OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei has reportedly left the company to start a new venture

13 October 2020
OnePlus is yet to officially confirm Pei's exit.

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  • 18 Oct 2020

1+ gone from don’t settle for less to you must settle for nothing.
1+ is now “OnePlus Fecesbook”.

    Android Authority, 14 Oct 2020 OnePlus is great. My comment was specifically in respon... moreYes i do understand.
    Pixel are costly and far from impressive.

      Now it'll be OneLess or OneMinus.

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        • The Dark Knight
        • 3pT
        • 15 Oct 2020

        You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain!

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          • g}1
          • 14 Oct 2020

          Is this the result of internal power struggle between Pei and Pete Lau? lol

            CptPower, 13 Oct 2020Well thats correct but one plus is much better my opinion a... more
            OnePlus is great.
            My comment was specifically in response to pixel devices.

              Anonymous, 13 Oct 2020OnePlus was never an independent company that got sold off ... moreYeah, exactly!

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                • 7X1
                • 13 Oct 2020

                'A new venture' that is backed by Oppo lol. How many brands do we really need?

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                  • Yij
                  • 13 Oct 2020

                  The entrepreneurial spirit "Never Settles" they strive for more.

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                    • 13 Oct 2020

                    Anonymous, 13 Oct 2020OnePlus was never an independent company that got sold off ... moreEXACTLY ! Very few people seem to understand this. BBK knew they couldn't sell $500 phones with the Oppo & Vivo name, especially outside of China, with their reputation as 'selfie cam phones' with filters. The original Find X phones & other flagships completely failed to sell in good numbers.
                    So, they went ahead with these guys from within Oppo, who were good with marketing & making the people feel special & unique, like their phones were made with inputs from fans & this started to work in the West as well as in large markets like India, which were open to brands other than Apple & Samsung. Things were going well, they were acquiring large swaths of users, but their profit margins were extremely thin, and it wouldn't have been possible to survive for them, had they been an independent company, it was massive funding from BBK for marketing & low bulk price of components that allowed them to make these flagship killers. Youtuber TechAltar even showed how Oppo Find X2 & OnePlus 8 Pro have the same model no.
                    Even Xiaomi fills their phones with ads to the max, to keep the same hardware as 1+ flagships. But, OxygenOS was good, without ads, but their was almost no profit in sight.
                    Then, they got too greedy. They tried to pass off $800-$ 1000 phones with the 8 & 8 Pro. And all that failures with Nord & display tint issues, with them only focussed on "marketing through" Youtubers like MKBHD, JerryRig etc.., they really went off track..
                    Now, BBK is trying to enter gaming with IQOO & in the budget area, beat Xiaomi Redmi, with the similar sounding Realme...Now, I don't even see the need of Oppo or Vivo with their current strategy..

                      Android Authority, 13 Oct 2020Unfortunately tons of people are still influenced by Youtub... moreWell thats correct but one plus is much better my opinion also nokia and some Motorola phones.
                      All of named have clean android and does not cost as much for its specs.

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                        • 13 Oct 2020

                        all the best carl
                        start hydrogen OS

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                          • LHe
                          • 13 Oct 2020

                          Here is an example of pricey media kit OnePlus gave for OP7T .. to a reviewer that barely got 1500+ votes. Now you can pretty much imagine they give this to anyone who wants to make a review video.


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                            • Mar52
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                            • 13 Oct 2020

                            Anonymous, 13 Oct 2020You did well Carl, you built up OnePlus successfully over t... moreI too wish you the best? Google you could use a guy like Carl? Why not? After the release of the pixel5 you could use some help. Re-cycled aluminum, why?

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                              • 13 Oct 2020

                              Aierlan, 13 Oct 2020That is the case for all small companies in this industry t... moreOnePlus was never an independent company that got sold off to a larger company. They were owned by BBK from the get go since they were incorporated back in 2013. I'm not saying OnePlus is not the brain child of Pei and Lau, most likely these two had persuaded someone in Oppo to get the deal done as "separate entity" in larger scale of things. Even the naming is on purpose OnePlus (OP) which is very close to Oppo, so it was a strategy to break Oppo phones into western markets with some adjustments. OnePlus is spending more money on marketing than on R&D or manufacturing so we can come to conclusion they are the marketing company first, since they borrow all the technology from Oppo and repackage it for western hemisphere markets. Cheap flagships or flagship killer was a marketing plan, spend money to gain recognition. God knows how many models were sold at the loss in that time period, I wouldn't be surprised if they were breaking even as late as model 7. No independent company can sustain that much of marketing money for that long, it's a suicide move. Have you ever seen the kit they give away together with the phone to every tech blog or youtuber for a review? They give them a whole freakin book every single time they release a new model and they give it to pretty much anybody! Heck Sony is not even sending stuff to MKBHD cause they want to control the costs.

                                YUKI93, 13 Oct 2020The smartphone world is already awash with bucket loads of ... moreWell agree but we wil have new OS which wil be Harmony from Huawei.
                                Soon or later it will be available on all Huawei phones and will be awesome competition and competitor to others android and IOS.

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                                  • v3F
                                  • 13 Oct 2020

                                  You did well Carl, you built up OnePlus successfully over the years and left at the perfect time when the industry is beginning to sunset. Great timing.

                                  I wish you all the best in your new ventures. It's great that you can branch out to do other more interesting things other than smartphones.

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                                    • MrDung
                                    • xZI
                                    • 13 Oct 2020

                                    OnePlus is dying.

                                      Anonymous, 13 Oct 2020You should see their kindergarten "annual reports"... moreThat is the case for all small companies in this industry though. Small brands need to be a part of a group to have a chance. Bulk buying components results in cheaper prices. Oneplus has this advantage as they often use the same parts as Oppo/Realme and also use Oppo's tech. Small brands can't afford to invest heavily in R&D. It's a pity as small independent brands (e.g. Meizu, Smartisan) seem to be in decline and likely to disappear which ultimately will mean less competition

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                                        • vaS
                                        • 13 Oct 2020

                                        Finally, the headphone jack will return. Make OnePlus implode themselves with back to back flagship killers that benefits us but they'll bleed cash until it's Oppo and Vivo again in the main BBK Umbrella.