Latest Google Pixel 5 leak shows new Mint Green color

24 September 2020
Mint was supposed to be an option for last year's Pixel 4, but that never happened.

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  • gBV
  • 25 Sep 2020

My assumption is that the Pixel 5 will be the last Pixel phone. The Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 failed and they even don't try to do it better. This shows that they don't care. No in-display fingerprint reader, no portrait camera, no periscope camera, main camera hardware captures a similar amount of light per time as a Google phone from 5 years ago, no tof sensor, no quad pixel autofocus (available with imx 689). It would be so easy to attract attention by using a periscope camera. Furthermore they remove features one year after they were introduced (Pixel 3 ultra wide selfie camera, Pixel 4 tele, Pixel 4 radar, ...), this destroys trust. When Google releases a new product, you should expect that they already plan to remove the feature for the next product even before the current product has been released.

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    • 6sE
    • 24 Sep 2020

    Pixel 5, 24 Sep 2020this is doaI don't think so. There's good hype surrounding the 5. I know I'm getting one.

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      • mxK
      • 24 Sep 2020

      this is doa

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        • m5b
        • 24 Sep 2020

        This phone only has two front cameras right? So why does it have that godawful camera tumor?