Xiaomi's new telephoto lens promises smooth zoom, better light sensitivity

05 November 2020
Xiaomi says its lens can collect 300% more light than traditional ones.

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I guess this won't come to their flagship smartphones since it will mess up IP ratings, but from technical standpoint this is some great showing from Xiaomi nonetheless. Maybe they're preparing to launch a compact phone camera lineup that is separate from their current Mi series? I'm hella hoping they will.

zodiacfml, 07 Nov 2020You are exactly the kind of people who knows little how the... moreBecause you have a great knowledge allowing you to affirm what I know or not, obviously.
I literally tear down informations and explain in details many stuff, simply, with exemples, often getting answers about how long my comments are as a result, but I know nothing.
Obviously a guy explaining how it work and even what processes are used for making it work know nothing, what a great logic you have here.

Considering you talk about flex cable on a point and shoot/compact, telescopic type lens, you are the one knowing very little as there are no flex cable moving with the telescoping mechanism on those camera, and this phone obviously have the same system.

AnonD-955101, 07 Nov 2020Yes that was me. Let me explain one more time politely. Im... moreLet me explain one more time politely.
You are currently opposing any comment I make about no front facing camera, regardless if they are polite or not.

And, as I already explained to you many times, I bash so hard those techs (front facing camera in general, underdisplay camera, notch, punch hole) because they are disruptive and invasive, meaning they are so overly outnumbering any other alternatives they are killing them and leave no room as they illegitimately set themselves as norm, and it require to talk aggressively about them (meaning bashing them) to have a glimps of a chance to hope changing a little bit the trend, as it require to clearly and strongly affirm why they should be less present, and when something is overly disruptive and invasive, you need to do it that way, like fighting a forest fire.
It is exactly like dealing with pest, you don't do the same thing at all when just managing pest and dealing with overpopulated groups, the first one indeed can be "politely and calmly approached", while the second, you need to be extremely agressive at first, as if you were trying to get rid of them all, and slow down when the population return to less catastrophic numbers.
And when the legitimate argument is just defending the tech, no problems, I only reply with my reasons for the opposition or further opposing arguments.
But when the "legitimate arguments" as you call them are literally against what I try to help develop, like peoples literally saying "Don't dream, it will never happen" or "No one else than you want that" or "no manufacturer will ever do that, wake up", I indeed reply aggressively, and there are way more of the latter that, regardless what you like, are NOT legitimate arguments than there are what we would call constructive criticisms and real assessment of preferences.
I never said that peoples using front facing camera are stupid, I only call stupid peoples who act stupidly, like being incredibly dense, when I do something stupid I also call myself stupid because indeed I was stupid for doing the stupid thing I did, and when peoples don't understand something I explained tons of times in many different ways, they are indeed stupid as despite my dyslexia I am totally able to communicate in a clear and understandable manner, and I often use many exemples and simplifications or explanations to allow everyone to understand.
I don't need to be anything, you are just really biased as since the beginning you opposed me and what I do, so obviously that you consider other's opinion as more relevant and as the one being right, you probably never once neutrally read those comments.
There was literally not a single reason why you needed to say that I need to stop posting comments about phones without front facing camera, as it is the only ways a simple internet user can hope to achieve something, regardless how much you believe it or not.
And it isn't about being taken seriously, you still don't understand what I do, the only reason I am being agressive and impolite is because there is no need nor reasons for peoples to come and sabotage my comments in the first place.
What is the point and what would achieve for the person posting it, a comment such as "no company will ever do that" ?
Except actually causing, by the unbalance of pros vs cons, the thing to become less likely ?
When the person respectfully oppose what I say, like asking why, or saying "what about X or Y thing ?", I politely answer.
And as you are biased, there is a big difference between "How will we do video call without front camera ?" and "You've never heard of video call ? 😂".
The first one is perfectly respectful and will get a polite, instructive and respectful answer from me, the second is mean, arrogant, useless and will get agressive answer from me as it doesn't deserve anything else, and if it wasn't very important to not left unanswered such comments, I would simply ignore it.

How can you still not understanding that ?
Just ask rather than fight if you don't get it.

  • shahzad

nokia has lunched telephoto lense mob cam that was 18 to 200 mm lense in 2012 or 2013. i don't knw what is this mm in coming model.

