The Oppo Find X2 Pro is the most underrated flagship of the year

21 September 2020
It's an amazing phone that most people overlook.

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  • AnonD-923722
  • tDP
  • 21 Sep 2020

Shui8, 21 Sep 2020Yup, a bit underrated. I've never seen a single person... moreThe 10x zoom is an gimmick. It is hard to keep your phone steady at 10X zoom even with steady hands. More often than not, an 10X hybrid zoom from other phones are better than the 10x optical zoom because of less shake, better HDR, and less noise.

    No sir it wasn't underrated

    The specs are just not cutting it for me personally

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      • AnonD-949291
      • Dkx
      • 21 Sep 2020

      Who will want to spend money for "FLAGSHIP" oppo ?

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        • 8Kf
        • 21 Sep 2020

        Uses more power than other for same tasks.
        Runs hotter than other phones.
        No jack
        No sd card
        No hdr video
        Awful photos, bad as iphone 7
        Worst android skin
        Poor updates (too slow)
        Will lose more than 500mAh within 12 months (due to charging speed)

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          • Shui8
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          • 21 Sep 2020

          Yup, a bit underrated. I've never seen a single person hold this phone in my country.

          And yes, at the moment, P40 Pro+ are the camera combination to beat. For me, its the best camera quality + versatility, an easily great point & shoot device.