Weekly poll: will the OnePlus Nord N10 5G and N100 fly or die?

01 November 2020
The company is venturing into the mid-range and entry-level segments for the first time - do you think it has lost its way or that it's on a great path?

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Now we are know why that man leave one plus...
why hoping so high from BBK. no matter what brand is it.. as long as it has BBK around it will be camera

No one is interested in OnePlus based on the poll (*_*)

so the oneplus nord N10 5g is a realme 6 with different processor and 5G.
The device is OK but it isn't that hyped up as before....

  • Jacktackle

Depends on the company whether they want to keep mummies in the corpse or burn the dead

  • Kang

it's surprising that people are not opting for N10, cause OnePlus is having the worst marketing and placement strategy here with the positioning in markets. I wish we had options of different models of the same device with different camera lenses, like Telephoto, ToF, etc.
I wish to see more such cheap mid ranger OnePlus devices in the future.

  • Anonymous

Yeaahhh 3.5mm jack

The reason why I always like OnePlus is that it is a worthy Google Pixel and HMD Nokia alternative since it has clean stock UI and the fact that OnePlus always deliver up-to-date version software and security patches. I can see why OnePlus want to spread that appeal further with midrange and entry-level devices since almost no midrange and entry-level devices ever see the lights of software version update security patches since Day 1 except for HMD Nokia phones. But I know that OnePlus can do better with the hardware.

  • Raky

Raky, 01 Nov 2020I'm not in a market for that kind of a phones, but co... moreWhile i was talking about this "better"options I didn't look at the cheaper one.
And....I meen, why would I.
For everything under 200€, there us only one brand that I recommend to buy,and that's Xiaomi.

For little bit more, there is also Xiaomi's devices to look for.
But than MIUI and ads in it, becomes a problem for me, and I would usually go for something else.

  • Raky

I'm not in a market for that kind of a phones, but considering that I bought a real flagship for 500€ 3 year ago, I just can't see myself recommending this to someone.
Huawei p40lite (and others versions of a same phone with another names), Moto G, and original Nord are better options...Samsung a51 and A71 can be found for less (250€ and 320€, here in Norway) and even they are generation older, when recommending or buying midrange device, I would always go for cheaper that doesn't have some big disappointment.

These two phones are stupidly overpriced, there much better offerings from other manufacturers for same money, and sometimes less.

OnePlus is becoming Apple of android phones when it comes to ripping off their customers.

Jack Frost, 01 Nov 2020Am I the only one who has never been interested in any of t... moreYou and majority of pollsters. The only device that somewhat appealed to me was the OnePlus X, and that was ages ago.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Nov 2020The Nord N10 will cannibalise the Nord sales given that the... moreThis is implying the Nord even has sales. It's always been true that Oneplus has the worst sales by far out of all the BBK brands.

  • Anonymous

If the cheap OnePlus N100 would get 3 Android updates, i wouldn't have a problem with such low specs at 200 euro. But i have heard that only the OnePlus flagship models are getting now 3 years of major Android updates. Not even the Nord will get three updates... :/

Am I the only one who has never been interested in any of the OnePlus devices? ._.

Anonymous, 01 Nov 2020Yeah, this is correct. Most people that attracts to OneP... moreXiaomi flagships have great cameras, don't get wrong.

  • Anonymous

The Guesser Leakster, 01 Nov 2020Oneplus Nord N10 5G is an underwhelming phone for the price... moreYeah, this is correct.

Most people that attracts to OnePlus is the flashaholics, which OnePlus is really shining in there. Unlocked bootloader, almost very very friendly to revive bricked, dead phone. The longevity product of the support of the modder community. Still, it's not everyone cup of tea.

The camera is mostly mediocre, can't compete with Huawei, Samsung - just the same as Xiaomi. Then, they charge more, close to those with better camera.

OnePlus has really lost its spirit. No wonder why Carl Pei left. It soon will be forgotten.

Seeing that so much talent has abandon OnePlus, Xiaomi is still under construction, Huawei, welp, - Oppo seems like (for now) the only smartphone company from that region that has a bright future.

Oppo just needs to work harder on their software and front-facing camera tech and availability.

  • Anonymous

The Nord N10 will cannibalise the Nord sales given that they are actually similar specs with considering the give and take of the overall specs. But the N10 is slightly cheaper

Call it One plus OR Realme OR OPPO OR Vivo, it's all same.

Have NEVER liked One plus phones, since it was launched.

However, Initially I thought Nord series would really make a place for itself in market, but with these rebranded releases it seems they have proved they are true siblings to oppo Vivo ( and the rest)

If one really tries a bit to find out, Nord 10 or 100 would turn out to be redadged oppo Vivo phones released in recent past.

  • AnonD-945200

The Guesser Leakster, 01 Nov 2020Oneplus Nord N10 5G is an underwhelming phone for the price... morewell said 👏
oneplus gradually losing its mojo.