  • AnonD-955101

Demongornot, 07 Nov 2020"Chill out a little" Say the guy who constantly ... moreYes that was me. Let me explain one more time politely.
Im not against phones without ffc, heck i will be the first one to buy it if there is a good solution.
Pop up, flip, or inder display implementation.
I have nothing against any software /hardware feature inless if its durability nightmare.
There needs to be diversity of course, but that also means phones with ffc and under display ffc.
But the majority of you comments are bashing the ffc/under display ffc and dont accepted any legitimate argument from peopole who want to have such a festure. If a phone with ffc and peopole who are using is are stupid than dont be surprised when peopole treat you the same way. maybe im sometimes very hostile, but you also need to be more self critical if you want your opinion to be taken more seriously.

Demongornot, 06 Nov 2020You are exactly the kind of peoples we don't need, if ... moreYou are exactly the kind of people who knows little how these things work.

AnonD-955101, 06 Nov 2020Chill out a little, Im a very polite, simple fella. But wh... more"Chill out a little"
Say the guy who constantly try to find every excuses to bash me since he was mad I didn't agreed that phones must always have a front facing camera, and come, everytime he can, and always, no matter what, disagree, in a more or less agressive tone.

No you are not, it is easily verifiable through the many comments you left on this websites, I will never say "I am always polite" because when peoples irritate me or insist for no reasons on things they shouldn't, I become impolite, and I perfectly know it, and it isn't even anger, this is what I consider appropriate answer, but don't write as if you are an innocents person who never did unsolicited impolite replies, because that would be a lie.

Your's also can't ignored.
Here is the first time we met on this subject :
Though strangely, the guy who used to do the same thing, "Emil Petrov" have the SAME profile link as your :
And the same location code too in this comment section, "MSE".
But even ignoring this and trying REALLY HARD to give you the benefits of the doubt, and imagining you were a newcomer.
Your first comments were amazingly dense, starting talking about cars, and actively opposing phones without front camera.
It is hard to tell if you were voluntarily faking not understanding or made the amazing achievement of really not understanding a lot of well written and very detailed comments, but you were really starting to get on my nerves, and you did became quite fast insulting.

Because, like I said a bazillion times, I fight for DIVERSITY, and at the moment there is near no phone at all with such characteristic, and as I also told you another bazillion times, I do it with basically every features that are not invasive, rare or disappearing but that peoples would like/want.
And ANY of those features, if they become popular enough, I'll leave them be if they aren't invasive or could be undesired for some users, and the difference is easy to understand, a punch hole, if you don't want it you still have to deal with it, a 3.5mm Jack if you don't want it you can perfectly ignore it.
And if features that for the moment are invasive by their pure number but are liked become popular, I will defend them too, like the top bezel, I don't want a phone with a top bezel as I want privacy that it can't allow for, but it is rare and seriously asked for, so I defend it, I often quote it as a desirable features that I would choose over X or Y punch hole/notch.

And again, something I said a bazillion times, I call peoples stupid when they are super dense, insist on things that are proven wrong, or that I have already explained, and I don't mean peoples PROVING ME WRONG, I really talk about peoples looping with the same argument despite it having been proven false or being obsolete.
And also explained a bazillion times, the reason I call those feature "stupid" is simply because the ONLY way to really change anything, is to fight aggressively, because those features have aggressively taken the market.

And what you don't understand despite me constantly explaining it to you times and times again, is that :
There is a HUGE difference between someone who, like you, oppose for absolutely NO REASONS a feature.
And someone who try to make this feature becoming a thing.
It will literally change nothing for you if you just were to stop that completely unjustified, useless and arrogant opposition.
But for all those who want this features, the fact that you, and other peoples doing the same, keep opposing, is the reason why what they want isn't available, that's why I aggressively talk about it, and I don't think I ever aggressively talked to someone about it without explaining the reason I defend it first and how their action have negative consequences for other and no positive or negative consequences for themselves.
You can say you don't like it, I don't care, it would just be your opinion, but actively fighting against this feature by being categorically against it and don't wanting it to exist, is NOT okay and will never be.
It is literally the same thing as you opposing the including of a colorblind option in a software/game/phone, you have literally no justification for doing so and other peoples want this feature, and the difference between you just don't liking it and other peoples don't having it is huge.
My agenda is simply, trying to make sure everyone have the possibility to find the device he like, what kind of egocentric person would ever fight against that ?

  • Anonymous

These people are experts in zoom and high resolution cameras. If not, ask to the people in Hong Kong....

