HMD Global announces Nokia 6300 4G and Nokia 8000 4G

13 November 2020
A new take at two classics.

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Still as brainless as usual after the downfall. Once a champion in every aspects but now, even LG and other brands succeeded far. They should outbreak their limits, at least should come out with a premium set which they did in the late 90s.

  • sq2013

wnb, 13 Nov 2020who would want to use an outdated keypad as a daily driver ... moreIt will sell. Look at the old gaming megadrive and master systems that were rebooted a couple of years ago.
Nostalgia is a serious draw and also I think that for the older market, it'll work. I work for a phone network and a lot of people over 60 don't want these massive touchscreen phones and struggle to use them. There's definitely a place for them. I might buy one as a second phone and I love the huge screen phones but a lot of people will buy these as a secondary phone for a holiday or something rather than taking away their pride and joy high end iphone or samsung.

  • sq2013

dph.abu.shofwan, 13 Nov 2020Beautiful looking. But they really should give better chips... moreI don't think that it can be done for two reasons really. Cost. They want to keep it low and that does mean a very budget chipset and also the form factor. It's such a small phone, I don't think that you can put power graphics processor and CPU. The battery life would suffer badly because you have to put in a small battery and also the more powerful processors would generate too much heat I feel.

nokia, are you wanna going to die like sony lg or blackberry? this is very expensive, smart people will buy used android phones than this.

Beautiful looking. But they really should give better chipset. The 210 is very old and also it is still using Arm Cortex A7 (32 bit) cores. There are Kai-OS device using A53 cores, albeit from Mediatek. Some people complain that whatsapp is very slow on the recent KaiOs Nokia phones. I suspect this is due to the chipset being so outdated.

Nokia 8000 4G is going to cost €80?? That's ridiculously high. For €110 you could get the Redmi 9

I still think feature phones have a place, but not with those prices and those pathetic cameras

  • Phone lover

Really? This is a disrespect to the 8800 series

  • wnb

they’re targeting a niche market where they can’t put a premium on the product. or are they? i’m really questioning HMD’s strategy. seems to me they’re just wasting investor’s money.

  • Anonymous

design flair only by nokia

  • wnb

Anonymous, 13 Nov 2020Me on the other hand find these devices atractive. Ther... moreon the business side of things, i doubt they’d be able to keep afloat with these products.

  • wnb

who would want to use an outdated keypad as a daily driver just for the sake of nostalgia? there’s a reason why all new phones use full touch screen nowadays. just focus on making a flagship worthy phone and release it while the chipset is still current flagship. you making these nostalgia phones speak nothing of your capabilities.

  • Anonymous

Me on the other hand find these devices atractive.

There are a lot of people who don´t need smartphones but a good feature phone with whatsapp just to stay in touch are exactly what they need.

I find these phones a much better job than what HMD is doing in the smartphone business.

HMD is using the Nokia brand name to ruin it further and further by introducing such trash phones in the name of nostalgia, and even a downgrade compared to the original phones. I can't believe they're still putting a VGA and 2-megapixel cameras on phones. Those were outdated ages ago, but Nokia still sticking to them

  • Concept Creator

The 6300 is so disappointing. The frame is just so bad.... And the front... the bottom what is that! Looks like a car that misses features.... Just looks bad.
for the 8000 not horrible, but the color reflection on the other colors then black doesn't work well.

  • macavity

PRoArtsy, 13 Nov 2020Why would I need WhatsApp or Facebook over necessary google... morei have a KaiOS phone and yes it did come with google maps and gmail

  • BMM

Countless studies have shown that a lot of people are addicted to smartphones, our tiny pocket computers. Non-cemical addictions are on the rise and have a harmful effect on mental health and wellbeing. One EU company (Mudita) is trying to make more people aware of this but their phone, while still very interesting, is overpriced. These type of Nokia phones are "semidumb" or "semismart" - still have maps, some social media and can be simply used as wifi hotspots for laptops and tablets, when you do need to be more productive or use social media. i think it can be a move in the right direction to make people use smartphones less and become more connected or even reconnected with their families and loved ones. Nokia's logo in the old days was "connecting people"...I think these devices in this day and age of lost connections between people is a really clever and even healthy move.

I prefer that Nokia is still dead to be looking at such stupid things that HMD is doing, because instead of spending money on something that nobody will buy, they do not take out one of the old N series and bring it to this era of great technological benefits? for this they revived the name of NOKIA ?? baaaa

Why would I need WhatsApp or Facebook over necessary google apps such as Maps or Gmail if I want to opt for feature phones at a smartphone price?

HMD like bringing the old retro look a like phones out,that's a good thing so don't get me wrong,but what market they looking for, we have all moved in and I miss my 8600 buy the way,camera was awesome on that at the time 🤳

  • cyber

just pathetic