Oppo teases Find X3 with new image capturing and display capabilities

18 November 2020
A new system ensures that images are captured, stored and displayed in the DCI-P3 color space with 10-bit color depth.

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Most of them will be present in op9 pro for cheaper price so if oppo don't do anything about price or atleast some spces it will overshadowed by op as usual

  • Nick112

YUKI93, 18 Nov 2020Expect to see Oppo's camera technology trickle down to... moreYeah, OnePlus 8 pro has 5x periscope camera..🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

The title should be Oppo teases OnePlus 9 Pro!

wbpwns, 18 Nov 2020All these explanation from oppo and people who buy it would... moreFunny that, I remembered seeing people pointing out that GCam port perform worse than the stock camera itself. Unfortunately, I forgot what phone in question.

Expect to see Oppo's camera technology trickle down to OnePlus. I mean, the OnePlus 8 Pro shares exactly the same main camera sensor as the Oppo Find X2 Pro.

All these explanation from oppo and people who buy it would still probably look for gcam apk lol.

No offense to oppo. Photography has been their best feature since their old ios copy years.

Yeah, well, the greatest display in the world is worth nothing with a hole or a dent in it.
Ask any pro who require special high quality displays if they prefer the best one with a dead pixel or a slightly less better one that work fine...
Or imagine buying a TV with a hole in it...

The biggest disappointment of the Find X2 was its stupid punch hole, its predecessor was one of the first smartphone to offer true uninterrupted fulldisplay and the only to date motorized camera with 3D facial recognition, all that for the next one to have a hole without any secure face recognition...It could have come with any innovation to tell it appart, one of the most logical one would have been a fulldisplay (large area) underdisplay fingerprint scanner, but they did prefer the easy and lazy way.

In fact, appart from the amazing Sony IMX689, the Find X2 Pro and the whole series was a totally regular smartphone without anything to tell it appart from the rest, except the name that come from literally one of the most innovative modern smartphone and that was the reason why Oppo exist at all today.

So an Oppo Find X3 with a better motorized camera, 3D facial recognition, a flat display, a 3.5mm Jack, fulldisplay/large area underdisplay fingerprint scanner, and a good camera setup like the Find X2 Pro, and it will for sure smash every other phones.

C'mon, stop listening to haters and myth spreaders who bash the pop up, truth is : The pop up work FINE, it doesn't have any issues, it is one of the most reliable part of the phone, and it is beloved, which is why phones like the OnePlus 7(t) Pro, Mi 9T Pro and Poco F2 Pro had such a HUGE success, same thing with the Asus Zenfone 6 and Zenfone 7/7Pro.
As I often said : There is for sure more peoples sayings those keywords "moving parts", "wear", "water", "dust", "reliability" about the pop up than the actual number of pop up who did fail.
It is time we stop listening to peoples who can't see what is a great innovation and are afraid of change and start to move on to bring diversity to the smartphone market, there are already plenty of phones with those horror holes, we don't need another flagship to follow this trend !
Be proud of your darn legacy Oppo, and show to the world that a pop up can be the BEST of all solutions !

Find X2 pro was One of the best premium high end flagships of the year.
Too bad it didn't have complete worldwide availability.
Hope they fix it next year with the Find X3 pro.

  • Dometalican

That's nice...now are they going to finally implement wireless charging and a bigger battery? The Find X2 Pro was missing so much hardware for THAT price...