Google responds to recent anti-competitive lawsuit

22 October 2020
Google claims the lawsuit doesn’t tell the whole story and rebuts that the lawsuit does nothing to help consumers.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2020I don't care about this type of news. All I can say is... moreI just could not agree more. Microsoft and Google are far more consequential than Apple.

YUKI93, 22 Oct 2020Oh, so you like your personal data like bank accounts and e... moreIdk which bank you have bruh, my bank refunds the money if my account gets hacked.

  • Anonymous

I don't care about this type of news. All I can say is great job Google. I can live without Apple. But I can't live without Google and Microsoft.

This is such a Dump lawsuit, good reply by Google!

Android.Master, 22 Oct 2020Did you install a proper firewall? The default one on Andr... moreOh yes, I did install NetGuard. That said, I'm definitely interested in trying out other FOSS alternatives.

  • Manu

Rubbish, my recently phone got broke and I was looking for a new phone with some different os and all but couldn't find a single phone except iphone obviously, that don't use android wtf is this??! I nees change! No more android!!

DOJ are just being stupid and wasting resources on this issue. It’s a human choice to choose which search engine to use. Some people won’t care to do the setting but we typical web users certainly will choose what we want in the settings.

Whoever brought this issue up to DOJ should held responsible for all expenses used for this suit.

Android.Master, 22 Oct 2020Keep believing mainstream media news. I'll trust Goog... moreWtf you talking abt? Google themselves chose to withdraw from China in the early 2010s as they didn't want to follow China's censorship laws. No one forced them to leave lmao.

Good, they need to curtail the unfettered and destructive influence of Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • Anonymous

Salt, 22 Oct 2020Is there any other alternative equally as viable as Google ... moreDuckduckgo, Qwant

  • Anonymous

F... Off Google! I want to use others Call and Message apps but I can't. Why?

Rareart1, 22 Oct 2020If you are using a ROG 3 - what are your pros and cons list... moreI don't use it but I seem to like that mobile. Cons :- No Wireless Charging, No IP rating no QHD+ display everything else is positive ......


RealLifePhones, 22 Oct 2020When Firefox changed the default search engine to Yahoo (be... morethat's not something one should be proud of. the fact is that if you can use someone to kill a whole company that is the backbone of a country's economy and development in tech industry, the same thing can happen to you by the hands of the same people. that is what the law says. not let anyone take a position that they can blackmail you or bring everything to halt with one click of a button and that's what they are trying to do here. so just ignore what is happening and enjoy sharing your privacy and data and personal information with people like google and apple and other similar companies and be prepared to be screwed at any time. PEACE....!!!!


i believe this is a good thing because what ever happens, these tech giants are not gonna let any small or competitive firm to supersede them or replace them because they are trying to create a market place where they have a monopoly running in their favor. these laws are trying to protect the people and their future and give them chances to develop best alternatives in case if google or apple just shut down their systems and bring the world to halt. highly appreciated.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]You must be one of those people who pay cash for everything. meanwhile I am over her tapping to pay and moving on with my life, not a single coin or bill to manage. This is just one example. Believe me, there are many others.

If you don't want to participate, you don't have to. Again, NOBODY is forcing you to participate. Your life just might be more difficult and cumbersome without some of these things. Likely, it will be.

  • Anonymous

hnn, 22 Oct 2020People use Google because they choose to, not because they’... moreYou're wrong on several counts.

There are alternative browsers and search engines on Android and there are alternative app stores on Android. You are just unaware that these options exist.

  • hnn

People use Google because they choose to, not because they’re forced to

Yeah sure. There is no alternative to android. IOS is but thats not something majority of people in the world can afford to or make sense to people to spend so much for a phone you use few years. And well there are no alternatives for play store too for apps

  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 22 Oct 2020Oh, so you like your personal data like bank accounts and e... moreI don't mind my bank information being collected if it allows me to pay for things easier and be better marketed towards things I am interested in buying.

And I think a lot of people don't mind this. because it improves their quality of life. You don't like it because you feel threatened by somehow losing your freedoms to be private. But it's nothing personal. Don't get too caught up in it. There's plenty of information outside of smartphones that is sold and shared about you. You think banks don't sell your information? But you're not about to keep all your money under your mattress now... It's just annoying and cumbersome to then spend.

  • Anonymous

Anoni, 22 Oct 2020And that's why we have the User's agreement form ... moreYes, exactly. Nobody is forcing you to accept user agreements. And these are not new. Companies have been using User Agreements for decades now. And people have not been reading them for decades.

But somehow, people started to think that products being sold by companies like Google and Apple are no longer products but basic parts of life (like food). So they don't feel like they should have to agree to something they don't actually agree with just to use the product.

Big Daddy, 22 Oct 2020You value your privacy? Well bud, unless you're doing ... moreOh, so you like your personal data like bank accounts and everything to be collected without your permission then? Weird flex, but okay.