The Apple M1 is the first ARM-based chipset for Macs with the fastest CPU cores and top iGPU

10 November 2020
A 5nm chip with 16 billion transistors, this chip has twice the CPU and GPU performance of the 10W chips that Apple used in older Macs.

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  • Anonymous

gaming =Amd ,intel and nvidia ,this joke fast LOL , ryzen baby is real cpu

  • Anonymous

Note 20 Ultra, 12 Nov 2020Work almost similar configurations, what is the real differ... moreMacbook Pro have a fan. Macbook Air do not.

So Macbook Pro in theory can sustain longer work load.

  • DK

Can someone please tell me (not guesses) the materials used to make an M1 processor?
thank you.

Anonymous, 11 Nov 2020The performance boost doesn't at all come from the ARM... morewhy not switch to AMD which is better than intel?

Work almost similar configurations, what is the real difference between Air and Mac Book Pro and Mini ? It is just the form factor?

  • R.B

Arm on a pc?? It's just like an Ipad with keyboard attached to it. Although it's slightly more powerful(?), but I think the industry is not ready for the change. Most pc apps are running in x86 or x64. Arm are known for their simple task things such as things they can do with their phone or tablet. I still can't see the M1 chip used as a professional chip because I think it's limited to the architecture. You can't play x86 games or apps, and that's a lot of em.

  • Anonymous

Nintendo should use this chip for their switch pro

  • Anonymous

Android Authority, 11 Nov 2020Developers couldn't port games from Windows all these ... morePeople buy Mac for video editing and photoshop not gaming

haydoss, 11 Nov 2020Yes, its kinda weak but its pretty crazy for a 10W SOC that... moreThat means that apple can cool the chip more, therefore clocking it higher without loosing as much power.

Anonymous, 11 Nov 2020It can easily coexist if there's a market for it, if t... moreDevelopers couldn't port games from Windows all these years when Macs were running Intel based x86 platform, you think they are gonna be able to do it with ARM? LOL.
Nobody dares to buy Mac if gaming is a priority.
Windows is the king of PC/Laptop gaming.

  • Anonymous

Fighto50, 11 Nov 2020Either apple is breaking the laws of physics or they are pl... moreApple should develop a neural engine to run Microsoft Office and Chrome browser faster, then people would appreciate their artificial neurons.

  • Anonymous

The performance boost doesn't at all come from the ARM architecture, it comes ONLY from the 5nm process, which is of course much better than intel's 10 nm.

  • John Nay R

Wonder how much may it cost with an equation of price over performance

  • abd

The 15 billion transistor kirin 9000 with integrated 5G ,,, If only Apple had their own 5G technologies ... Something like kirin 9000 in this would be even cooler

  • blue.sun

Well, the 10W TDP does not mean that the chipset (if it counts for the whole chipset, which I seriously doubt, since GPU is discussed separately) consumes just 10 W at full speed. So the comparison is absolutely out, but that's the power of Apple marketing.

  • Anonymous

Zero, 10 Nov 2020I have to agree that GPU wise is underwhelming, but conside... moreIt's not underwhelming when you consider that the Soc draws like 10W and that kind of performance at 10W is very impressive, the 1050ti is comparable in tflops, but it draws 75W, if apples claims are real then hats off to them, very impressive performance per watt

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Nov 2020Thats pretty weak for todays tech, apple just doesnt got it... moreIt is weak when compared to GPUs that themselves consume over 100w of power but compared to stuff that draws 10W of power which the M1 does it's very much impressive

  • Anonymous

NOUFAL, 10 Nov 2020Seems next ipad pro can run Final cut pro X Even the current one can, the dtk was a A12z chip inside a mac mini chassis and apparently that thing did good, the only question that remains is is apple going to develop final cut for the ipad

  • Anonymous

Android Authority, 11 Nov 2020No matter how much optimized the hardware and software comb... moreIt can easily coexist if there's a market for it, if there's a market, developers will port their games over to Mac OS simple as that and with the M1 if Apples figures are to be believed it's gonna be the most capable Mac for gaming with integrated graphics ever, but you know only independent reviews will tell the whole story

  • Anonymous

Rzr, 11 Nov 2020No, at least not without a VM or some sort of compatibility... moreGuess you weren't watching the keynote, they have Rosetta 2 which according to them translates apps for intel into ARM based apps at install time, that goes for 99% of mac apps, the exceptions are the ones that have kernel extensions and VM apps, these will need to have a native app