Better Business Bureau finds T-Mobile to be misleading Americans about 5G in ads

06 November 2020
T-Mobile has agreed to change the wording of its claims about 5G.

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  • Rforbes

I agree T-MOBLIE CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS. I have been attempting to set up online account for over a month now. No one can assist in getting access to the online area.

  • PissedinPittsburgh

My mind is blown by how many loops ive had to jump thru just upgrade my iphone 7 to a 13. Sprint and t-moblie arent supproting 3g anymore so YOU HAVE TO UPGRADE.
- First: I went to Apple store and bought a new iphone 13, but they cannot apply the offer to your purchase, so I had to take the new phone back and reactivate my old phone.
Second: went to a t-mobile store and they said they cannot give me the new iphone 13, that i have to call them to order it. I did that and the rep dumped a bunch tracking devices to the order and popsocket thing...the whole time she mumbled and i could barely understand her. I just kept saying, ALL I WANT IS THE PHONE/
THIRD: I get the phone and theres the trackers i dont want and the popsocket. I take the box to the t-mobile store and the guys there are like "they should have never sent you any of that" and explained i'd need to call customer service to return the trakcers AND THAT THEY COULDNT ACTIVATE THE PHONE cause its a family plan and i'm not a "delegate" and that the main account holder would have to call and add me as a delagate.
FORTH: I call customer support and they cancel the tracker insurance and sai thye have to send a return box for the trackers. i then try to have them activate the new phone which took 40 minutes then the person said to hold and never came back cause they didnt know what thtye were doing. I then called back and the girl and i got cutoff when she went to activate my phone.

....I'm literally without a phone now....just sitting here typing this....I'm losing a an antire day cause customer support is so bad.....I would run from this company....RRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNN

  • ADB

I have been with Nextel/Sprint for 21 years. So I thought no biggy another merger. Well now the true colors come out forced to get a new phone because I have a old smartphone Galaxy S7 never had a problem with, they have NO "deals" for us but to get a crappie cheap smartphone or pay out my you know what. So I want to add a 3rd line for my kid and went to T-mobiles website great 3rd line free and I get to get a phone that is descent. NOPE I can't get that deal because I have sprint and even though they are working under separate entities have to change my number, but if I go to Verizon I could get pretty much the same deal (a little more)and keep my #. I think if I'm still consider a Sprint customer I should be able to get New customer deal at T-mobile and keep my #.

  • Anonymous

I had the good and bad of Sprint for 14 years. It only took a month of T Mobile’s absolute garbage service and sales tactics to run me off.

  • Anonymous

Very Deceptive promotions misleading. Cannot return iphone/ipods not open 2 days after purchased

  • Namcy

Sprint user, merged with T-Mobile. Went to local office too see since they switched my SIMS card, my phone has not been working. I had to contact customer service, transferred 4 times, the last person from T- Mobile hung on me. POOR customer service. I was told to contact manufacturers to see why it wasn’t working. I have a Velvet 5G Android. I still pay for our phones. I have no call outs or call ins..I’m not sure what to do!

  • T-Mobile sucks

Angel, 05 Nov 2021Sprint was great for many years. Once we were forced to cha... moreSame here
We loved sprint
Now that they were bought out by T-Mobile, it’s been nothing but crap service for us. If anyone knows a way out, helllpppp

  • Anonymous

Horrible frome day 1. In fact on day 1 we left the store because they didn't program our phones correctly. That should have been our first clue. Then 6 months later, 2 phones broke, would not charge. We started a warranty exchange, we had to cancel because of the lousy customer service. They said the phone was charging, took it home and used the charger it came with, didn't charge. So after being treated horrendous, canceled that order, and took the phones to another store. At that store, they looked at it and said it was the port, they put another order to exchange. A few days later, I got a call, the phones were there. I asked if I could go the next day. Sure, no problem they said.
Next day, the store never opened up. Was told they were closing some stores, canceled the order again. Put a new order in, waited again and finally they came. We did the transfer and sent 2 original phones back. T mobile said they only got 1. Called on 2 separate occasions, and was told that they found them in the warehouse. Someone didn't log a phone in. We thought that was settled but it is a charge again on my bill. No one looks into records or notes from the account. I have to repeat the whole story every time. It is the worst experience of my life with a cell company. I truly want to get a lawyer.

