HMD Global announces Nokia 6300 4G and Nokia 8000 4G

13 November 2020
A new take at two classics.

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  • Srinivasan

I want to purchase nokia 8000 and nokia 6300.

When the mobiles will be launched in online and stores

  • kariannee

Does the keyboard light up after power on ?

  • Anonymous

How could I get one 8000 4G Nokia feature phone

  • ISpeakFacts

if your phone is meant for social media put the 2mp cameras on the front as a web/selfie cam instead of the back and put a qwerty instead of dumbphone keypad. Opt bigger screen like the ones from the symbian era. There are so many other form factors that can be thought of to make these phones more usable and make nokia feature phones stand out in the market instead of solely expoliting and relying on nostalogia factor.

Simaka, 16 Nov 2020How much each ...and what about touch screen The price is in the article

  • Utakbolpen

Jooh, 15 Nov 2020Can u tell me what 4g is doing in this phone pls?? For Marketing and Promotion

  • bad think

bad think is about low resolution display and ips display, nokia 8800 have a oled display and crystal resolution

  • Yasas

I've a Nokia 8110 4G, first thing about a feature phone is that you can't expect the touch-android experience on it. 8110 hardware is good except lacking the extra two buttons introduced for 8000 and 6300 (so no multitasking). Kaios OS is the worst out there. So, if you wish to buy these devices, please be satisfied with OS which is not yet much developed and no signs of updates either. No proper response from Nokia or Kaios team. I'm so bored now.

  • Simaka

How much each ...and what about touch screen

  • Yash

Can this phone able to do call recording

Gandalfdenvite, 14 Nov 2020"4G", everyone else are now moving to "5G"!5G is a gimmick.. even big countries like India still use 2g and even 4g not installed fully.. it will take 3 or 4 more years to install 5g in India.. so if you buy 5g now however you need to upgrade after three years because of hardware aging and advancement in 5g over three years

Jooh, 15 Nov 2020Can u tell me what 4g is doing in this phone pls?? You couldn't even watch the embedded youtube video. I think the question should be re-iterated as "what are you doing with 4G?".. . .

It has WhatsApp youtube Facebook Google and maps and more..volte also.. you question what is 4g used for in this phones

  • Surya

Let us know when nokia E72 4G will be launched with wifi & hotspot features. Will prefer a qwerty keyboard feature phone rather than these. Qwerty keyboard will definitely be a game Changer.

  • Anonymous

Nice specs of nokia 8000 4g & 6300 4g. Are they coming to India? I will love to have it. Premium features.Keep it up nokia.

  • Jooh

Can u tell me what 4g is doing in this phone pls??

  • Jackpot

I just wish they would bring a KaiOS device with USB-C

is ot support VoLTE ? the power of "Feature Phone" is voice service...but u Know CS Voice already migrate to VoLTE, and Voice servixe via OTT (Whatsapp and the gank)

  • Gandalfdenvite

"4G", everyone else are now moving to "5G"!

  • The Albion

Subro, 14 Nov 2020Just Garbage all nokia phonesWhat do you know? Nothing I suggest.

  • Dilin Raj.

Anonymous, 14 Nov 2020Nope.. The best stereo speakers Nokia ever produced is in 6... moreYou are wrong.. 6233 is not the best nokia speaker..its just loudest nokia speaker.. quality wise its not the best..