First OnePlus 9 CAD renders surface

14 November 2020
Three cameras on the back, off-centered punch-hole selfie camera on the front.

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Looks like OnePlus is keeping the same flat screen design as in 8T. I definitely welcome that.

market no more needs same huge phones. All are same.

2021 must be 5" - 5,5" muscle phone year

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Fonerage, 16 Nov 2020Waiting for the apple troll so say its looks like an iPhone... moreIt looks like a Note 20 Ultra

M1999, 16 Nov 2020I also miss the sensors tbh. A punch hole looks nice, but t... moreI completely agree, though I don't find the punch hole elegant.
I am sure you would love my "concept" :
A punch hole which basically is on an "icons reserved" area/band on top of the display, where only notification and status icons are displayed on two lines (so we have more), and there are additional holes (why not on the edges or around the camera hole) for other sensors, this area would only read tactile in some specific conditions, the icons would normally be white on a black background but the user can enable wallpaper to spread up there, on a simply algorythm that make an RGB stripe style "ambiant light" like on those TVs where colors light are displayed around the TV itself, so the area have a matching color with the content you are watching with a smart "contrasting" color for the icons so they are always visible.
And when in landscape mode, the icons stay where they are, they are just switching from a left to right to a top to bottom configuration and rotated 90°.
The advantage is that the main display always have the same ratio as the status bar doesn't interfere with the usable display area anymore.
And the lower bezel would be thick enough for a big and high quality stereo speaker setup which would make for a good area to hold it too.

What you think about that ?
Personally I think this is how Apple should have implemented their notch, it would have been a specific area showing useful notifications rather than a dent on the display.

Svarrog, 16 Nov 2020And what alternatives do you suggest lol, flip/pop-up camer... morePlease explain how pop-up and flip cams become gimmicks? They both achieve fullscreen display and no, fullscreen display is not a gimmick. It's a necessity. Stupid notches and holes which cut into the display is what's completely unnecessary. The display is the only part you're constantly using and making any cuts or obstructions into it is stupid. Flip cams also lets you take selfie using the same hardware.

Gimmick is when it's not useful other than initial surprise factor.

Waiting for the apple troll so say its looks like an iPhone from the back.

  • M1999

Demongornot, 14 Nov 2020Without even talking about no front camera... Considering ... moreI also miss the sensors tbh. A punch hole looks nice, but there os just no room for other stuff. Also, those tiny bezels are just annoying as hell, I keep touching stuff I don't want to 😅

Oneplus - "Let's Try to be Samsung now " (Really their midrange phones are shit and samsung's midrange are much better than before if you don't mind exynos 9611 :P)

Probably cost $999 for generic looking phone.

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Sick design

  • AnonD-961247

Weight? And most importantly 3.5mm Jack? It is useless if no 3.5mm Jack and Ultra useless if above 165-170 gram weight.

I more excited to see the OnePlus 9 pro renders since it was one of the few phones this year without the rectangular camera array.

There's already been an under display camera equipped phone released and this trash still has a punch hole. Bs.

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I see some people that are desperate for some "future" tech... I think it looks great and would be happy with reasonable pricing and just the next iteration of features to upgrade to. (Would love the headphone jack but who am I kidding, It's more likely I make a million bucks with NIO calls then that happening)

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The, 15 Nov 2020If they still will not fit the front camera under the displ... moreOnePlus will never have some stuff before Oppo uses.

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6.7 inch screen? In a year the phones will look like a tablet, and our clothing pockets will be this big. And the tablets will be like Smart Tv, and the Smart Tv will be like beds. And our eyes will be tiny from how damaged it are. I read a comment, flat screen in the T version. I hope so, if I buy it, I will also buy a saw to cut it.

  • Svarrog

wbpwns, 15 Nov 2020Punch holes in 2021? G.t.f.o. oneplusAnd what alternatives do you suggest lol, flip/pop-up cameras? Feels like a gimmick, I much rather take punch-hole until they have figure out under display tech.

  • Yronk

pavan, 15 Nov 2020flat or curved display???? Curve display for pro and flat display for T version

  • i4in

And, of course, without eSim ... How many years must it take for manufacturers to realize that this is a must-have?

Punch holes in 2021? G.t.f.o. oneplus