Better Business Bureau finds T-Mobile to be misleading Americans about 5G in ads

06 November 2020
T-Mobile has agreed to change the wording of its claims about 5G.

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  • Ibx
  • 21 Nov 2023

I think I'm hooked up to the Affordable connect program and they just aren't saying anything and allowing me to continue paying my regular bill. One time I had to get a pre paid to pay my bill but for some reason it wouldn't go through so I had to go to a local outlet . Right after I paid cash the ore paid card went through and even with verification they wouldn't credit or reimburse my money ?

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    • NAR
    • YhQ
    • 19 Nov 2023

    I think my cost is too high and they are charging me for lease on several phones that have not been used for years and they have been informed of this. When questioned customer service about this, the rep hung up. Received a text later said they would call about the issue. Did not call.

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      • Jpoodonu
      • rgY
      • 06 Nov 2023

      T-Mobile services are absolutely terrible if I’ve have had 5g than give me back 4g service has been completely unstable Ann in south Florida where they have the best coverage for 5g it’s terrible every since sprint merger I haven’t had stable service

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        • American Joker
        • k}R
        • 03 Nov 2023

        Captain, 26 Jul 2023Been a customer for over 10 years and moved to a area that ... moreTake them to arbitration, everyone should. Read the contracts.

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          • Roy R
          • j7C
          • 27 Oct 2023

          Ripped Off Consumer, 20 Sep 2023I made the mistake of signing up for T-Junky Mobile. I got ... moreSimilar experience. Gateway was DOA. I moved it all over the house, called tech support and gave callback number, never got call back. Then I deleted and downloaded app second time, moved Gateway to spot the App chose, still got 3 bars, App still says "Connection is Good". Gateway WiFi signal is still strong to all six devices. Open web browser 1 out of 5 times it would connect for 8 to 12 seconds never longer then "Safari cannot connect to the page . . ." look at Settings WiFi and see "No Internet Connection." Switch devices and try again, same problem, only 20% of the time will Gateway connect and never more than seconds. If you do get a connection, it dies on first link clicked. Tried on my phone using my cellular data, no problem. Luckily, I had not canceled my cable internet, so go to settings, select cable WiFi and voila - I have internet. So, go to settings, switch back to Gateway = "No Internet Connection." Now, delete the Gateway network, reset the Gateway, verify signal (still "Good Connection" to 5G) verify WiFI signal (still strong) but "No internet connection". Run Cat 5 cable from Gateway to computer, "No internet connection." Call tech support, put name on callback second time. Never got a call back. I did this every day, sometimes two times for over a week, moving the Gateway all over the house. Frustrated, I take it to store where it came from and was told they would not accept the Gateway, it is not their problem. I need to call Tech Support, who still has not returned a single phone call. Can't use it, can't sell it, can't get rid of it and like O.P. no credit. To top off the insult with an injury, T-Mobile cellular will not maintain signal to CarPlay in brand new F-150 and weak (1 bar) signal from Hot Springs, AR to Broken Bow, OK. Can't listen to music, can't make a call. So . . . T-mobile is misleading Americans on more than just the 5G home internet.

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            • Ripped Off Consumer
            • yqu
            • 20 Sep 2023

            I made the mistake of signing up for T-Junky Mobile. I got the internet Gateway which croaked within 3 months, they provided a return label, I paced it on the box and returned the gateway, they sent me another gateway but refused to credit me for the one returned, said they couldn't track it, I never wrote down the UPS label info, but they can't track their own label. This org is a complete joke. They kept charging me for service when in fact it was shut off because of the returned gateway. I gave them a California wave.

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              • Pat
              • kgA
              • 26 Aug 2023

              As Sprint, I was offered the opportunity to trade in my old phone for a Galaxy S22. I took advantage of this offer and then T mobile took over. I have receipts showing that I turned in my old phone when I received the new one. However T mobile will not recognize that it was a a cash free trade in. They are charging me for a phone that I would not have purchased. I have been fighting to have this charge removed from my bill for well over a year now.. I have been told "Tough Luck" by T mobile.

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                • g4x
                • 21 Aug 2023

                Blah, 12 Jun 2023Never been throttled one time with them. I use over 1TB a m... moreThey are trying to find anything and every little thing to charge people more money, or should I say rob people of their money. They now want a $5.00 fee for in store bill payment. I am the one taking the trouble to come to their facility to make the payment and they want even more money for that. Ridiculous!!!! It is price gouging and corporate greed! T-Mobile sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                  • Captain
                  • 7C@
                  • 26 Jul 2023

                  Been a customer for over 10 years and moved to a area that had no service so I canceled my account and I have been trying to return 3 phones for over a year every time I go in they tell me they can't do it. When I call customer care which is usually someone who I can barely understand tells me yes go in but now they are saying no and I owe for the phones what a joke never again will I recommend them

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                    • Liz
                    • qxR
                    • 25 Jul 2023

                    Elle, 24 Jul 2023I loved Sprint. Never had one issue. Since T Mobile took ov... moreSame!

