Weekly poll: will the OnePlus Nord N10 5G and N100 fly or die?

01 November 2020
The company is venturing into the mid-range and entry-level segments for the first time - do you think it has lost its way or that it's on a great path?

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These phones are gonna be flops, and rightfully so. Hopefully that'll teach OnePlus not to screw up their brand any further. It's clear why Carl Pei left the company.

  • Arya

OnePlus lost his path...
Flagship killer to oppo dumping ground.
I know OnePlus always use oppo flagship but
they always give top notch products back in day.

Most people don't want a OnePlus NErd!

Anonymous, 01 Nov 2020 It's all just hype. Now their devices aren't aff... moreExactly, Samsung is now learning what makes Xiaomi the fan favorite , but introducing the affordable m series 2 years ago, keeping the price for their A series at bay and putting a "cheap" S20 FE. They are able to keep their market presence on certain demographics. If Vivo or Oppo , keeps releasing crapy phone specs with extortionate prices like F17 pro or V20 even their marketing trolls could not save them. (You could actually seem them post, every time a new BKK phones comes out in GSM arena ;) )

AnonD-923722, 01 Nov 2020Oneplus Nord N10 5G is an underwhelming phone for the price... moreYes, they have missed the chance to make a mark with their mid-range phone with their astronomical price. If Xiaomi and their sub brand brands did not exist , this would be a steal if you are going to get the pixel 5 or other similar price phones , but alas...

  • Anonymous

It's all just hype. Now their devices aren't affordable anymore like the earlier 'flagship killer' motto they carried. The irony is, brands like Samsung who OP set out to target with affordable flagship phones is a flagship killer these days with their FE series

  • AnonD-804996

AnonD-923722, 01 Nov 2020Oneplus Nord N10 5G is an underwhelming phone for the price... moreReason why OnePlus was interesting brand was because they had 1 main model and 1 refresh and that was it. And they tried their best with that one model. Now they are just trying to flood the market the same way as Realme and Oppo. Which is not surprising given same parent company owns all of them. OnePlus basically just killed its one unique thing about it.

  • AnonD-923722

Oneplus Nord N10 5G is an underwhelming phone for the price, for the same price, you can get the Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite or Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite or even add $50 more to get the Poco F2 Pro. They give you better performance, value for money, screens and cameras.

Oneplus Nord N100 is an straightforward garbage phone. For that price, you can get the Realme 7, Redmi Note 9, or add a little more to get the Realme 7 Pro and Redmi Note 9 Pro which offers better charging screen, and performance.

Oneplus is starting to have " Oneplus Tax" like most brands, overpriced yet bad products.