HMD Global announces Nokia 6300 4G and Nokia 8000 4G

13 November 2020
A new take at two classics.

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  • cyber

just pathetic

  • Anonymous

What a disappointment. Where is the metal body and side LED notifications on 6300? This phone has no characteristic.

If they are making the 8000 series, it should be a premium device.

I believe some users still want a dumb phone that can run whatsapp or other internet feature but with a premium chassis and excellent camera.

Useless HMD, shame for Nokia name...VGA cameras ??? For real ? Stupid people. I was looking forward to buy Nokia for all my future phones..but seeing how cheap HMD is, I'll just stick to Samsung.

  • Anonymous

Wann, 13 Nov 2020No front camera, for video call?Should have added one, even my 216 has one lol

  • Wann

No front camera, for video call?

  • AnonD-763241

That nokia 8000 series is very beautiful

Tech pro, 13 Nov 2020The one company thats moving backward...moreover they dint ... moreTruth.

I wish they would've made it with precious materials like aluminum/carbon fiber & sapphire, along with a software experience to match, like the late symbian belle OS.

The one company thats moving backward...moreover they dint even give the metallic and steel build,just cheap plastic...hmd global just milking the name of nokia


yuck, hmd ruined nokia legacy. replace metal with plastic and both phones nothing like the predessor. please next time if hmd want reborn clasic nokia listen what costumer want.

  • pan

i find the wifi hotspot feature a good addition for such price and capability... so it works like a portable wifi hotspot with a phone, ha ha... i usually use my xperia z3 for portable wifi hotspot for my laptop when i am out where no public wifi is available...

  • Anonymous

A real disappointment....