iPhone 11, SE (2020) and XR also lose in-box chargers and EarPods

14 October 2020
You’ll only get a USB-C to Lightning cable in the box from now on.

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Fans will certainly admire this move from Apple, but a rational person would question their decision to not cut prices after this move. The SE is still the same at $399, without in box accessories and while the XR did get a price cut, it's just because of the time its been on the market. After the removal of the things, its price could've been at $450

  • AnonD-804996

It's actually nice that companies care about environment. Problem is, doing it this way is just shitty.

To save the world, they removed the charger, but included USB-C to Lightning cable. Which means I have to either buy a new charger with USB-C output because none of included Apple chargers had one (they were all USB-A) or buy ANOTHER cable that's USB-A to Lightning in order to even charge it. Just assuming everyone who has an iPhone also has Apple's laptop with USB-C outputs is a dumb assumption. And while we're at it, why the F is Apple Watch charger some proprietary Qi charger with locked down charging so I can't just charge the watch on any Qi pad? Where is environment for that?

  • Anonymous

Anna, 14 Oct 2020All Android OEMs followed Apple's ugly notch on their ... moreGood thing they don't follow Apple's terrible idea of widgets, lack of customization (including launchers, icons and themes), third-party app installation restrictions, third-party store restrictions, terrible multi-tasking, expensive developer licenses and a lack of third party ROMS.

Point is that Apple is amazing at certain things and terrible at other things. Same with Android. Each platform has their own pros and cons. If you prefer Apple, then great. Some people prefer Android. There's really no reason to bash a certain OS/platform in 2020 anymore. Both of them will probably do everything you'd ever want to do.

And who cares about the charger and EarPods anymore. Most people already own a charger and better earphone anyway. And if not, you probably have enough money to buy a charger if you're spending $1000 or more on a phone

  • Anonymous

Deduct accessories And remain the same price!!

Not including plastic waste Earpods is certainly a big plus for me, but they certainly should lower the price for not including a charger and FFS where is that USB-C?
Macbooks, iPads are already using it, there is your green way of not producing useless lighting cables.

IMHO it's just pathetic way to act PR green, there are just so many ways to make a real difference.

Lmao... I really do hope Samsung and other Android companies don't pull some stupid crap like this.

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the SE and the xr should be 350 and 450 without the accessories but they speak nothing about that part

What is sad is that, now, all the other manufacturers are gonna do the same and remove the chargers.

Not including the earpods and power adapter = money saved for Apple + their smart marketing to nudge people in the direction of the $38 MagSafe "wireless" adapter to earn a further $38.
Slow Claps............. still clapping..............

PS: If they cared about the environment so much then they should've gone all out on the Type C as they themselves touted its speed & charging capabilities during the iPad presentation.

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If they want to fully commit to most environment goals, they shouldn't sell any phones anymore. But they're just bunch of hypocrites, aren't they?

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nice phone for 150euros

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Anna, 14 Oct 2020All Android OEMs followed Apple's ugly notch on their ... moreIf apple starts to launch wide range plethora of mobiles every year they will also stop support long term...they give ciz number of devices arent much,way less than any android brand

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okay so they removed the in box accessories so they also must cut the price, isn't it ? Where's the price cut on the SE ? it should be at 350 now, Apple just greedy for profits

  • Anna

All Android OEMs followed Apple's ugly notch on their phones shamelessly. Now, surely, they will follow this thing (removal of accessories from the box) quickly. But they will never dare to follow Apple's good thing like 5 years software support to all their products.

  • Anonymous

Dirty profit making tactic that they are being sort manipulative with. Trying to use the green excuse shamefully.