[deleted post]I am not sure who this is addressed toward (both and independently, the two sentences).
Would you mind to clarify please ?

  • AnonD-955101

Demongornot, 06 Nov 2020No, the issue is literally you, if you loo, back, I was way... moreChill out a little,
Im a very polite, simple fella. But when somebody steps on my nerves and starts insulting than i have zero respect for that person.
Your behaviour just cant be ignored.
You will fight against removal of the front facing camera? Doesnt look like it.
Just count your comments where your are constantly fighting for the removal of the ffc.
As long as you call all the peopole who want ffc stupid and calling it useless, stupud festure there will be always peopole who'll fight against your agenda.

naap51d, 05 Nov 2020About time someone came up with a phone that has a RETRACTA... moreWas not a phone huh? Zoom s4 was a full fledged phone, what are you talking about?

  • AnonD-966083

Anonymous, 06 Nov 2020You do know that they're named after a flower, right?No flowers can save their failing ship - Exynos is garbage and will always will be.

As long as it’s saving us from these 5+ camera smartphones, I’m down with it

AnonD-955101, 06 Nov 2020If you want "PEOPOLES" to accept your opinion tha... moreNo, the issue is literally you, if you loo, back, I was way more polite about front facing camera before you came and constantly trolled me, you made me more agressive as an habit to deal with your constant trolling, negative answers.
Funnily, I don't do more than you always did, you were the one calling the idea of phone without front camera stupid, you were the one calling me out and disrespecting me for having a different opinion, you were disrespectful, hateful, mean and arrogant with me since the first interaction you had with me about front facing camera.

Also there is things that despite how many times I repeat them, in different ways, simply explained, you still can't understand.
One of those being that negatively talking about something rare or with low potentiality from happening can easily kill it, which is why it is more than just expressing an opinion, meanwhile, overly invasive things, like punch holes, or ultimately phone with a front facing camera, regardless how I say that, they will not disappear because of that.

But the more agressive and provocative the talk is about them, the more the "shock effect" impact peoples.
At the exact second a tech I criticize will stop to be invasive, I'll stop criticizing it aggressively, and even if I don't like it, though I can say I don't like it, I would actually start defending it, and yes, if phones started to loose their front camera, I'll defend phones with front camera.
This is something I said since a while, and I am not afraid to say, "go and read older comments I made" in a websites where you can't edit them after 10 minutes.
That's what you still fail again and again to understand, even though I fight more often for what I prefer, I still fight for every rare features that deserve a chance, and I make extra sure that everything I say go in that way only.
Meanwhile you, you were literally badmouthing a feature that have nothing to do with you, that wouldn't cause anything negative if it did become more popular, and only participated in making it less likely, while already being so rare there is no choice available and still many peoples wanting it.
And this, is regardless how you put it.

  • AnonD-955101

Demongornot, 06 Nov 2020You are exactly the kind of peoples we don't need, if ... moreIf you want "PEOPOLES" to accept your opinion than instead of calling the features we like such as ffc stupid and useless and at the same time calling everybody stupid and how we dont understand a thing,you should accept the others opinions to.
Your opinion is not the issue whatsoever, but the way you're expressing it.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-966083, 05 Nov 2020With the use of Samsungs garbage, inferior, sh*tty, low-tie... moreYou do know that they're named after a flower, right?

djst, 06 Nov 2020Bro, you speak about no negativity, not telling you not to ... moreThe issue, as I already explained, is that those kind of statements, because you aren't just saying "I think moving parts would/could cause that", you STATE "moving part WILL cause that", is exactly what killed the pop up.
If you want to write a personal opinion, write it as such, not as a factual statement that you haven't even checked, and actually IS wrong.

For the exact same reason, any smartphones sold in approximately the same numbers that you can compare where one have IP rating and the other have any outside moving parts, YOU WILL find that there are way more reports of water and/or dust damaged/killed for the IP rated one, not because they perform worse against water, but because of the cognitive biased of peoples thinking that IP = Submarine that can be used whatever you want in water, while it is a vague certification performed on few and brand new devices on a test in lab condition that isn't repeatable nor hold with time, even Huawei themselves (as an exemple, many other do, it just happen to be the last I did read) say it on their website :


[QUOTE]Your device has been tested in a controlled environment and certified to be splash, water, and dust resistant in specific situations (meets requirements of classification IP68 as described by the international standard IEC 60529).

