iPhone 12 teardown reveals Qualcomm X55 5G modem and 2,815 mAh battery

22 October 2020
The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro will begin arriving to customers on Friday, but we’re already getting a look inside one of them.

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When iPhone 12 users charge their phone x8 times, I charge my Android ROG Phone II once... It's why people call iPhones "landlines" because they're usually attached to the wall.

5G not available for two years probably never where I live deep in country side, so will keep I phone on 4G only which took two years after it was launched to arrive, so battery life should be ok.

  • Anonymous

Why is it so hard for Apple to give a little bit larger battery in iPhone?

  • Anonymous

Pa7na, 22 Oct 2020except he isn't dead yet, or did I miss something?Nice to know he is still alive, kids today will never know the magic of getting past EE3 and 9122 s/ware revs and Curtis Electronics ESN readers.
Just looked it up, he is 91.
Maybe that would be a use of I Phones, superglue a lot together and make a kennel for his dog.

  • Anonymous

JDK, 22 Oct 2020iPhone 12 pro with 2815 "measly" battery is compa... moreNo no no. Just compare the battery endurance of iPhone 11 (with larger battery than iPhone 12) and S20 FE.

  • Anonymous

Android phones increased their refresh rate to try and match the smoothness of the iOS platform. Apple still doesn't need to do this to maintain that level of smoothness... Apple doesn't need to do EVERYTHING that others are doing, especially when the processor is so damn powerful

Shame they didn't go with the more efficient 5nm X60 modem, oh well. :/

I guess the timelines didn't match up or they wanted to minimise the added cost caused the newer modem. Considering the iPhone 12 Pro is the same price as the 11 Pro while adding 5G, the cost thing does kinda make sense.

  • Pa7na

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2020I expect Martin Cooper the Father of A.M.P.S will be spinni... moreexcept he isn't dead yet, or did I miss something?

  • Yuh

x55 better than the intel that's for sure. Bet it's wayy more efficient and reliable than when running on a non-iOS device... just like when apple uses the OLED that Samsung displays use... the apple one's don't have such a high burn-in rate as do the other devices that use the SAME OLED. Apple is just the epitome improving and success in optimization

  • Anonymous

The smaller battery kind of explains there last generation refresh rate these iPhones get and their internal storage needs to be addressed the better content you can make pictures videos music quality etc never seems to be getting smaller in actual file size and try to give you the cloud as a solution but don't give you free data to use the cloud on mobile I would struggle with the 512 GB internal storage iPhone 8k videos huge

InsanityDaily, 22 Oct 20202815mAh. In 2020. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ No no, I'm sure they'll tel... moreiPhone 12 pro with 2815 "measly" battery is comparable to samsung galaxy s20 with "sufficient" 4000 MaH battery.

"Quite sufficient due to software optimizations" is true, in fact.

  • Anonymous

X55 modem lol itrash

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Lol. 1 hour SoT. Like that my phone can last more than a week

  • Mr.vvota

just wait till the mini teardown

5G modem and puny battery don't belong in the same sentence

  • Anonymous

I expect Martin Cooper the Father of A.M.P.S will be spinning in his grave at Apple's greed and vulgarity.
I can think of the perfect ring tone for Apple's overpriced schlock.
" If I only had a brain" from the Wizard of Oz.

  • Anonymous

mel, 22 Oct 2020why why why 28150 mah battery??? for 5G iPhone let see how... moreAre you joking with me, 28000 mah battery capacity seriously

DroidBoye, 22 Oct 2020Welcome to 2020 5G. For the price, I'd hope that they ... moreiPhone 12 : x55

let those 7 million pre-orders taste 2800 mAh battery.
Even just 60 hz and no gaming activity, .....just scrolling social apps often drain so much.

  • Anonymous

Is.it carry dual
Sim segment ?