Apple iPhone 12 Pro's bill of materials comes up to $406

25 November 2020
South Korean components take up the largest share of the new iPhones.

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  • AnonD-923722

Anonymous, 25 Nov 2020Only pro models have mmwaveAll models have it bruh. All models have that power button shaped cutout at the right side. Apple makes an big deal about 5G, so it makes sense for them to include MMwave, if not users will ask why is my 5G so slow? Because sub 6 doesn't offer much improvement over the latest LTE network.

  • nikojas

Add in retailers' sales margin, tax, marketing, software development, shipping, software updates and the rest and its actually not crazy. Think how much a can of Coke costs to make and how much you pay for it in a restaurant.... way more % profit there.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-923722, 25 Nov 2020IPhone 12 mini is the one that starts at $699, no... Actual... moreOnly pro models have mmwave

  • AnonD-923722

IPhone 12 mini is the one that starts at $699, no... Actually $729. IPhone 12 starts at $829. Many people thinks that they will get around $300 - $400 of profits. In actuality, no. Their manufacturing process costs? Their software support for 5 years costs? Tax? And optimizations costs? I would assume they only gain profits by $200 max per unit. Though, 5G are really expensive... Is the 5G costs that GSMARENA mentioned counts the :
1. Modem?
2. Chip
3. Mmwave antenna
4. Sub 6ghz antenna

I don't know though, since all iphones have Mmwave. So i assume 5G costs about $150, which is ridiculous

It was similar with XS Max with it costing between 385-415 dollars to produce and still sells for almost triple that amount. Just shows that iPhones (and many other premium phones) are way overpriced and not worth the money.

High end midrangers often offer the same experience for less money.

  • Anonymous

BoM is just hardware.
It does not reflect final costs.