Nokia 6300 4G and 8000 4G detailed: KaiOS-powered takes on the classics

05 November 2020
The 8000 4G will be based on 8800 models like the Gold Arte, but will come in other colors too.

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RedFlame, 02 Jan 2022KaiOS is pretty good enough, but I'm not gonna lie tha... moreIf we're kind of geek and techy enough, we might just possibly install OmniSD or jailbreak the device to install Gerda OS.

KaiOS is pretty good enough, but I'm not gonna lie that Symbian is actually better, if it wasn't left away alone. The only thing I would want to find from KaiOS is perhaps, the multitasking feature and way more smoother and faster performance (which is somewhat difficult to manage for them considering the hardware specs, such a feat achieved by the Symbian Ltd), just wish it would come by the next months.

  • Jackpot

Unfortunately no USB-C...

BALVINDERSINGH, 08 Nov 2020Kai os is worst, even nokia 3310 b/w os is better then kaio... moreDefinitely agree.

  • Ahmad Raza

Nokia is Completely Mental. This world is only Android soo far.

Kai os is worst, even nokia 3310 b/w os is better then kaios. Symbian is the best option.

  • cce

4G with 1,500 mAh !

  • Johnny

To see the 8800 made from copper would be nice.

  • Manjit

Kai OS is worst Operating system....
Develop symian

  • Chitesh

I recived my 1st call from my mother in nokia 1600 when I'm in 13year old thanks to nokia .....And I think I need nokia 6300 cause nokia gives me sweet memories thank you nokia ..

  • AnonD-82756

Kai OS is trash it is horrible to use having used it myself it's a mess.

Get symbian back the best

  • Ras

My Nokia is 2.1 my phone start proplem when I updated to android 10. The phone lost network s every time it hangs 2 hours without using. Even I don't know what's to do with this phone tell where to return it because I ve never have proplem like this I can't browse if I try it hangs plz help

HMD does everything possible to keep the Nokia brand living in 2005 instead of evolving and living in the present.

Talking about the future already sounds like a joke ...

  • Mrs shivani tyagi kh

Gowind. , 07 Nov 2020Nokia is Nokia.Nokia phone battery must be hy renge more power battery Nokia phone is good but prise and battery and ram us less

  • Venerj

Exiced to get one!


  • Benbillionaire

Can't wait for themnto come out, definitely buying one. I already have the Nokia banana phone

  • Gowind.

Nokia is Nokia.

I Hope Nokia like this Phone type, should be Support Hotspots, Bluetooth hotspit...

  • Sarika

NokiaFE, 06 Nov 2020Sir , your GOLDEN comment must be said to HMD personally.Dear Nokia please come up with a small display phone, light weight, dual sim, in variations of 4, 6 & 8gb Ram, decent camera... Tats all weare looking for and waiting for... Please consider