Sep 2020Normally id agree with you, but no, 1400 is just way too mu... moreI have to agree with this.
                                      The Find X2 Pro on its own was a great phone, but the competition is stiff, especially when you include the deals that a number of these phones get. It simply did not do enough to stand out.
                                      It was clearly undercut by the Oneplus 8 Pro being the same phone although replacing the periscope zoom with a more commonly used 3x and being MUCH cheaper, especially in India and China. And as the article correctly mentions, better marketing.

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                                        • 22 Sep 2020

                                        [deleted post]2 billion People 😈