Google launches the Pixel 5 and 4a 5G with Snapdragon 765G, 5G and ultrawide cameras

30 September 2020
That's right, the 8-serires Snapdragon on the premium model. As is the tele camera, replaced by an ultra wide shooter instead.

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Price looks good but its looks like the plastic Nord from the Oneplus.

iBerieveInU, 01 Oct 2020Why do you want a glass back? The Pixel 5 uses aluminium b... moreGlass feels considerably better in the hand. Glass is also on the front of the phone, the area that you touch the most. So it provides a more consistent feel when handling the phone. Glass also just looks more aesthetically pleasing. Metal doesn't feel great for me personally and plastic can be ok, but it's clearly just manufacturers just cheaping out. Plastic is fine on phones under $200, but that's it. I also don't drop my phone so I don't care about fragility. If someone drops their phones they'll just use a case anyway.

Typical shit phones from google, even you think price is decent, think again, you getting shitty chipset, no decent cameras, everything avarage, Mi 10T series definitely blows away Pixel 5s. Google has no idea wtf are they doing with their phone division, better close it down soon.

cherry, 01 Oct 2020Wow, so it will feel like plastic actually, horror. So many... moreI think this is a smart move from an industrial design perspective. The plastic exterior should give the phone more grip compared to full metal backs, while still keeping the rigidity of a metal frame. It will still feel cold to the touch because of the metal underneath. That cold feel is imo what makes a metal phone 'feel' more premium in hand.

  • Julian M

No big surprise, but the 5 is completely overpriced for midrange specs, 5G and 8 GB of RAM are not enough to have it listed at over 600€. It makes the 4a 5G that much more appealing, and the normal 4a a no-brainer choice for those who don't care about 5G just yet.

  • Anonymous

SathishKannan, 01 Oct 2020Pixel 4a 5G with Bose QC35 II is sweetest deal ever for 500... moreSounds like a nice deal indeed but unfortunately I don't live in any of those mentioned countries. Anyone know a way to go around this restriction? ;)

You must provide the Google with the following information:
-Order date
-IMEI number and other product information
-Personal details
-Proof of purchase
Opia, a Google partner, will then validate the information and process the claim. If all is well, your claim will be approved within two business days, and you’ll receive your free Bose QC 35 II headphones within 50 days of claim validation.

  • Bastosface

Overpriced phone in many ways. Storage and ram are just the standard now. 90hz display as well. Chipset average. They all rely on cam. What a lazy company.

  • Bastosface

Overpriced phone in many ways. Storage and ram are just the standard now. 90hz display as well. Chipset average. They all rely on cam. What a lazy company.

Would you rather pay 610€ for the pixel 5 (2 year warranty) and the bose 35 qc ii (preorder bonus in Germany until 15th oct or stock ends) or wait until black friday and get the Galaxy S20 FE 5G with 3 years warranty (Amazon special) for probably the same amount of money.

I already have a pair of 2 year old sennheisers hd 4.40bt that are quite capable but not nearly as cool as the bose

  • Anonymous

Ne telephoto lens, a big NO

Pixel 4a 5G with Bose QC35 II is sweetest deal ever for 500£/€.. QC35 alone costs about 350€ in India!!

  • cherry

Anonymous, 01 Oct 2020"Technically, aluminum is used for the Pixel 5, but ap... moreWow, so it will feel like plastic actually, horror. So many mistakes in this phone.

  • Jimbob

Google last year: people dont want ultrawides or fingerprints

  • Anonymous

Someguy , 01 Oct 2020Mediated chips are not so good. Battery hogs and suitable f... moreStill trapped in year 2016?
Mediatek Dimensity 820 and 1000 are better than their Snapdragon equivalent chips in throttle free performance.

  • Anonymous

Zulny R, 01 Oct 2020Dont justify battery life with battery size For example, X... more200 Euro Poco X3 has the best battery life with 120hz display.
Xperia is a joke in front of that.

Pixel 5 is a great phone. The only downside is its price.
For me the wireless charging and the water resistance are not so important (actually I don't care at all for those) so 4a 5g could have been the perfect choice but it seems to go on a shovel size.
And the smaller 4a remains an acceptable option. Unfortunately the wide lens is a good feature missing, but better to have a normal size capable phone.
The 5g is important not for the users, but someone else who wants to track your fridge. Let him doesn't know what is the percentage alcohol in my home brewed brandy.

  • Anonymous

Here Huawei brought two periscope cameras with 10x optical zoom, even Sammy is planning to do the same and here Google dropped a telephoto lense.
Huawei had 40mp ultrawide sensor on d mate 30 pro n 50mp sensor on p40pro (largest sensor on any phone) n here our beloved Google uses same 12.2mp imx363 crap n der first ever uw lense wid only 107fov.
Huawei brought 40w wireless charging nd this shit still has 18w charger..
Super dumb n lazy this company is.. if apple brings smthng then only Google will add in it's pixels.

I guess they just figured out that people buy their phones mostly for the camera so they instead focused on that rather than making an all round flagship phone. This year's pixels are a result of that, the $349 4A, then the 5G and 5, all have mid range specs, but similar camera and hardly any premium feel to it, it's all just about that camera

Hrmph. Supposedly because of these phones, Google is holding back shipments of the Pixel 4a to stores. I had ordered a 4a when orders had opened in Europe, and the store DOES NOT KNOW when they will get one to ship to me.
No, my next "phone" after this one will not be from Google, after what they have pulled.

  • Anonymous

akvanaft, 01 Oct 2020Why don't google and sony make an in-screen fingerprin... moreWhen you take phone out of pocket, you thumb is right there on the side.
Also, if screen breaks, you need to replace the sensor too.