Huawei Mate 40 Pro+ retail box surfaces, case renders too

17 October 2020
At least two new Mate phones are expected on October 22, and we still know surprisingly little.

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  • Ariana Grande

Nokia 9: First time?

Code016, 18 Oct 2020All cameras is surely amazing when they used properly lmao.... moreExcept that I am not the one basically saying "we should remove X and Y camera because I don't use them".
I literally just told him that what he consider as a necessary camera and others as useless I would choose the "useless" over his "necessary".

He is the one who stated what is or isn't useful and wrote his opinion as if it was a fact while I gave an exemple with my own preferences proving him wrong, don't reverse the roles.

  • Anonymous

Its not ugly.. But anyway tastes can't be discussed. Everyone likes different things so stop trolling and get a life... Spambots, spambots everywhere

  • Anonymous

Camera looks very ugly , hate it more than the one on my OP 7T.

  • FutureWis

I like the Camera. Good symmetry at both Vertical and horizontal axis.

Code016, 18 Oct 2020All cameras is surely amazing when they used properly lmao.... moreThank you for that comment. I actually laughed at him for saying macro is useful. It has never been useful at all!

  • Plus

Can we expect Huawei Mate 50 Max Pro+ Ultra next year?

  • Cummie

Whoa..65w charging.. I wonder what the world will be with huawei technologies if US let them be..

From a huawei mate 20pro and mate 30pro user.

I'm sorry, what's with that octagonal rear camera design? It looks... odd.

  • JKYN

I know they will come back and what ever they're doing it will come with a bang surprise the whole world 😉. Love ❤️ Huawei since day one.

All of this comments telling "camera design is ugly". Can you design on your own? LoL
Surely, 1 or 2 yrs later, other smartphone company will copy Huawei camera designs. That's how effective their camera set up were.

Demongornot, 18 Oct 2020Your comment is useless, the extra cameras aren't, the... moreAll cameras is surely amazing when they used properly lmao. You're just saying you preference and doesn't make other opinions are wrong mate. Don't say it like yours is right and others are wrong.

With that camera frame that big, why don't they just make the 3rd half as all glass and scatter the cameras around. That camera array doesn't connect with the overall design of the phone.

  • Huawei Nice

I like the phone design, and woukd like to support Huawei hardwork even without GMS.

In this world , no one without each other cant go further. Neither Huawei...Huawei still can go strong without Google, so many alternative outside.

death to curved edge phones

kill zem kill zem all

  • Haseem from Sri Lank

Mahbubbaligaon, 18 Oct 2020Same to you Mate 40 pro + camera is very ugly

  • Anonymous

It's the version of Huawei Mate40RS Porsche Edition, with temperature measurement of body. Apple executive Lisa Jackson said: This move will help reduce carbon emissions.

.alpha, 18 Oct 2020Only need 3 cameras: huge sensor wide, large sensor ultra-w... moreYour comment is useless, the extra cameras aren't, the Macro is useful if you use it properly, the Portrait give amazing shots, and if you don't know the use of the depth sensor, well...Sorry for you then.
I'd take all those over ultra-wide any days.

  • Anonymous

Oh mann..., The camera layout is
the Mate 30 Pro 5G camera layout is look more premium n superb
*personal preference, but am i right?

Anonymous, 17 Oct 2020It's still ugly.Same to you