Water and dust-proofing are not permanent, and resistance may decrease as a result of normal wear over time. Do not charge the phone when it is wet or in moist environments. Refer to the manual for cleaning and drying instructions. Submersion in liquid and the resulting damage is not covered by the warranty.

*IP68 rating means that based on certain defined test conditions, the device is protected against harmful ingress of static water at up to 1.5 meters, for up to 30 minutes, meanwhile the temperature difference between water and device is not more than 5K.[END QUOTE]

The pop up and many other things would have been way more popular (and it would have been great for diversity) if it wasn't for those constant fear speechs that are nothing but myths that doesn't hold any truth and couldn't be further from the reality, but give to a non techie person that did found the pop up neat and cool reading such discours, and obviously he wouldn't want it anymore.
On the beginning, the pop up was extremely hyped and popular, and despite that it actually proved to not have any issues and hold quite well the test of time, all those focus on supposed potential possibilities of maybe having a chance to eventually have such issues caused their doom, it work for pop up, flip camera, slider phones, gimbal camera and any other non static thing.

Heck take exemple on the Mars Rover Opportunity, it was made to operate only 90 days, 3 months, and anything more was pure bonus, it is made out of hundreds of moving parts spread between wheels (both wheels motor and 90°+ steering on 4 of them), the Rocket-Bogie system that itself is made out of free moving parts, the robotic arm, the instrument head, the rock grinder, the panoramic camera mast and head, the high gain antenna, and those are only the parts that are actively used during the mission, there was a lot more things that required to move during its deployment.
This rover have gone through the vibration and high G of a rocket launch, a 7+ month travel through space, a reentry followed by a single stage supersonic parachute deployment, a rapid rocket deceleration, literally a series of bouncing on the surface, then after that he hard to survive the extremely low temperature environment, so cold that a part of its power is required to heat up the electronic components inside, the high radiation and the extremely dusty environment of Mars.
Keep in mind that for any space related things, weight is critical, so you don't overdo parts, if they are engineered to last 3 months, they aren't made super tough just so they can last more...
And despite the 3 month initial planed lifetime and in all those conditions, this moving part filled beast lasted over 14 darn years !

So much for telling as a fact that moving parts get issue with dust and are more susceptible to break, mainly considering that what doomed this rover was his electronic.
The American Space Shuttle, STS, had 2 and a half millions moving parts !
It was still human rated and the two shuttle loss were totally unrelated to moving parts, it was actually static parts (an O-Ring, and a protection tile) that caused the doom of the two missions.

So because you don't believe in moving parts doesn't mean you should state as facts they are X or Y while it have been proven sense literally millennia that this is not the case and that moving parts, if they are properly made, are extremely reliable.

So except if you plan to use your phone as a paddle or to platen a bucket of dust, truth is there is very little changes that any water or dust related issues ever happen in years.

I bet you that those speech about "water", "dust", "wear", "chances of failure", "moving parts are bad", "the industry want to avoid moving parts" and such, have been written more time (and I only talk about Smartphone related one here) than the actual number of times those issues occurred.
I am even sure we can reduce it down to the number of persons that wrote that (because those are often the same saying that again and again) that is still lower than any permanent damage or broken smartphone's moving part, or even down to pop up themselves.

So you aren't telling me what to choose, but this speech, from you and every other who say the same thing cause those things to be so rare that there is no choosing anymore.

By the way, have you ever noticed that this is ALWAYS the same speech, the same buzz words, the same arguments, you know why ?
Because since some new articles stated what was probably concerns of potential issues, since it was first twisted into "it WILL break" (that imply quickly, way faster than the normal lifespan of the phone, it is fragile, etc), everyone simply copied the same exact speech, without once checking if this is accurate or not.

This is kinda like an ode to the old Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom and Galaxy S5/K zoom.

Demongornot, 05 Nov 2020I LITERALLY just posted this on Android Authority about the... moreBro, you speak about no negativity, not telling you not to choose? Where I was telling you not to choose? It's just you take it personal. For me and obvious in general moving parts don't make device safe comfortable.
In this Xiaomi case, camera will go front, like a compact cameras lenses and it will be easier to hit it from the side (by accident) so it will have more chance to be damaged.
I don't say that result of photography will be worse, no (need to wait to value), but moving parts just make more chances device to be damaged by water or mechanically.

  • Wongwatt

I'd buy one of these on day 1, that's exactly what I'm looking for.