  • Angel

Sprint was great for many years. Once we were forced to change to T-mobile, had nothing but trouble. Drooped calls, calls can't be made/received, other persin can't hear me or I can't hear them in the middle of a conversation. Absolutely ridiculous. If I wasn't leasing my sons phone, I would move to another cell company

  • Anonymous

I left T mobile years ago they kept maling mistakes on my billing.....Went to sprint for over 13 years never had any forced back to t moble with an unlocked phone that is almost new and they are telling me it will work then no it wont....Right now all I get is call ended an almost every number I call.... I am going to verizon ASAP

  • update

Disapointed at least, 03 Nov 2021I was a Sprint customer for many years and had to go to T-M... moreSo, they won't even help over the phone. she must now be able to log into MY account and try to do this online. The WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!

  • Disapointed at least

I was a Sprint customer for many years and had to go to T-Mobile. As they are phasing out the older phone lines had to upgrade my mothers phone I provide her. She lives in another state. No problem, log into my account, pay full price (because they wont discount anything forcing you to change) had it sent to her. She goes to the store to get help activating it (she has a hard time with these things) And they "can't" help because I bought it from the old Sprint web site. No she has to try to do it on her own with, in my experience so far, the worst customer services reps on the planet. I paid full price because I was lied to about billing already. too much hassle with this company. When my "buy one get one" deal is up, I'm never going back.

  • Knuckles

T Mobile Down Right Sucks!! Here again Sprint when away, forced into T Mobile, purchased a new phone, has their Sim card in so it will supposedly work and the service is terrible!! Call up to the Sprint store in Chambersburg, now T Mobile and they will not answer the phone! Called there so Called support and I'm being told that with their Sim card in the phone it will only link to their towers, no roaming to someone else's tower. W. T. F. Good is that? We will be looking for a new carrier asap. WANT MY ADVICE...STAY AWAY FROM T MOBILE!!

  • Anonymous

I was forced to switch over from Sprint to T-Mobile after learning that sprint was shutting down. Not only did I have to purchase a new phone the service sucks. My new I phone says 5G i did a speed test an found to be getting a whopping .16 megs per second and that's all day long and i only receive only one bar of service NO THANKS CRAP MOBILE

  • Boston

T Mobile is a true lie. There is no 5G, when I am driving I can no longer get map directions. There is no cellular data most of the time. Unless I am at home using my WiFi, I can barely get any cellular service for maps, music, and general reading on the internet. Yes, I have all the settings correct.

  • aAngry

The coverage map is a fraud. T-Mobile is a fraud company. They literally don't have towers where they claim to have coverage. A physical impossibility. Fraud.
The BBB is fraud. BBB gives T-Mobile an A+ rating with 90% disapproval from it's customers.

  • Anonymous

Dav, 27 Sep 2021Why are they letting T-mobile monopolize? I ask myself the same thing.

  • Not happy

I was forced to switch over from Sprint to T-Mobile after learning that sprint was shutting down. Not only did I have to purchase a new phone the service sucks. My new I phone says 5G i did a speed test an found to be getting a whopping .16 megs per second and that's all day long and i only receive only one bar of service NO THANKS CRAP MOBILE

  • Fedup

So after being emailed to death about switching over from Sprint to TM, I got on text with a rep to discuss the change over. My bill with Sprint is 83.00. TM will be 116.00 for same plan. They said the phone I own (Samsung 8+) will not work on their network although their website says it does. Then they told me I would have to change my phone number that I have been using for 20 years. When they saw they were losing me they said that I could get up to 500.00 trade in on my old phone. I told them I would be looking into other alternative carriers. No service could be good enough to warrant all the crap they wanted to put me through! Oh, and after text session ended (since I could never get a straight answer to my trade in value question) I checked on the site to find out it would be a whopping 14.00. To hell with TM. Miss you Sprint. We were so happy for 20 years!

  • Anonymous

Jess from NC, 21 Oct everybody please go check it out. I have a... moreThey switched. E to TMobile from Sprint when I went in to ask about prices! No one will even correct the issue! They are liars and their coverage is terrible!
I miss my Sprint service!