HMD Global announces Nokia 6300 4G and Nokia 8000 4G

13 November 2020
A new take at two classics.

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  • Dilin Raj.

Anonymous, 14 Nov 2020Nope.. The best stereo speakers Nokia ever produced is in 6... moreYou are wrong.. 6233 is not the best nokia speaker..its just loudest nokia speaker.. quality wise its not the best..

  • Anonymous

They completely f#$d up the designs. Poor choice of materials. Too small display. Micro USB?? SERIOUSLY??

  • lol

I can remember Nokia phones in the old days, they were well built but the UI (menus) was the worst in the phone industry. These pictures ...with the 6 extra buttons around the 4 axis middle button not only speaks, screams at how cumbersome the user experience on these phones is. These phones ...maybe for collectors only.

  • Anonymous

L.O.R.D, 14 Nov 2020HMD sparing no effort to ruin the iconic past devices Yes, it's true: I think they're admitting that they failed and never be able to do anything well with Nokia, they are just killing the brand in order to don't let anyone else do anything with this brand. Dead and burried.

HMD sparing no effort to ruin the iconic past devices

I still remembered the days when my younger sister got herself the original 6300. I might buy the 6300 4G just for the sake of nostalgia and digital detox.

  • Syed

Does it has only wifi hotspot or wifi too?

  • wnb

sq2013, 13 Nov 2020It will sell. Look at the old gaming megadrive and master s... morei really, really hope that you are right on this one. i have always admired nokia phones in their heyday. robust, reliable, pretty little phones. you do make a point about using these semi-smart feature phones during holiday camping trips and the like. but i still wonder if they’re doing enough in the more mainstream smart phone category, where i think the money will really come in for a brand like nokia. i thought that HMD would leverage on the brand name’s reputaion. but i only see delays in releasing flagship and midrange handsets, which i think hurts them regain market share. they releasing nostalgia phones gives me the message that they are not focused on higher margin products. as i see that nostalgia phones are niche, i would like to believe that they are able to slap high profit margins on these, but, i highly highly doubt this. my impression is these are not high margin products and i doubt sales volume would be enough to bring in a sizable profit to fund R&D costs and enable them to compete better in the higher tech segment. i really can’t make out their strategy now. seems to me they’ve ran out of options (resources) and are just settling.
still, i’m rooting for a nokia rebound. if i recall correctly, i’ve read just recently that some well known tech companies (honestly can’t recall theur names) have invested in them.

  • Anonymous

ThunderCrackR, 13 Nov 2020''The 6300 4G design is nearly identical to the o... moreThe feature it possesses inside it software wise are different

Just Garbage all nokia phones

  • cyber

nokia 150 2020 looks more like old 6300 than this ugly thing

  • Anonymous

SpiritWolf, 13 Nov 2020Absolutely not. From that era, N82 was undisputed leader. Nope.. The best stereo speakers Nokia ever produced is in 6233.. Nokia 5800xm comes in second..

  • Anonymous

Plastic body?? VGA camera?? For God's sake the original one had stainless steel body and 2MP camera.. Can't they just repeat that?? Keep the plastics for the really basic feature phones.. This nostalgia edition must be special.. Them drop the ball hard this time (facepalm)

  • AM Bunny

This looks like another example when big names, where actual engineers worked for, are used to sell some of the lowest forms of design. FYI no engineering was involved. Bye HMD, we miss the real Nokia.

I remember when the Nokia 8000s were
made of glass and stainless steel.

And how's that design called ? 'Premium Class Like Design'.
Unfortunately it's neither glass or premium. Cheap @ss plastic all over.

Before trying (and failing) to revive theirs past icons, they should
focus on creating a current day decent flagship.

  • Anonymous

Do they really believe that owners of 8XXX series, the original ones, are going to buy this shit? They are very wrong. As a 8850 owner... f**** HMD...

Another piece of crap from them. And why even microUSB? Are they cleaning the junk from their oursourced partners? Because they don't manufacture nothing. So again overpriced old junk.

I'm sure that they are not even designing nothing. Only milking a brand they they already have destroyed in the phone's world. HMD is only a marketing facade.

  • BobZ

WTF!!! i thought they are remaking 8800s!
what is this nonsense!!!

  • Anonymous

we love android :)

  • Anonymous

Where is the 7.3 announcement?

  • blue.sun

HMD Nokia should really die. They just ruined the brand.