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                      • Elle
                      • 43N
                      • 24 Jul 2023

                      Anonymous, 18 Jul 2023The worst service ever! I was on sprint over 25 years, alw... moreI loved Sprint. Never had one issue. Since T Mobile took over it’s awful. Never have any service

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                        • MsBitsch71
                        • Ib5
                        • 20 Jul 2023

                        i have been with tmobile for almost 7 years now. i have not once had my services shut off and i have not ever been late on any of my bills. i have purchased multiple devices from tmobile and yes i have paid several of the items that i have purchased whether they were for my son's or so called best friends who not once offered to help me out with my phone bill which has been close to $400 a month and i only receive ssi and i also have home wifi through tmobile aswell. i have been waiting for my replacement phone to come since june 26th 2023. i just finally got it july 18th 2023. tmobile not ever had to wait for me to pay my phone bill and paid 2 weeks early every single month since november 2016. i have a very huge issue with tmobile and the 1st is, their employees get paid good to promise their customers the things that they have promised me and then to find out eventually that they will blowing smoke up my ass just to get me off the phone because i am absolutely and positively one of them crazy customers who doesn't give up easy on multiple issues and i have many times straight up have been completely straight forward and i didn't give up on my fight especially when i knew that i was in the right on alot of problems and issues. i honestly believe that for the customers who have been just like me and made sure that even though i was always on time with my payments and that has purchased several different devices and paid many off, tmobile should have a special promotion for us. like for an example, give us credit towards our monthly bill especially when you pay a $400 bill for countless months without problems. my oldest son was on my account and he was very sick and was diagnosed with multiple medical complications that were not able to fix, and therefore he passed away very slowly and was in alot of pain and on dialysis 3 times a week and he passed away in october 26th 2022. i can't even try to think of some way to deal with this emptiness and the feeling that i let my son down because i could not fix him. he was in renal failure stage 5 and yes, my baby bledto death in 2 and a half days. malpractice and i can't find any luck with seeing if i have a lawsuit against the hospitals and the primary care providers. they all failed my son and he left 2 daughters and the oldest is fixin to be 16 and a 4 year old and every single day they are without their father. i am struggling aswell but i don't have anyone who even cares about what we're going without. and then ofcourse every single month i have to pay for the bill because nobody wants to offer me anything towards my bill.
                        tmobile, i think that it is about time that ya'll show your customers just exactly how much you appreciate us that take care of our priorities

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                          • Ibx
                          • 20 Jul 2023

                          Anonymous, 18 Jul 2023The worst service ever! I was on sprint over 25 years, alw... moreI have Tmobile, cell phone and a Tmobile tablet. Their Customer Service is always Super Courteous and polite but often can't do miracles. I can see the tower and the lowest dish on it is facing the opposite direction so I guess I'm lucky to even get 4G signal. Often I used to have to go outside to use my cell phone. If I had a Dollar for each time they've told me that there is a work order in process for my issue. Super customer service after regular hours from the Philapines. Overall Tmobile service reminds me of my first cell phone in 1975.

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                            • RXMOMMY
                            • RqD
                            • 19 Jul 2023

                            when the merger was completed I lost 5G service, I didn't know but I found out once they switched me to a 5g plan. How? I got no service. Only 4g was available. And i was charged for 5g Home Internet.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • Ijh
                              • 18 Jul 2023

                              The worst service ever! I was on sprint over 25 years, always had service. This past March since the merger was finalized with T-Mobile, the acquisition, I am barely able to use my phone. My calls cut off! There is never "a network available". If I have an emergency, I cannot make or take a call. Calls go directly to vm! My texts get stuck. And when I call them, their answer is "oh your area has good service". My response is "well I dont" Then they say I may have to upgrade to a newer phone!

                              I complained to the FCC. Why would TMobile pick up Sprint customers, they cannot support and not even offer a credit for their bad service, in good faith?! Terrible awful unreliable company. Oh and looking up anything online on my phone, cant do it! I cant even connect to wifi in my apt. Atrocious! I have a mind to take them to court for each month billing, they have not served me but charged me in full. Run fast, get another provider!

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                                • IbK
                                • 12 Jun 2023

                                Still Employed, 21 May 2023You were definitely fired from TMobile. Never been throttled one time with them. I use over 1TB a month, consistently, not home internet but regular mobile phone. Trick is to pay the extra $10 bucks for HD viewing, why it makes a difference, i don't know, but it does and it has for years now. I hotspot constantly and go over the limit of the hotspot every month, says i only have 10gigs of hotspot, pffft nope, using over 500gigs on the hotspot.

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                                  • 21 May 2023

                                  Kitty, 15 Mar 2023Something needs to be done about this company and the way t... moreThey never told you that lol

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                                    • Still Employed
                                    • Tax
                                    • 21 May 2023

                                    Anonymous, 22 Apr 2023Well as a past employee I'd like to point out that we ... moreYou were definitely fired from TMobile.

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                                      • ILb
                                      • 22 Apr 2023

                                      minitaur, 31 Mar 2023I don't know about their 5g service but I've been... moreWell as a past employee I'd like to point out that we lied to customers of Verizon and other's to lure people to come to TMobile with bogus claims that we were better faster etc. It's all nonsense like that map of coverage. The 50 dollar unlimited home 5g internet is absolutely throttled.if you actually get faster speeds than 35mbs than it just meant that you were new to TMobile, cause they would throttle customers after so long as a business practice, We we're told to lie to customers nonstop and pretty much read off a prewritten script of answer's when someone called tech to find out why it wasn't working correctly or the Nokia gateway overheated ,We also would throttle customers if they weren't passing around the T-Mobile unlimited is amazing thing to people, anyone who talked us up were given priority over customer's who talked badly about the company. You think it's by accident that some customers have great service and other's don't ,than you're sadly mistaken. I used to answer hundreds of calls a week to lie to customers and tell them coverage is not available in your area , because of one customer who was listed as priority , usually someone with social status lived in there area . We couldn't give a gateway to everyone in that area ,or the priority customer would have barely existent service. But by all means keep talking TMobile up .

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • IbG
                                        • 12 Apr 2023

                                        I am staging a tower pulldown this week as this is the only way to show them we mean buisiness. I suggest any anle bodied do the same. Lets show these corporate goins that WE determine their wealth.