Nokia 6300 4G and 8000 4G detailed: KaiOS-powered takes on the classics

05 November 2020
The 8000 4G will be based on 8800 models like the Gold Arte, but will come in other colors too.

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  • Yolobs

A querty phone from E or C with android go plz .

Good old Nokia devices, I remember using them back in the day, with most of my friends having at least one. The 8800 at the time was like a luxury phone, until the $500 N95 arrived. I'd still like to have one of these, having owned a 216, and 230 from the recent lineup and currently an 8110 4G, which is fun to play with

Well, at least there's no doubt whether they're coming with a USB-C port or not.

Hard pass.

  • Jim

Mmh i can't wait to have this back, they made my childhood