HMD is reportedly planning to bring back the Nokia 6300 and the 8000 series

03 November 2020
Both will have more smarts than a typical feature phone and 4G connectivity. Whether they'll run KaiOS remains uncertain.

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  • AnonD-82756

YUKI93, 06 Nov 2020It's not exactly an Android competitor, isn't it?... moreYeah I hate it, it's a mess!

AnonD-82756, 04 Nov 2020Kai is crap!It's not exactly an Android competitor, isn't it? KaiOS is more towards a minimalist experience.

  • PK

Require with WI-FI support

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2020Seriously? Is HMD really serious? Other companies have spen... moreChill. They are still making flagship Android. This is just their attempt to diversify their product offerings, like how Xiaomi can release Mi 10 Ultra and still producing Redmi for the masses.

  • nothanks

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2020they should stick with feature phones.... let alone smartph... moreBut seriously, without HMD/Nokia feature phones the mobile market in the world will be half full. all love nokia feature phones.

  • Anonymous

Even if I take a step back and let call nostalgia fine, 6300??? Seriously?

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2020Feature mobile, 4g, Android and wifi hotspot is a hot cake. Until you find it's hella minimalist
features from the OS. For example, I've bought one, and it can't even allow me to create an everyday day alarm, u must re-create it again and again.

  • GreyWolf013

I was just researching to buy a 8800 as second "just calls" phone.. wish they make a 8000 series but high quality. Yes, i'd pay for such a phone as a few hundred dollars, just for materials and quality. It it'll be plastic piece of poop (as new 8110) - sorry, i'm out!

  • Anonymous

Seriously? Is HMD really serious? Other companies have spent the year wowing us with briliant specs but HMD has spent the whole year going in reverse. Seriously, I think that their lack of effort is an insult to it's fans.

  • Anonymous

Feature mobile, 4g, Android and wifi hotspot is a hot cake.

  • Anonymous

Arun, 04 Nov 2020HMD is just playing on the nostalgia card. It is simply not... morethey should stick with feature phones.... let alone smartphones they┬┤re way out of their league

  • Arun

HMD is just playing on the nostalgia card. It is simply not matching the quality of Nokia phones back in the days. Gone are those days when BRAND NOKIA was the king and launching phones at those times.

  • Sam

Hope will not 320*240 pixels same boring OS with these like current feature phones.

Now this is getting very interesting.

  • Alex

Nokia is only with symbian. 6300 is great phone, new phone must have a symbian!

  • AnonD-82756

Wann, 04 Nov 2020You should put an OS, such as kai os. As it can be use wha... moreKai is crap!

  • AnonD-82756

I've seen the render of the 6300 I would of liked it exactly the same but HMD have revised it handset is called Leo and looks cheap and nasty like most of there nostagia line.

  • Beto

I want a Nokia E6 type... :)

  • blue.sun

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2020The saying goes "The horse(nokia) is already dead, why... moreAs the niche market was not able to make N900 successful, it would not make any other successor successful. There is nothing good in making a phone for a few hundred people, unless the phone is extremely expensive.

  • Anonymous

If hmd is not going to introduce actual mechanical flip this time for 8000 series, then they shouldn't plan to bring it back. 4G remake of Nokia 8110 (Matrix phone) without mechanical slide and plastic build was indeed disgusting